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Judiciously Offered Retail research, Solutions & Services.

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1 Judiciously Offered Retail research, Solutions & Services

2 Global Retail Market ~US$ 15,000 billion US Retail Market ~US$ 5,000 billion Indian Retail Market ~US$ 500 billion Retail market is growing at 10- 15% per annum with largest share of Food segment India’s Retail Space Market India’s Retail Market Traditional RetailModern Retail › Mom & Pop shops › Hawkers › Street vendors › Carts › Mandis › Haats, Weekly bazaars.. … › Hypermarket › Supermarket › Department store › Multiplex › Restaurants › Online / TV channels › Shopping malls….. We understand India’s Retail….. Modern retail is growing at over 25% per annum with Fashion segment contributing highest

3 We understand Challenges in Retail….. Developing Vision Conceptualising business Gaining Industry Intelligence Collating credible data & information Understanding business environment Delivering Promises Achieving Efficiency Strengthening Systems & SOPs Improving Services Executing Audits Entering Markets Entering a new State Scanning a new City Identifying suitable Market area Venturing new Segment / business idea Real Estate Scenario Evaluating a Site’s potential Managing Mall / Retail space / Rentals Planning Zones, Category-mix Tenant / Brand / Product-mix Managing People Identifying Target Consumer Understanding Shopper’s behaviour Retaining Employee Nurturing Business Associate Creating Brand Developing Products & Services Test Marketing Measuring Ad & Promotions’ success Image building & Positioning Challenge ofChallenges are faced while When Decision-maker relies on gut feeling to make strategic decisions he is inclined to ignore market realities. In the absence of Reliable and Primary information decisions fail to yield desired results Lack of Efficient Services and ineffective Systems & SOPs affect the Productivity, Image and Trust of brand on one hand and desired ROI on the other hand Business expansion leads you to new areas & markets. Entering new market without knowing it on all aspects can jeopardise business goals. It may be too late to realise this later on The Space is precious commodity. The investment in wrong real estate results in accumulation of unproductive asset and blocks working capital. Entire project may break down owing to blocking of large amount of capital in unsuitable real estate Humans are fickle-minded by nature. So are Shoppers, Consumers & Employees. Either of them can leave without notice forcing you to find new ones which involves huge money, time and energy to re-build the relation Challenges often results in undesired outcomes Products & Services are developed based on test marketing and should reflect correct image and brand ethos. Same should be done by advertisement & promotional activities or else the brand lose out on effective positioning

4 You can overcome Challenges Intelligently….. How….? Why should it be done….? What is required to be done….? Is it one time solution….? Is it relevant to Retail business….? How to prepare for this help….? How to qualify for this help….? What are your various products….? “Share your Challenges with us. Challenges in Retail are in-built and cannot be escaped. We can identify, analyse and recommend actionable solutions and further help your business as Handholding partner” “Know about our expertise of Research Intelligence & Advisory services which will suit your requirement. Delegate the responsibility of seeking solutions for your challenges to us because we understand Retail business.” “Small money invested today in acquiring intelligence can save huge money losses of tomorrow. We suggest not to do it out of obligation. It should be done looking at your long term business goals.. ” “Although we are focused on Retail business but our Research tools are universal in application. We use proven scientific tool of Market Research which serves as foundation for providing relevant services & solutions for your concerned business challenge” “Market Research as a potent tool can serve either way i.e. as one time solution as well as recurring solution on periodic basis. The information gathered once needs updation due to evolving market forces in the long run.” “The most simple way is to identify your challenging area or allow us to do it for you by more scientific approach. Should you identify it yourself we can straightaway recommend suitable solution and be your partner in actioning it as well.” “What you need is to have long term vision which can easily identify challenge your business is facing currently or may face in future. Market Research either gives you new perspective or verifies your observations” “JORSS has complete list of intelligently designed Research products which are challenge specific. However, each one can be tailored to suit client’s requirement” PROCESS FLOW FROM BUSINESS ‘IDEA’ TO ‘RESULT’ Market Research Services Advisory Services Allied Services Retail Business solutions We are available at all stages from Ideation to Results

