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Painted Lady Larva Observations

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1 Painted Lady Larva Observations
FOSS Insects, TESLA Science Notebooks

2 Big Idea: Insects have unique structures, behaviors and basic needs such as food, water, air and waste removal. Insects are all related to each other, yet exhibit variations and complex life cycles.

3 Guiding Questions What do insects need to survive?
What are the structures and behaviors of different types of insects? How do insects change as they grow?

4 Background Knowledge:
Scientists at the Jack O’ Connor Education Center would like us to observe painted lady larvae for the next several weeks. What do you think will happen to the painted lady during this time? Will they grow? Will they change? What will they need to live?

5 The Day our Painted Lady Larvae Arrived:
Describe your painted lady larvae; what do they look like, how do they behave?




9 We need to record and keep accurate records in our science notebooks.


11 Stage Structures Behaviors
What are the Structures and Behaviors of the Painted Lady as they Grow and Change? Stage Structures Behaviors

12 Painted Lady Butterflies Making Meaning:
What do painted lady butterflies need to survive? What are the structures and behaviors of painted lady butterflies? How do painted lady butterflies change as they grow?

13 Claims and Evidence: I claim that… I know this because…
We need to record some claims and evidence statements about the painted lady in our science notebook… Your evidence must be based on your data and observations! I claim that… I know this because… Possible Examples: I claim that a painted lady goes through a life cycle of… I know this because… I claim that to survive a painted lady needs… I claim that an adult painted lady has three main body parts called I know this because…

14 Reflection and Conclusion
November 2011 11/8 What did you learn…? What really surprised you…? What new questions do you have…? What would you like to know more about…?

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