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Life Cycles of Frogs and Butterflies

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1 Life Cycles of Frogs and Butterflies

2 What We Will Be Learning About…
Life Cycles of a Frog and a Butterfly Metamorphosis Pupas Larvae Tadpoles

3 Metamorphosis… Is defined as an extreme change in form from one stage to the next in the life of an organism. We often refer to metamorphosis as life cycles. For example; the larva to the cocoon to the adult butterfly and the egg to the tadpole to the adult frog.

4 The Metamorphosis of a Butterfly
A butterfly’s life cycle consists of the following stages: larva, pupa, butterfly Larva: the wingless stage of an insect before it undergoes metamorphosis, commonly referred to as a caterpillar. Pupa: the life stage following larval and prior to adult life, often referred to as chrysalis and/or cocoon. This is the part of metamorphosis when a butterfly encloses itself in firm case.

5 The Larval Stage

6 The Pupa Stage

7 The Adult Butterfly

8 The Metamorphosis of a Frog
A frog’s life cycle consists of the following stages: eggs, tadpole, adult frog. Tadpole: the aquatic larva or immature form of frogs and toads

9 The Egg Stage

10 The Tadpole Stage

11 The Adult Frog Stage

12 What Have We Learned? Metamorphosis = Life Cycle Butterfly Life Cycle:
(Change in form through different stages of an organism’s life.) Butterfly Life Cycle: Larva (Caterpillar), Pupa (Cocoon), Adult Butterfly Frog Life Cycle: Eggs, Tadpole (Aquatic Larva), Adult Frog

13 Now It’s Your Turn! Using the provided websites, choose either the butterfly or the frog and search for pictures of each stage of the organism’s life cycle. Once you have printed your images, cut them out and paste them on a piece of paper in the order that the occur.

14 Sources…

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