5 RESEARCH PRODUCTS If you are an ENTRANT in Retail business….. BackgroundChallengeTarget / ObjectiveJORSS Research Product Product Overview & Deliverables*Research type*Research basis* I want to start Retail business BUT… Which Segment of Retail should I enter? Segments of Food / Fashion / Lifestyle / E-taliing / Service Retailing / Product Retailing etc…to choose from Segment Enterprise Comparative analysis of desired Retail Segment/s based on set key parameters such as respective segment landscape, market size, business model & market structure, profiling of key players, SWOT, past trends, and future growth projections and consumer insights on segment trends, needs & expectations Combo of Primary & Secondary research based on quantitative & qualitative analysis Markets, Consumers, Trade & Experts I have identified Retail segment AND… I want to draw Retail business plan to enter business Business plan for self-consumption / seeking investor / Franchisee etc…. Final Call Comprehensive analysis of identified segment involving business potential – current & future, consumer & shopper’s insights, competition scenario, market construct, SWOT, investment & business plan Combo of Primary & Secondary research based on quantitative & qualitative analysis Client, Markets, Consumers, Trade & Experts I have my own Retail idea /concept BUT… I want to test market my idea/concept before taking final plunge To prepare for Final Call / Concept correction / refining business idea etc…. Test Market Idea Evaluation analysis covering idea validation, authenticity, potential, feasibility, SWOT analysis, consumer perspective, recommendation on marketing strategy & Exit plan Combo of Primary & Secondary research based on quantitative & qualitative analysis Client, Consumers, Trade & Experts I want to explore market of specific Product / Service SO THAT… I can enter the related trade To enter niche markets / exclusive segments / develop business expertise ProServ Enterprise Holistic analysis of desired Product/Service covering Consumer perspective, consumption trend, Shopping behaviour, market size, sub- segments, demand & supply, key players & their performance and trade structure Combo of Primary & Secondary research based on quantitative & qualitative analysis Markets, Consumers, Trade & Experts I have / or plan to have Real Estate suitable for Retail business BUT… I want to decide on the most suitable Retail concept for the same For self- consumption / leasing / partnership venture / seeking investor / Franchisee Prop Evaluation Property usage Evaluation on the basis of catchment, visitors profile, site potential, wallet share and consumption pattern to recommend the most suitable Retail concept Combo of Primary & Secondary research based on quantitative & qualitative analysis Client, Markets, Consumers, Trade & Experts * Open to customisation as per client’s specific requirement JORSS Research products are equally suitable for Brands, Manufacturers, Entrepreneurship ventures, Real Estate & E-commerce

6 RESEARCH PRODUCTS If you are a PLAYER in Retail business….. BackgroundChallengeTarget / Objective JORSS Research Product Product Overview & Deliverables*Research type*Research basis* I want to enter new state / city / market area THUS… I need to have comprehensiv e scan of the area to enter smartly For Self- consumption & effective business decisions Area Enterprise Product explores Retail landscape encompassing Retail mix in key markets, shopping malls, residential areas, infrastructure status, consumer wallet share, shopping behaviour, prevalent competition, rental spectrum, cultural & local aspects influencing spending pattern Combo of Primary & Secondary research based on quantitative & qualitative analysis Markets, Consumers, Trade & Experts I have Business issue SUCH AS…. Ailing Outlet / Department / function area Take corrective action Mystery Monitor Preliminary product which involves mystery audits of operation and related functions and prepares ground for more advanced Correction Monitor Observation and recording Concerned area Correction Monitor Advanced product which deep-dives into ailing area, its products & services drawing SWOT analysis based on feedback by concerned team, customers (internal & external), vendors and other relevant stakeholders’ thus recommending corrective action Primary research based on quantitative & qualitative analysis Employees, Customers, Vendors and others High Employee attrition / low motivation Control it Employee Monitor Product explores employee’s psychographic profile, lifestyle & lifestage curve, qualification, expectations, aspiration and satisfaction level to arrive at key reasons of attrition and low motivation Primary research based on quantitative & qualitative analysis Employees Falling footfalls / consumer base Revive it Loyalty Monitor It explores customer’s psychographic profile, expectations, aspiration and satisfaction level from retailer’s products & services to arrive at key reasons for less visits and disloyalty thus recommending corrective action Primary research based on quantitative & qualitative analysis Customers & Staff Understanding competition Better market share Competition Monitor Product analyses Competition landscape at Consumer level, market level and positioning & pricing level and compares it with Retailer’s perception about self Primary research based on quantitative & qualitative analysis Consumer & Client Identifying Target customer Decide offering & communication strategy Target Monitor Product profiles shoppers of retailer on key aspects, relates them with offered products & services thus identifying the most striking relation between the two to confirm Target identity Primary research based on quantitative & qualitative analysis Shoppers & visitors Correct Merchandise mix Optimise inventory investment Smart mix Monitor It seeks the synergy between consumer demand and retailer’s supply and recommends the most suitable mix balancing sale and margins Primary research based on quantitative & qualitative analysis Client, Catchment, Competition / market & Consumer * Open to customisation as per client’s specific requirement JORSS Research products are equally suitable for Brands, Manufacturers, Entrepreneurship ventures, Real Estate & E-commerce

