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Chapter 6 – Middle and Southern Colonies

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1 Chapter 6 – Middle and Southern Colonies
Lesson 3 – The Southern Colonies Pg

2 What will we learn today?
Today we will learn how the southern colonies were founded.

3 Words to Watch For plantation legislature refuge debtor

4 Lesson 3 – The Southern Colonies
Where? Southern Colonies What? Beginnings of the Southern Colonies When?

5 The Southern Colonies

6 We’re #1! Remember Jamestown?
1607 – Virginia became the first permanent English colony in North America.

7 Plantations When the colonists could not find gold, they started plantations. A plantation is a large farm whose workers live there.

8 Forced Labor Most workers were indentured servants or enslaved Africans. Cash crops of tobacco and rice made many plantation owners very wealthy.

9 First Come . . . The first colonists began plantations in the tidewater areas near the shore. Those who came later had to settle for the backcountry where they often had conflict with the Powhatan.

10 Also the 1st Legislature
Virginia became the first colony to have an elected legislature. A legislature is a group of people with the power to make and change laws.

11 Burgesses The Virginia Legislature was called the House of Burgesses.
Why is the formation of the House of Burgesses important?



14 Not Everyone is Represented
The House of Burgesses was made up of White men Landowners Most were members of the Church of England

15 More Colonies – Four more English colonies were settled in the Southern region Maryland North Carolina South Carolina Georgia

16 Maryland Began in 1632 King Charles I gave the land to Cecilius Calvert or Lord Baltimore Calvert, a Catholic, made Maryland a refuge for Catholics. The Toleration Act- 1st law in North America to promise that all Christians could worship freely.

17 The Carolinas King Charles II started the Carolina colony to keep out the French and Spanish. As it grew, it eventually was separated into North Carolina and South Carolina. South Carolina grew very quickly due to its good farmland and harbors.

18 Georgia Given to James Oglethorpe by King George.
It was created to be a place for debtors and poor people. Oglethorpe had friendly relations with the American Indians nearby.

19 Slavery Begins Oglethorpe had strict rules for the colonists, including not allowing slavery. These rules were later changed and Georgia began to have plantations with slave workers. Georgia became a wealthy plantation colony.

20 1. Which was the first permanent English colony?
A. North Carolina B. Georgia C. Virginia D. South Carolina

21 2. Virginia became the first colony to
A. create an elected legislature. B. pass The Toleration Act. C. become a refuge for Catholics. D. put debtors in prison.

22 3. Representatives in the Virginia legislature were called
A. Anglicans. B. debtors. C. plantation owners. D. burgesses.

23 4. After Virginia, how many more Southern Colonies did England form?
A. four B. three C. two D. one

24 5. What did Calvert want Maryland to be?
A. a refuge for poor people and debtors B. a refuge for servants and enslaved Africans C. a refuge for Catholics D. a refuge for Anglicans

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