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BARE International Systems Overview (What is this thing called Caspian?)

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1 BARE International Systems Overview (What is this thing called Caspian?)

2 Overview of current systems -Apollo & Surf Merchants -Zeus -Caspian

3 How Apollo and Zeus/Caspian relate to each other -Apollo: Management of Assignments (Surveys, Locations, Evaluators) -Twice a day data from Apollo transfers into Zeus/Caspian -Caspian: Invoice Clients and Pay Evaluators

4 Who is Surf Merchants? -General Overview -Key Staff - Our Project Managers

5 -Key Staff

6 - Our Project Managers

7 What is Apollo? -Apollo vs Athena vs Sassie -Apollo vs other MSP software - Sassie X

8 General Apollo Training -Primary Resources -Coworkers, Supervisors, Mentors - -Resources Link in Caspian -Client Report Revue -Help Button -Secondary Resources -BARE Webinars (Multi Participant) -Surf Merchants Webinars (Multi Participant)

9 Advanced Apollo Training -Surf Merchants: Specific Topic Webinars (Multi Participant) -BARE: Internal Resources -Remote Form Creation Certification

10 Apollo Tracker Management -What is Tracker -Who should use Tracker -Creating a Tracker Notice (if it’s not in Tracker it’s not official) -Required Information -Custom Development vs System Bug -Follow up and closing notices

11 Custom Development -Client vs System -Gathering Requirements -Developing a Spec -Requesting a Quote -Prioritization & Due Dates -Communicating quotes and due dates to your clients -Assistance from SM with Clients

12 CREATING CUSTOMIZATION SPECS – Work with client to solidify requirements before approaching SM. Think through of all potential possibilities. Every step should be explained i.e. what happens when this happens. Each question should prompt you to think of five other questions that will need to be considered. Four Primary Categories of customization: -Reports: visible to the client -Displays: visible to the shoppers and/or clients -Scoring: happens when the reviewer/admin updates a survey -Processes: happens when the shopper submits a survey

13 Other types of customization: -Custom Triggers -Custom Functions/Utilities -Custom Client Skins -Custom Client Dashboards -Custom Exports -Custom Data Transfers In/Out -Apollo vs other Sassie Customers (size)


15 Customization Costs -Quotes from SM provided in number of Development Hours AND number of days to complete (Does not include BARE time/cost) -Client cost: USD $125.00 per hour - When project is done, reconfirm actual hours - Invoice Client via LINE ITEM in Zeus/Caspian

16 Communication with Surf Merchants -Twice Yearly visit to BARE Corporate Office -Annual Visit to Belgium Office -Yearly Sassie Summit in Boston -Industry Events -SassieNews / techupdates@ -Weekly Tracker Update Teleconference

17 zeus

18 Where did it come from? -Proprietary Web Application which replaced various legacy systems, designed to manage our growing international reach What it is used for? -Manage Client and Contacts -Invoice Clients -Evaluator Payments -Track IOB -Financial Reporting What are its limitations? -Limited CRM Tools -No Sales Process Management -Minimal Currency Support -Poorly built platform and awkward code -No Intra or Inter Office Communication/Collaboration Tools -Data integrity issues and lack of transactional recordation

19 EOM Things to Remember -Reconcile Early and Often -Invoice ASAP -Up to 12 hour delay between record update in Apollo before it is updated in Zeus/Caspian -EOM Issue Logs and the Help Desk are your friend. i.e. exact information -eomupdates@

20 Apollo/Zeus & EOM Schedule - All outsourced shops finalized by the outsourcing office. Note that this is the final deadline for completion of this task. Please ensure that shops are finalized as soon as possible so that the outsourced offices have ample time to prepare IOB documents. - All Outsourced office IOB documents created, reviewed and approved. - All Outsourcing offices complete invoicing of clients where IOBs are involved. - All EOM Issue Logs from Brazil, China, and India are due. - All Invoicing completed by all offices. - EOM Issue Logs from Belgium and US are due. - EOM will be run. - All Evaluator Payout Reports to be reviewed and verified by each office. - Payment exports will be provided to all offices. - US Evaluators paid. - Confirmation of Client Revenue and Evaluator Payment Information due to Corporate Finance Department


22 Where did it come from? - Who is i3 Solutions? Who is Alex? - Solutions initially brought in to support Zeus - Why did we choose i3 for Caspian development? - Development started as an upgrade to existing Zeus code - Decided to take a tear down the house and demolish the foundation approach instead of a room by room renovation - Requirements gathered from all offices - Need for a full Business Process Solution

23 What is it used for? -Full sales process track from Lead to Opportunity -Manage Clients and Contacts -Costouts/Pricing with Multi-Office Workflow -Project Management -Invoicing Clients -Evaluator Payments -Tracking IOB -Sales, Project Management, and Financial Reports -Help Desk -Resource Library

24 What does it improve upon from Zeus? -Full multi currency support with daily rate updates -Full Sales & Project Management -Client Fees by Country, Invoicing Sorting and Grouping -Updating of Client/Evaluator Fees directly in the UI -Streamlined IOB process -Handling of evaluator payment currency, evaluator reimbursement currency, evaluator payment offices -Transactional Accounting -Transparency, Accountability, Flexibility

25 Status of Development Currently Deployed: -Administration Module -Help Desk Module -Sales Module Scheduled for Deployment: -Operations/Accounting Module -Financial Reporting Module

26 Next Steps -Finish remaining development of Operations/Accounting and Reporting Modules -Testing & Training -Creation of Existing Opportunities & Projects -Data Cleanup -Begin full use of Caspian -Deprecation of Zeus -6 to 12 month support and development window

27 What you should be using Caspian for NOW -ALL Sales Leads & Opportunities -Set up new Projects if the Opportunity is WON so that they will be ready to go. -Help Desk (Zeus EOM Issues, IT Requests, Bugs with Caspian, etc) -Training on Stage Server (Familiarization and Practice) -Resource Library

28 Training -Train the trainer, utilize local resources first -Help Desk Module training done. Train locally or if you have a larger need submit a request via the Help Desk -Sales Module training done. Reference the WebEx recording, train locally or if you have a larger need submit a request via the Help Desk -Operations/Accounting and Reporting training done. Reference the WebEx recording, train locally or if you have a larger need submit a request via the Help Desk

29 Key Roles for Each Office -TPOC: Technical Point of Contact -SPOC: Sales Point of Contact -OPOC: Operations Point of Contact -APOC: Accounting Point of Contact -EPOC: Evaluator Point of Contact

30 Caspian Walkthrough -Administration Module -Help Desk Module -Sales Module -Operations/Accounting Module -Q & A

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