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 Abstain-To not take part in some activity, such as voting. Ambush-A Surprise attack. Archaeology-the study of people. Annex-To add a territory to one’s.

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2  Abstain-To not take part in some activity, such as voting. Ambush-A Surprise attack. Archaeology-the study of people. Annex-To add a territory to one’s own territory.

3 Back Country- A region of hills and forest west of the tidewater. Boycott- To refuse to buy items from a particular country. Blockade runner- ship that sail into and out of a blockade area. Bicameral-Consisting of two house or chambers especially in a legislature.

4 Canal-Artificial waterway Capital-money for investment Casualty-A military person killed, wounded on captured. Cede-to give up by treaty

5 Debtor- person or country that owes money. Depreciate- to fall in value Desert- to leave with out permission Diversity-variety of difference

6 Effigy-rag figure representing an unpopular individual Emancipate- to free from slavery Entrenched-occupying a strong defensive position Export- to sell goods aboard

7 Federalist-supporters of the Constitution Freedman- A person freed from slavery Frigate-Warship Fugitive-ran away or trying to run away

8 Genocide-the deliberate destruction of a racial, political or cultural group. Global warming- steady increase in average world temperature Greenback-a piece of U.S. paper money first issued by the North during civil war. Guerrilla warfare-a hit and run technique used in fighting a war; fighting by small bands of warriors using tactics such as sudden ambushes

9 Habeas corpus- a legal order for an inquiry to determine whether a person has been lawfully imprisoned. Hieroglyphics- an ancient form of writing using symbols and pictures to represent words, sounds and concepts. Horizontal integration- combining of competing firms into one corporation. Human rights- rights regarded as belonging to all persons, such as freedom from unlawful imprisonment, torture and execution.

10 Impeach- to formally charge a public official with misconduct in office Import- to but goods from foreign markets. Impression- forcing people into service as in the navy. Inflation- a continuous rise in price of goods and services

11 Andrew Jackson- 17 th president 1865-1869-Republican Judicial branch- the branch of government including the federal court system that interprets the nations laws. Judicial review- the right of the supreme court to determine if a law violates the constitution. Joint occupation- the possession and selling of an area shared by two or more countries.

12 Kansas- state in the central United States; fighting over slavery issue in 1850s gave territory the name bleeding Kansas. Kentucky- state in the south central United States; Border state that sided with the Union during the Civil War. Bleeding Kansas- A civil war in Kansas including only people from Kansas.

13 Landslide- an overwhelming victory Legislative branch- the branch of government that makes the nation laws Abraham Lincoln- 16 th president 1865-1865. Civil War president Loyalists-American colonist who remained loyal to Britain and opposed the war for independence

14 Mayflower Compact- a formal document written in 1620 that provided law and order to the Plymouth colony Mercantilism- the theory that a state’s or nation’s power depended on its wealth. Migration- a movement of a large number of people into a new homeland. Militia- a group of civilian trained to fight in emergencies

15 National Debt- the amount of money a national government owes to other governments or its people. Nationalism- loyalty to a nation and formation of its interest above all others. Neutral right- the right to sail the seas and not take sides in a war. Northwest Passages- Water route to Asia through North America sought by European explorers.

16 Ordinance- a law or regulation Overseer-person who supervises a large operation or its workers. Ohio-state in the north central United States; first state in the north west territory. Override- to overturn or defeat, as a bill proposed in Congress.

17 Patriots- American colonists who are determined to fight the British until American Independence was won. Petition- a formal request Pilgrims-Separatists who journeyed into the colonies during the 1600’s for a religious purpose. Plantation- a large estate ran by an owner or manage and formed by laborers who lived there.

18 Quakers- Battle of Quebec- Quartering of troops-

19 Ratify- to give official approval to. Republic- a government in which citizens rule through elected representatives. Revival- a series of meeting conducted by a preacher to a preacher to arouse religious emotions Revolutionary War- War between American and British.

20 Secede- to leave or withdraw Sectionalism- loyalty to a region Seneca Falls- town in New York State; site of women’s right convention in 1848. Suffrage- the right to vote

21 Tariff- a tax on imports or exports Temperance-the use of little or no alcoholic drink. Triangular trade- a trade route that exchanged goods between the West Indies. The American Colonies and West Africa. Texas- state in south central United States; Mexican colony that became a republic Before joining the United States.

22 Unalienable right- a right that cannot be surrendered. Unconstitutional- not agreeing or consistent with the constitution. Underground railroad- a system that helped a slaved African American follow a network of escape routes out of the South to freedom in the North. Utah- state in the western United States; settled by Mormons in 1840s

23 Veto- to reject a bill and prevent it from becoming a law. Virginia-state in the eastern United States; colony of first permanent English settlement in the Americans. Battle of Vicksburg- War fought to control of the Mississippi River Virginia Plan- work of James Madison

24 George Washington- 1 st President 1787-1797 War hawks- Republicans during Madison presidency who pressed for war with Britain. West Indies- islands in the Caribbean Sea, between North America and South America. War of 1812-War fought between the United State & Britain because Britain Forced U.S. sailor to join British Navy and Britain assisted Native Americans who tried to keep their land in America.

25 XYZ Affair- Incident involved with 3 agents XYZ

26 Yorktown- war where Gen Cornwallis surrendered. Yankee- union soldier Yeoman-Southern owner of a small farm who did not have enslaved people.

27 John Peter Zenger-Person fought for freedom of speech.

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