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The Life Cycle of Ladybugs

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1 The Life Cycle of Ladybugs

2 What are Ladybugs? Ladybugs are also called lady birds or lady beetles
Small, oval-shaped winged insects. Red with black spots or black with red spots on the wing covers. The number of spots identifies the type of ladybug.

3 What is a Life Cycle? A life cycle is a set of changes animals go through as they grow.

4 First Stage – Egg The Female lays tiny eggs Eggs are sticky and yellow
Eggs are laid on a leaf with lots of aphids This stage last 3 to 7 days

5 Second Stage – Larvae The larvae that hatches from the egg
The larvae is small and long and has 6 legs. The larvae sheds its skin several times. After reaching full size, the larvae attaches itself to a plant leaf or stem by its "tail”. This stage lasts 2 to 4 weeks

6 Third Stage – Pupa The larval skin then splits down the back, exposing the pupa. The pupa is about the size of the adult ladybug The pupa is all wrapped up, protecting the ladybug while the it undergoes metamorphosis. This stage lasts 5 to 7 days

7 Forth Stage – Ladybug The adult ladybug emerges from the pupa
As the ladybug grows it begins to get its spots The ladybugs life span is a few months Ladybugs eat aphids yum-yum!

8 Comprehension Page 1. What is a Life Cycle?
2. What do ladybug eggs look like? 3. Where does the female ladybug lay her eggs? 4. What is a pupa? 5. What do ladybugs eat? 6. When is a ladybug full grown? 7. What is the 2nd stage in the ladybug life cycle?

Four ladybugs were sent into space in 1999 on NASA's space shuttle. Ladybugs and their main food, aphids, were sent to a zero-gravity environment They studied how aphids could get away from the ladybugs without being able to jump using gravity.

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