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Bhoomi The Real Manager An ERP Solution for The Real Estate Developers by ABC Info Soft Pvt. Ltd. Exit.

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2 Bhoomi The Real Manager An ERP Solution for The Real Estate Developers by ABC Info Soft Pvt. Ltd. Exit

3 ABC Stands for Acumen Brilliance Brilliance Commitment Commitment Exit

4 The Company ABC Info Soft Pvt. Ltd. is a New Generation Information Technology Company, incorporated with a vision to provide world class IT solutions to diversified industries across the Globe. The company was founded in the year 1996 and offers customized software solutions to various industries. We specialize in providing ERP Solutions to the Healthcare sector and the Real Estate industry. Exit

5 Our Vision Driven by ethics, endeavoring in pursuit of perfection and excelling as a Global IT Solution Provider. Exit

6 Our Solutions We offer a broad range of world class software solutions. Bhoomi, our ERP Solution for Real Estate Companies ensures a complete integration of system across departments providing real time data throughout applications. Hospital ERP, our flagship product in Medical Domain, integrates all departments of a multi specialty hospital into a single functional system. In Industrial Domain, we provide customized solutions to meet the business requirements of small & medium enterprises. Exit

7 Our Services Our strength lies in understanding, refining and translating business / enterprise processes into highly customized and efficient solutions. With over a decade of experience in serving clients from various industries like Healthcare, Manufacturing, Trading, Financial Sector, Real Estate, etc., we have amassed unparallel domain expertise and gained invaluable insights into the functioning of these industries. Our Services Include Customised Software Development Offshore Software Development Exit

8 Clients Customer satisfaction is our primary aim. We are committed to build lasting strategic partnerships with our clients to ensure satisfaction and measurable business results, which has earned us the admiration of our more than thousand clients over the years. Exit

9 Few Realestate Clients Exit

10 Bhoomi The Real Manager Our Real Estate Information & Management Software is designed to provide you a totalERP (Enterprise Resource & Planning) Solution for The Real Estate Developers. Exit

11 What Bhoomi is? The complete integration of system across all departments in a Real Estate Organization. It manages not only multiple Projects, their Pre-launch, Launch, Customer Support, Payment Schedules, Reminders, etc but also it integrates all the departments in a company in such a manner that facilitates efficient intra- organisational communication. Exit

12 Why Bhoomi ? The objective is to make the entire operations of the company System Driven, rather then personnel driven. At present the different departments have different systems devised to meet their particular requirements. Bhoomi integrates them into a single database providing real time data across applications throughout the organization. Since all the data is centrally stored, it can be viewed simultaneously from multiple terminals giving all departments' access to timely, up-to- date information. Exit

13 With the rapid growth of infrastructure sector in India, the real-estate companies are facing enormous pressure in retaining specialized manpower. Bhoomi ensures uninterrupted working of the operations, even in such high mobility environment. Bhoomi allows for scalability, reliability, efficient data processing, quick decision making, best utilization of company’s manpower and reduced maintenance and overheads Exit

14 Salient Features of Bhoomi Manages Multiple Companies & Projects. Projects are defined as per the Detailed Hierarchy viz. Groups, Blocks, floors, Unit Type, Unit etc, All applicable PLC’s and mandatory charges are defined with respective units Designed to explore the Units sold/available/on-hold as per the client’s preferences. Comprehensive Customer Information (Individual & Non Individual). Exit

15 Broker Broker Payment Schedule P L C Basic Additional P L C Basic Additional Brokerage Plan Broker Management Project Ledgers Company Floors Block/Tower Unit GroupUnit Types Additional Facilities Unit P L C Basic Phase / Occasion Payment Schedule Additional Project Define

16 Salient Features Rule based Pricing – The Pricing for various Units/Unit Types/PLC etc are defined for different durations and applied accordingly. Multiple Payment Plans based on predefined as well as undefined dates, editable for individual customers at any stage. Complete Dealer Database. Provision to define multiple commission & payment slabs for varying durations. Option to define multi level dealer hierarchy and their overwriting commissions. Exit

