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Collect on Overdues Simpler. Better. Smarter Beta Version Launching April 2012 Mobyl Design Copyright 2012 1.

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1 Collect on Overdues Simpler. Better. Smarter Beta Version Launching April 2012 Mobyl Design Copyright 2012 1

2 Cash flow is (still) king.  Now, BillSource offers an alternative collection channel, reaching out to debtors who want to remain credit worthy, ready to settle their long overdue accounts, and ensure your cash flow remains steady. Mobyl Design Copyright 2012 2

3  BillSource for business offers a self-service on- demand solution to load, monitor and track accounts receivables on long overdue accounts, no implementation hassles. Just register and you can start at once. Mobyl Design Copyright 2012 3

4 Proposal to anchor businesses 1 Fee Structure Normal Price Anchor Price Monthly Subscription R95 per User per month No Cost Cost per Transaction 2 15.5% plus R2.5010.5% plus R2 Sliding Scale 3 Not applicable7.5% plus R1 1 Only to select businesses, by invitation only 2 Percentage cost calculated on total outstanding amount. Account is settled with BillSource and settles with business minus percentage amount prior to end of the month the transaction was completed in. 3 Load more than 2500 overdues per month and your price per transaction drops to 7.5% of total amount This exclusive Fee Structure is available for a 18 month period only thereafter up for renewal and renegotiation Mobyl Design Copyright 2012 4

5 What are the advantages Individuals now have secure access to ALL their overdues Simpler Individuals want to stay credit worthy especially in tough economic times No other channel offers the full spectrum of bills to individuals in a single convenient online self-service channel Individuals can now track overdues prior to being handed over or being listed providing them with an opportunity to settle Existing channels are not always effective Better Conventional e-Mail and SMS may no longer proove successful especially with customer details changing constantly e-Mail and SMS are lost as individuals are bombarded with marketing, business and personal communications Individuals can track their overdues and will receive letters of demand as accounts age to promote early settlements Individuals have tools and incentives to settle overdues Smarter Individuals are incentivised to settle overdues by earning points redeemable against a catalogue of consumer goods Individuals are entered into a draw to have all their overdues settled Individuals can monitor their financial position and also request the services of debt counselling Mobyl Design Copyright 2012 5

6 What next Register Load Bills Track settlement Agree on our terms and get going Select overdues according to your aging prior to handover Overdues are settled and collect Mobyl Design Copyright 2012 6

7 Register Steps to Register 1. Go to 2. Register your business by completing the online form 3. Activate your account and login with your password Mobyl Design Copyright 2012 7

8 Load Overdues Steps to Load Overdues 1. Select the overdues you want to load, write- offs also excepted 2. Overdues must be prior to handing over 3. Provide us with the file and we will load it for you – technical staff is standing by Mobyl Design Copyright 2012 8

9 Track Settlements Steps to Track 1. Login with username and password – you will be notified when you do 2. Check payment status on overdue dashboard 3. Check payments received at end of the month against references – no errors 1 1 Exact reconciliation against information offered Mobyl Design Copyright 2012 9

10 Automated demands drives settlement in 2 months Mobyl Design Copyright 2012 10 1st Notice 1 st Demand 2 nd Demand Final Demand 2 month settlement window Overdues loaded on BillSource

11 Other Benefits Early Adoption 1. We accommodate changes that suite your business – for free 1 2. Cut down on admin time and instantly become paperless – invoice created JIT 3. See your collections increase before using more costly alternatives 1 We collect change requests and filter according to BillSource business objectives – all rights reserved Mobyl Design Copyright 2012 11

12 Contact us  We are standing by – contact us before you trade your debtors book or involve collectors  Call 083 458 4120 (Marius, Founder and Owner) or e-mail for a demo Mobyl Design Copyright 2012 12

13 Who we are  We are a registered merchant with ABSA  We are not debt collectors or counsellors  We do not collect customer credit card details  We have years experience in self-service business systems  We operate according to ITIL V3 and ISO 20 000 best practice Mobyl Design Copyright 2012 13

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