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Intestinal Parasites.

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1 Intestinal Parasites

2 Intestinal protozoa Rhaizopode: Entamoeba histolytica, Entamoeba coli
Flagellate: Giardia lamblia.

3 Entamoeba histolytica
Pathogenic (amoebic dysentery). Central endosome (karyosome). Regular distribution of peripheral chromatin. Trophozoite stage : amoeboid shape, metabolically active

4 Entamoeba histolytica
Presence of RBC inside E. histolytica.  Amoebic Dysentery penetrates the intestinal mucosa so cause bloody diarrhea. extra intestinal involvement ( abscesses in liver , lungs & rarely in brain).

5 Entamoeba histolytica cyst
cyst stage: round shape , metabolically inactive, infective stage .

6 Entamoeba histolytica Life cycle

7 Entamoeba coli Non pathogenic. Eccentric karyosomes.
Irregular peripheral chromatin. Cyst contain 8 nucleus.

8 Giardia lamblia Trophozoite pear shape, tennis rickets.
2 nuclei without peripheral chromatin. Pathogenic  Giardiasis.

9 Giardia lamblia Trophozoite contain 4 pairs of flagella.
2 sucking disc in the ventral part.

10 Giardia lamblia cyst ü Cyst stage:
§         Oval shape ( in amoeba it was round) §         (1-4) nuclei. Mature cysts have 4 nuclei. Either 2 anterior & 2 posterior OR the 4 on the same side.


12 Platyhelminthes Multicellular / worms 3 Types of worms : A. Cestodes
    3 Types of worms : A.    Cestodes B.      Trematodes C Nematodes

13 Cestodes: Taenia saginata (Beef tapworm) Taenia solium (Pork tapworm)
Diphylobothrium latum. (fish worm)

14 Taenia saginata Cestode worm is composed of 3 parts:
1- scolex : responsible for the attachment to intestinal mucosa by suckers. 2- Neck: responsible for strobilization / production of body segments. 3- Body : compose of segments (proglottids)     

15 2- Mature : developing of sex organs occur.
It has 3 types of proglottids (segments) : 1-Immature: near the neck,           2- Mature : developing of sex organs occur. 3- Gravid : the segment is mature & uterus is filled with eggs.

16 Taenia solium 4 sucker with rostellum and hooks

17 Taenia eggs         # Eggs have embryo called : hexacanth embryo


19 Diphyllobothrium latum
Intermediate host is fish infected with larva     Scolex of D.latum: Has no suckers / instead it has 2 grooves called bothria ( di-phyllo-bothria )

20 D. latum gravid proglottides
Gravid segment of D.latum Can appear in stool(like taenia) Width is more than the length Uterus has rossete shape ( no longitudinal branches like tinea) §    Central genital pore (lateral in taenia)

21 D.latum Eggs : Like trematode eggs Oval shape
Transparent, hasn’t thick wall Operculated: ( has a cap , the cap open so embryo will be released from egg.


23 Comparison of Cestodes
Comparison of Cestodes Taenia saginata Taenia solium Diphyllobothrium latum Scolex Sucking Disks Only Sucking Disks Plus a Rostellum with Hooklets Sucking Grooves (Bothria) Proglottid Longer than it is Wide Wider than it is Long Uterus Lateral Branching > 13 Branches (About 16) < 13 Branches (About 8) Rosette in Shape Genital Pore Located on the Lateral Margin Located Centrally

24 Trematodes 1. Clonorchis sinensis: Has posterior projection
Distinctive membrane         Shouldered operculum Has posterior projection

25 Heterophyes heterophyes
Same characteristics of C.sinesis eggs but NOT shouldered operculum

26 Fasciolopsis buski found in intestine
3.5 cm in length Fasciola hepatica found in the liver or bilary duct. 3 cm in length.

27      Schistosoma mansoni    Separate sexes Lateral spine

28 Nematodes

29 Enterobius vermicularis.
*intestinal worm, small size, cause anal itching at night (mostly in children ).  *Transparent egg: Presence of larva stage inside egg

30 Trichuris trichura * Lemon shape
   * 2 mucus blugs one at each side of egg.

31 Ascaris lumbricoides The egg :
   When fertilized , it will form mucus membrane ( vitelline membrane ) at the outer surface.

32 Hookworms ( Ancylostoma duodenale, Necator americana)
ü      Hook worm egg (found in stool): §         It has cell stage embryo (form multiple cells

33 Strongyloides stercoralis
        the larva stage NO EGG Male : smaller than female, has pointed curved end        Female : larger,straight tail


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