17 Booking Client Details Marketing Broker Non Individual Individual Unit Unit Type Rate Area PLC BSP Additional Facilities Discounts By Company By Broker Sub Broker Main Broker Payment Schedule Booking Details Acknowledgeme nt Receipt Bank Reconciliation Bank Posting Payment Sales Cycle

18 Salient Features Flexible Discount options by the company as well as dealers. Dealer’s discount is adjusted with their commission payable. Discounts can be deducted from the required dealers at all levels of hierarchy. Facility to define Different Discount Types that may be given at any stage of the project with an option to decide its effect thereafter. Checklists – Detailed checklist of all pre-requisites and documents required before carrying out any transaction Exit

19 Salient Features Validation - All Transactions can be validated from zero to four levels before final approval. Acknowledgements - All cheques received, are acknowledged first and the receipt is generated only after the clearance of cheque. Auto Intimation for Received, Cleared & Bounced Cheques to the customer. Auto Payment Reminder Alerts as per different payment schedules. Exit

20 Booking Acknowledgement Define Phase / occasion Receipt Cycle Payment DetailsApproval Print Acknowledgement Date wise cheque sorting Bank Reconciliation Posting to bank Cheque Cleared Cheque Bounce Alerts to Client and Executive Receipt Generation

21 Salient Features Auto SMS & Email notifications for various occasions. Multiple, User defined Letter formats with Mail Merging provision for all kind of Documents. Auto Interest Calculation for delayed payments, which can be levied flexibly as per the company policy. Interest Payable for timely payment. Assured Return cheques as per financial year. Exit

22 Salient Features Fund Transfer facility from one booking to another within or across the projects. Manages Multiple Transfers of unit with detailed history of transferors and transferees. Thoroughly defined Cancellation process where the bookings are first marked under cancellation and then cancelled or revoked. Option to Buyback unit from the customer against premium. Exit

23 Salient Features Generates Hundreds of MIS Reports designed in such a manner that you can have the same information in many formats, sizes, fields and output methods. Key Reports available across various Projects for sales, collection, expenditure, Outstanding etc. Comprehensive Financial Accounting module linked with the entire chain of real estate transactions. Exit

24 Salient Features All revenue entries are transferred automatically from various modules. Just enter the expense vouchers and the accounts are complete up to balance sheet. User defined multiple Cost Centers, ledger Groups & Accounts. Vendors Outstanding and other relevant Information readily available. Comprehensive & Project wise Balance Sheet, Expenses and Revenue details. Exit

25 Salient Features Comprehensive Marketing Module that handles all enquiries, source of origin, follow- ups and their conversion analysis. All Advertisements and other promotional activities are defined and are linked to the enquiries generated. Provision to rate Potentiality of a customer by the executive on a defined scale. This ensures follow up on priority for the highly potential customer. Exit

26 Prospective Client Details Hoardings Print Adds Enquiry Source Exhibitions Others Newspaper / Magazine Promotional Activities Site Visit Reference Enquiry Follow Up Booking Unconverted Enquiry Prospective Enquiry for New projects Analysis Marketing (CRM) Enquiry Details

27 Exit Project Management Defining Project Various Phases & Sub Phases Cost Estimation Time Scheduling Components used as per Work Category Labor Material Equipment Sub Component Progress Monitoring Work Category wise Periodic Progress Updating Reporting Progress Report Gantt Chart Cost Variance Time Variance Estimate Reports Project Reports

28 Exit Contractor Management Contract Awarded Payment Terms Contractor Master Work Categories Time Scheduling Components Labor Material Equipment Sub Component Project Management Cost Estimation Phases & Sub Phases Taxation & Other Terms Validation of Progress Periodic Progress Updating Generation of RA Bills Payment Time VarianceMaterial Variation Debit / Credit Notes TDS & Other Deductions Financial Accounting

