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CouponSQuare is…... a co-op envelope of targeted category-exclusive coupons delivered by Direct Mail to a known consumer. CouponSQuare knows the individual.

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1 CouponSQuare is…... a co-op envelope of targeted category-exclusive coupons delivered by Direct Mail to a known consumer. CouponSQuare knows the individual recipient of every coupon Distributed and every coupon Redeemed. The Free-Standing Insert is a co-op magazine of non-targeted category-exclusive coupons that must be located in a Sunday newspaper by an unknown consumer. As you know, the individual recipient cannot be identified at Distribution or Redemption. Click the RIGHT ARROW to continue

2 The FSI and CouponSQuare share these features: Print-then-Distribute manufacturer coupons Distribution is Category Exclusive Co-op distribution reduces distribution cost Trade Marketing supports The cost per-redeemed-coupon is about the same FSI v. CouponSQuare – COMMON FEATURES

3 CouponSQuare advances co-op distribution beyond the FSI Unlike the FSI, computers and databases are implemented to target and track each coupon printed for each consumer. Our patented processes feed 100% VariableData to digital printing presses Our processes are integrated into the Internet, and we build 1-on-1 relationships for you with individual consumers.

4 Unique alpha-numeric CouponSQuare SECURITY CODE (Consumer ID encoded) on each coupon print Front Back Full color, 2-side print Unique numeric SERIAL NUMBER encoded within each GS1 DataBar. Captured post-redemption, matched to Recipient CouponSQuare Manufacturer Coupon: template 575x250_110403 COMPANY/ BRAND image PRODUCT image BACK-side image MESSAGE image: Tag Line, Trade Marketing, NPO support, Sponsorship, Other Select coupons at Redemption text for Consumer Redemption text for Retailer Any multipack of Hansen’s 12 oz. Natural Cane or Diet Soda fruit never had it so good START DATE: 9/15/2010 EXPIRATION DATE: 12/24/2010 KWC8LMT3X MANUFACTURER COUPON Buy 1, save 50¢ Size: 5.75 ” wide x 2.50 “ high

5 FSI v. CouponSQuare – TARGETED AUDIENCE The FSI can’t target a consumer. The FSI is an inexpensive way to distribute massive amounts of non-targeted coupons. But if inexpensive is inefficient, what’s the value to the client? 1) the newspaper industry is in a downward spiral, and the FSI is bonded to that trend. 2) Re-packaging FSI coupons into a neighborhood direct mailer is quite different than CouponSQuare’s individual targeting. Do you have the same preferences as your neighbors? Didn’t think so… CouponSQuare lets you select the criteria of your targeted audience. Choose from VERIFIED demographics, geographics, distribution history, redemption history, and more. CouponSQuare then distributes your coupons via direct mail ONLY to consumers who match your criteria.

6 FSI v. CouponSQuare - PRINTING The FSI is a coupon cloner. You design one coupon, and the FSI will distribute millions of copies. And each of those coupons reveal nothing about the recipient. CouponSQuare prints each coupon individually. We encode a unique serial number into the GS1 DataBar of each coupon we print. The Result: Each print marries a unique consumer to a unique offer, and we track the pairing through the coupon’s lifecycle.

7 FSI v. CouponSQuare - DISTRIBUTION The FSI is like confetti. You pay to have your coupons dropped, and if your coupon happens to be found by a consumer, you can be certain that the FSI can tell you nothing about that recipient. CouponSQuare is like a handshake. Your coupon is hand-delivered to the consumer’s residence via U.S.Mail. We know the consumer’s name, address, contact info, demographics, distribution history, redemption history, and more. CouponSQuare builds a 1-on-1 relationship for you with each consumer.

8 the FSI provides its clients with redemption data. Based on …? The FSI coupons are clones, the recipient is unknown, and the consumer redeeming the coupon is unknown. The Agent/Clearinghouse provides its own reports from this same scenario. Other than providing you with a redemption count, any other data representing your consumers is quite a trick. CouponSQuare knows the consumer who redeemed your coupon. After a coupon has been redeemed, the GS1 DataBar is scanned to reveal the consumer who is married to that coupon, and our database is updated. Our reports contain REAL redemption data based on REAL consumer redemptions. FSI v. CouponSQuare - REDEMPTION

9 The FSI is flunking History. Here is the FSI’s history of all the coupons distributed to an individual, and all the coupons redeemed by that consumer. CouponSQuare is a data sponge. We record every piece of data coming IN and going OUT, including maintaining a history of every coupon distributed to each consumer + every coupon redeemed by each consumer. FSI v. CouponSQuare – TRACKING HISTORY

10 Internet Coupons also have inherent problems. 1)They can’t be pushed; they must be pulled. 2)The consumers pulling Internet coupons are typically persons who are intent on having their purchases subsidized. 3)Internet coupon distribution is not scalable. No need to mention the risk of counterfeiting and altered coupon values, is there? CouponSQuare is multiple choice with no wrong answers. Choose to have your coupons 1.pushed (print & mail), or delivered digitally via any electronic means: 2.consumer’s computer/printer, 3.consumer’s mobile device, 4.consumer’s Frequent Shopper Card. Internet Coupons v. CouponSQuare – PULL v. PUSH

11  more information available from: Danny Schlee, founder/CTO, (CA) 805.231.9663 7366 GRIFFITH LANE, MOORPARK, CA, 93021 Ron Fischer, Chairman of the Board, (NJ) 201.230.6443 Larry McCurry, Vice-Chairman of the Board, (CO) 719.661.9763  CouponSQuare implements Patent #7725350  Visit the CouponSQuare Internet application: Contact Info

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