7 OUR OTHER RESEARCH BASED SERVICES….. ServicesOverview of Services Product samplingTo capture and measure consumer opinions and responses on new products, packaging and pricing through sample testing. The result will help you to take final call on launch, promotion & marketing of product, packaging and pricing Secondary researchReports based on desk research involving internet, journals, publications, government & press releases and other information available in public domain. These reports are best if you wish not to go for expensive Primary research. Data Collation, Validation & Analytics Collecting required data from the market, getting it validated and/or updating the old data and analysing it to derive intelligent and useful insights for business use. This can serve as regular service if your are in business of data mining. Area / Market / Mall Scanning Scanning City/towns, high streets, residential markets, shopping centers and other commercial spaces to develop insights about their constituents, rentals, brand/category-mix and facilities etc. This serves as low-cost Primary research. Field force, Tele-calling services Pan-India field force deployment to gather information and dedicated setup for tele-calling activities. Should you want to just gather information like contact details, mapping competitors or market trends, this is the most relevant service we offer. Online surveysSurveys to get responses through online questionnaires. Another cost-effective service to get feedback without deploying field force thus saving costs and supervisory efforts of managing people at different locations. Syndicate / Sponsored Reports All types of research reports as per client’s requirement are undertaken. It includes primary, secondary, quantitative, qualitative and other types of research methods. The report is exclusive property of sponsor / client. White papersTo stimulate, influence and propose sectoral and industrial intent to thrust upon key points in policy formation Omnibus ProjectsSurveys based on set of sponsored questions by the participating sponsors to share the relevant findings with them Reporting market information / Trade journalism Research based reports for trade publications / journals and websites / portals Research Project designingThe service develops a complete docket of research design and its contents for execution Any other specific requirement is open for discussion

8 OUR ALLIED SERVICES include….. Allied Services Service Area Overview of Services offered by our Partners Retail Expansion Real EstateWe provide pool of suitable real estate to suit retailers’ requirement. We have network to explore possibility in virgin markets Leasing Leasing in shopping malls, upcoming market spaces is another service we extend. Our connects with renowned brand and retailers in the business imparts an edge to our services and allow us to get you suitable partners Human Resource Manpower placement We provide suitably qualified manpower for the industry and keep feeding evolving demand in the human resource sector. We provide resume writing services for professionals. For industry we have quality process in place for screening and assessing candidates Training We have objective based training capsules for soft skills, technical knowhow, retail knowledge and for personality enhancement. Our qualified professional trainers can train all levels of management Digital Services E-commerce Services range for conceptualising e-commerce project till delivering the operational website. All the back- end support and technical expertise is available for all types of e-commerce projects Cyber Security One of the most relevant services in web space today, it covers everything you can dream of in the anticipation of securing your online wealth. In addition we have Corporate Training programs for top Management to imbibe importance and technical nuances of ensuring cyber security of the organisation. Marketing Brand promotion & PR Players need to build brands and industry networking through good PR and we have relevant connects to provide the same. We are associated with media houses, PR agencies and brand marketers who can help you achieve your business promotion goals Digital Marketing The digital marketing in virtual world is more strong today and needs to be nurtured with intelligent strategy which we provide. Ranging from making brand logos, brochures, signages, banners to profile management on social media we provide all what you may need suitably Systems & ProcessesStandard Operating Procedures (SOPs) As a long term vision strong systems and processes impart efficiency and high productivity as well as gives best returns. Our Retail experts are qualified with hands-on experience to create and develop efficient SOPs for improved productivity in Retail business

9 Our Clients….. Our Connects….. o Blackbuck International ……and the list is growing……in addition we have access to renowned players in Food, Fashion, Lifestyle & Real Estate segments MEDIA HOUSES INDUSTRY FORUMS

10 We Believe…..

11 JORSS is a Delhi-based proprietor firm headed by a Retail professional Address: - Plot no. 240, Rajpur Khurd Extension, Chhattarpur, New Delhi – 110068. E-mail id: Contact: +91-9910228364

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