29 Exit Purchase & Inventory Management Purchase Order Vendor Request for Quotation Purchase Request Quotation Indent from Sub Store/ Depts. Main Store Stock Quality Check Taxation & Other Terms Generation of Purchase Bills Payment Check Availability Financial Accounting Payment Terms Issue to Sub Store/ Contractors/ Depts. Received by Sub Store/ Contractors/ Depts. Return of Excess/ Rejected Stock Goods Rejected Goods Receipt (GRN) Debit / Credit Notes & Taxation Indent from Contractor Comparison from Work Order

30 Other Features Fully Menu driven and highly user friendly. Quick pick menu for frequently used features. Very flexible, in conformation with the requirements of real estate industry Highly secured, strict user role base access. Designed for Faster and accurate data entry. All reports are available in Ms Word, MS Excel, pdf, Windows as well as HTML format. Exit

31 Other Features All Reports available for any flexible duration, User, Payment mode, Department, etc. Authorization for discounts by competent authority only. Design your own formats for receipts and reminders. Reports designed to suit laser printer and A4 size. Bird’s Eye view of availability status and accounts. Unlimited level of Grouping of ledgers, Items & Cost Centers. Exit

32 Other Features Provision to specify a unique Prefix for all transactions & vouchers in every project. Extensive Search Option to extract information on any given parameter throughout the Data.. Single database across all modules that obviates the cumbersome process of exporting or importing data from one database to another. Exit

33 Technology Bhoomi has been designed on the latest available Microsoft technologies which gives it an edge in terms of extensive designing tools and compatibility with the latest devices & future updates. Front End C# 2005 & dot net Backend MS SQL Server Architecture Client Server Architecture Operating System Microsoft windows XP Exit

34 Modules of Bhoomi The Real Manager Sales Module Customer Care Management Information System (MIS) Add on Modules Marketing Management Module Financial Accounting Purchase & Inventory Project & Contractor Management Exit

35 Sales Module Sales Module may be termed as the most important module as it initiates a new project of the company that brings in new clientele, a beginning of new relationship. Pre Launch Sales: Pre Launch is the stage where the company accepts money as booking amount from their prospective customers on account of their future projects. An acknowledgement is generated for the amount received and after confirmation the receipt is issued. Post Launch Sales: All sales after the launch of the projects are directly allotted the unit number. It maintains all details of a project along with associated clients. Project management, PLC management, multiple payment plans, all are handled by this module with ease. Exit

36 Sales Masters Masters   Company o o Multiple Companies can be defined   Ledger Groups o o Creditor/Debtor   Client Details   Dealer Details Exit








44 Masters   Projects o o Define Project Details o o Interest on late Payment & Project Ledgers   Unit Groups o o Flats, Plots, Showrooms, etc.   Blocks o o Defines different blocks or towers.   Floors o o Define Floors and PLC applicable Sales Exit





49 Masters Masters Unit Type o o Classification of units as per area o o Define different Rates applicable for particular duration Unit o o Complete unit details with Floor, Block, etc o o Mandatory PLC Attached o o Unit Status - Available/on Hold/Allotted Sales Exit



52 PLC Management PLC Management   PLC o o Mandatory/Optional o o In different UOMs o o For specific Duration o o Dealer Commission applicable- Optional   PLC Facility o o Optional Facilities o o Car Parking o o Club Membership Sales Exit



55 Sales Dealer Management Dealer Management   Dealer Commission Plan o o Fixed/Variable Slabs o o Overwriting commission for main Dealer   Dealer Payment Plan o o Proportionate to Recovery   Dealer Commission Details o o Select different commission plan and payment Plan o o Plans variable for different durations Exit




59 Sales Payment Plans   Occasion Master   Defines various occasions for Payment Plans   Payment Plans BASIC PLC   Payment occasion dates may be a predefined date   Dependent on any previous occasion   User Defined date Exit




63 Sales Pre Launch & Post Launch   Booking   Pricing   Rule Based Pricing o o for specific duration   Flexibility in accordance with company pricing policy   Exceptional Pricing   Discount o o Fixed/Percentage o o By Company o o By Dealer Adjustable in Dealer Commission Exit


