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Tyrell Robertson & DuRanda Smith

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1 Tyrell Robertson & DuRanda Smith
Jeopardy Review Game Tyrell Robertson & DuRanda Smith

2 Welcome! The Topic For Today Is…. Vocabulary

3 Elements of a contract Characteristics of a contract Termination of an offer Requirements of Acceptance Miscellaneous 200 400 600 800 1000 Bonus Question: 5000 pts

4 Topic 1: 200 Question 1: What is a Check?
Answer: A check is a draft drawn on a bank and payable on demand. Back

5 Topic 1: 400 Question: A drawee who has written “accepted “ on the document and signed his or her name. Answer: What is the Acceptor. Back

6 Topic 1: 600 Question: Give an example of a draft.
Answer: Checks and bills of sale Back

7 Topic 1: 800 Question: Check issued against checking account with insufficient funds to cover it. Answer: What is a Bad Check Back

8 Topic 1: 1000 Question: A written acknowledgement of the receipt of money and its promise to pay back the money, usually with interest on the due date. Answer: What is a Certificate of Deposit. Back

9 Topic 2: 200 Question: Finance charges are added after subtracting payments made during billing period Answer: What is an Adjusted Balance Method. Back

10 Topic 2: 400 Question: Lien for unpaid services assessed against personal property that has been improved. Answer: What is an Artisan’s Lien. Back

11 Topic 2: 600 Question: Finance charges figured by adding balances for each day in billing period and then divide by the number of days in the billing period Answer: What is Average Daily Balance Method Back

12 Topic 2: 800 Question: Card or other device used to obtain goods, money, or services on credit. Answer: What is a Credit Card Back

13 Topic 2: 1000 Question: A party who buys on credit or borrows money
Answer: What is a Debtor Back

14 Topic 3: 200 Question: Check issued against checking account with insufficient funds Answer: What is a Bad Check Back

15 Topic 3: 400 Question: One ordered to pay the money
Answer: What is the Drawee. Back

16 Topic 3: 600 Question: The person who orders the money to paid.
Answer: What is the Drawer Back

17 Topic 3: 800 Question: A check signed by someone else other than drawer and without authority. Answer: What is a Forged Check Back

18 Topic 3: 1000 Question: - Draft issued by a post office, bank, express company, or telegraph company for use in paying or transferring funds for the purchaser Answer: What is a money order. Back

19 Topic 4: 200 Question: A draft payable as soon as it is presented to drawee for payment Answer: What is a Sight Draft Back

20 Topic 4: 400 Question: Payable at a future date that is written on the face of the note Answer: What is a Time Note. Back

21 Topic 4: 600 Question: How would you define serious intent?
Answer: I would define serious intent as entering into the contract with a legal obligation. Back

22 Topic 4: 800 Question: How would you define definiteness and certainty? Answer: Definiteness and certainty means that you state exactly what the contract is about. Back

23 Topic 4: 1000 Question: Used by a seller of goods to receive payment or to extend credit Answer: What is Trade Acceptance Back

24 Topic 5: 200 Question: Party agreeing to be secondarily liable in case of default by the principal debtor Answer: What is the Gaurantor Back

25 Topic 5: 400 Question: Charging a greater amount of interest on a loan than is allowed by law? Answer: What is Usury Back

26 Topic 5: 600 Question: Third party agreeing to be primarily liable for debt in case of default by the principal debtor Answer: What is the Surety Back

27 Topic 5: 800 Question: A contract where debtor retains possession of collateral under a written contract Answer: What is a Security Agreement Back

28 Topic 5: 1000 Question: Finance charges figured as if no payments made during billing period! Answer (What is the Previous Balance Method!) Back

29 Bonus Question: 5000 pts. Question: Legal right in another’s property as security for the performance of an obligation such as the repayment of a loan Answer: What is a Lien Back

30 Daily Double Of the six elements, which is the most crucial to setting up a valid contract?

31 Daily Double You lost your backpack and posted a $20 reward for it. If someone who did not know about the reward returned the backpack, would you be legally obligated to pay the reward?

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