65 Sales Pre Launch & Post Launch   Availability Status o o Direct Access to Booking Form   Allotment o o Unit Details o o Plc Optional Mandatory o o Payment Plan   Document Completion check list Exit





70 Sales Payment Tracking   Acknowledgement Every payment is being acknowledged first   Acknowledgement Posting to Bank   Acknowledged cheques are posted to the bank   Bank Reconciliation   Reconciliation of bank account   Cheque Status – Cleared / Bounced / On Hold   Receipt Generation o o Receipt only after the clearance of cheque o o Self Designed format Exit




74 Customer Care Once a unit is sold by the sales and marketing department, the role of customer care department comes in. Customer care module acts as a powerful tool in managing detailed customer care procedures by the customer care department. Not only does it reduce the workload but also provides important information related to client’s payment status, payment schedule etc. This module is capable of intimating on time or before time different letters like Welcome letter, Allotment letter, and Reminder letter. Possession letter, etc. that are to be issued to various customers. Exit

75 Customer Care Receivables Tracking Auto Alert Facility Timely alert to Customer care executives of due/overdue receivables. Alerts for Greetings Print letters and send emails straightaway. Payment Tracking o o Customer Ledger o o Payment Schedule o o Payment Due o o Cheque Details o o Cheque Status Exit


77 Customer Care Payment Reminders Letters Mail Merging User Designed formats. User can himself design letter formats. No need to depend on company designed formats. Multiple formats for different occasions. There is always an option to make a change in a specific letter. E-mail notification Just like letters, emails are also mail merged and can have user designed multiple formats. Emails can be delivered to selected customers only. Exit


79 Customer Care Mail Merging User can mail merge various Client Information like Name, address, etc with various letters. Pre defined dynamic variables for the installment like occasion, amount due, Previous payments and so on can also be merged with the letters. Any number of letters regarding a specific occasion but different customers, can be printed with a single command. Greetings Label Printing Exit

80 Customer Care Payment Collection   Acknowledgement   Bank Reconciliation   Receipt Generation   Flexible Late Payment Interest Charges   Option for grace period   Option for Waive off   Option for discount   In percentage   In no. of days   Fixed amount Exit

81 Customer Care Transactions Cancellation Flexible Cancellation charges Dealer Commission Adjustments. Buy Back Refunds Transfer Booking Between customers Within Project Within company Transfer Payment Exit






87 Management Information System (MIS) Module Today’s world belongs to Information Technology However, Information is worthwhile only if it can be accessed at the right time, by the right person & is useful for the purpose defined. Bhoomi generates hundreds of reports covering all aspects & departments of the real estate company. These reports are so designed that you can have the same information in multiple formats, sizes, fields and output method viz. MS Word, MS Excel, Windows and HTML. All reports are available for any flexible duration, User, Payment mode, etc. Exit

88 MIS Reports Project Status Report Unit Type wise Block wise Floor wise Date wise Sale Report – (Between two Dates) Consolidated Detailed Block wise Floor wise Unit Type wise Dealer wise Employee wise Exit



91 Customer Report Payment Schedule Detailed Transactions Payment received Due Payments Payment Received Report Date wise Receipt wise Customer wise Payment Mode wise User Wise MIS Reports Exit



94 Total Outstanding Report Customer wise Occasion wise Block wise Floor wise Payment Reminders Report Date wise Customer wise Dealer wise Occasion wise MIS Reports Exit


96 Dealer/Employee Wise Report Dealer wise booking Brokerage Plan Brokerage Report Brokerage Payment schedule Ageing Report Payment overdue >30 days Payment overdue >60 days Payment overdue >90 days MIS Reports Exit


98 Thank You ABC Info Soft Pvt. Ltd. 12/19, LGF, West Patel Nagar, New Delhi – 110 008. Regd. Office: 315, Chanakya Complex, B-10 & 11, Vikas Marg Laxmi Nagar, New Delhi-110 092. Tel.: 91-11- 2245 9540, 2588 1691, 450 45 795 Mobile: 98999 43100, 98100 68505, 98115 20277 E-mail: URL: Exit

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