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Agency Credentials January 2009. LISTENLOOKDISCOVERDELIVER.

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1 Agency Credentials January 2009


3  New agency, same people, great experience LISTEN

4 New agency  We want to be considered a desirable professional resource on the market by offering:  Consistent communication tools mix based on strategic creative thinking  Strategic & relevant brand support with BTL & PR tactics  Retail communication & support  National wide media buying, planning and monitoring services

5 Same people  SENS team gathered different strong personalities with relevant background in communication field:  Specialized studies: communication-marketing-project management  Vast experience: by volume, top clients, type of executions  Excellent attitude: self respect, results oriented, creative minds

6 Different Approach SENS.  One unique SENSE to each campaign  One main objective  Unique communication platforms for each client communication means every posible way of transmitting information Atelier de comunicare  There is a need for a holistic approach of the communication phenomenon between companies and their public  Our solution: combine many types of communication instruments, typical to different means of communication: events & caravans, trade marketing, shopper marketing, public relations – in optimum proportions, according to the project

7 PR Expertise Corporate communication External affairs Corporate events Internal communication Media relationship Extended data-base Personal contacts Media monitoring Focused messages Launching Campaign Strategy Communication tactics Media buying PR relationship Event Management Logistics solutions Building Reputations

8 Retail communications Trade promotions Sales fares Open days Exhibitions Trade events Sampling Promotion & Trial Events Samplings Caravans Product demo Events Sales Promotions Contests, Sweepstakes, Games, Mail-ins, Instant Win, Match & Win, Scratch & Win, Enter to Win..... Related PR Activities Launchings Press relations Media monitoring Special Events In-store executions Promoters Merchandising Data collection Events Shopper insights Data collection In-store research Data analysis Communication solutions Business solutions Consumer and Shopper Brand Experience Great BTL experience

9 Media Planning National Strategic planning for long-term campaign Tactic planning for short-term campaign Monitoring National/Local Focused on subjects Focused on brands Buying Outdoor Radio TV Print Online Media

10 LOOK  Agency capabilities  National network

11 Client service Project management Planning National structure Execution management HR data based Logistic support Concepts Visuals Mechanics POSM’s Print Display POSM’s Equipments Decorations Agency Capabilities STRATEGIC CREATIVE PRODUCTION DELIVER

12 Headquarter & local branches

13 DISCOVER  Achievements  Main projects – main clients  Clients  Examples of executions

14 Achievements  Over 25 corporate events  Over 10 team-buildings  Over 80 in store promotions at national level  Over 20 BTR campaigns in over 2.000 locations  On going merchandising activities  On going marketing management for commercial centers  Over 150 indoor & outdoor event PR& BTL events

15 Main projects – main clients Corporate events & PR: Mars Romania, Cushman & Wakefield, Observatorul Social, Bernard Bruhner International, RBS, ABN Amro Commercial centers: Promenada Mall Sibiu, Promenada Mall Targu Mures, Magnolia Brasov, Shopping City Suceava, Shopping City Sibiu, Vitantis Shopping City Bucuresti Promotions: Heineken, Pro FM, Kiss FM, Procter&Gamble Merchandising: Coca-Cola, Procter&Gamble, Ficosota, Policolor, Hewlett-Packard

16 Our clients

17 Index for examples of executions  Shopping City Suceava  Launching Campaign  Consumer Campaign  Vitantis Shopping Center  Launching Campaign  Shopping City Sibiu  Launching Campaign  Cushman&Wakefield  Corporate Events  Royal Bank of Scotland  Corporate Events  Yuppies  Social Networking

18 Launching Campaign  Shopping City Suceava - launched in April 2008  Press Conference (25 media representatives, 94 media apparitions)  VIP Cocktail (800 participants)  Concert (7000 participants)  Check the presentation movie on the CD

19 Launching campaign – VIP&Press

20 Launching campaign – Consumer

21 Launching campaign  Vitantis Shopping Center - launched in September 2008  Vitantis Shopping Center was developed in 3 stages. The first stage was represented by the opening of Praktiker in 2006. In July 2008 were opened Carrefour, Technomarket and a few commercial gallery shops as the second stage. The third and the final stage was represented by the Opening of the Commercial Gallery and Mobila Bontas in September 2008.  VIP Cocktail (216 participants, 75 media apparitions)  Check the presentation movie on the CD

22 Launching campaign – VIP&Press

23 Launching campaign – Consumer

24 Launching Campaign  Shopping City Sibiu – Expansion Event in November 2008  Shopping City Sibiu is the first modern commercial center built in Sibiu (november 2006). After the expansion, the retail park reached 85,000 sqm, becoming the largest retail park in Transylvania. The expansion was led by a group of retailers, including Carrefour, Mobexpert, Flanco and Proges.  Press Conference (23 participants, 66 media apparitions)  VIP Cocktail (aprox. 500 participants)

25 Launching Campaign – VIP&Press

26 Corporate events  Cushman & Wakefield multi-projects launching for retails  250 persons  Executive & top management representatives  Projects presentation  Cocktail & socializing

27 Corporate events  ABN Amro Bank – en event dedicated to all staff (1.000 persons) with the main purpose to communicate the ABN Rebranding.  Starting with 15 October, ABN Amro Romania became Royal Bank of Scotland  Check the presentation movie on the CD

28 Social Networking  Yuppies Concept  We developed the “Yuppies” concept – a variety of events with and for yuppies  Our objective is to create a network of people with similar status and interests. Not any kind of people, but upcoming, wealthy professionals with fine tastes  We will do so through a series of gatherings - from parties and thematic meetings to innovative events and so on  The term “yuppies” has been used for the first time in 1980, in USA; It derives from YUP - Young Urban Professionals  Yuppies is a communication platform developed by SENS. Atelier de comunicare

29 Social Networking  First party: Friday night, on the 5th of December 2008  Welcoming: champaign, hostesses, pastry  Entertainment: live music, played by the ASHA Band, a special moment offered by a Mexican mariachi and fine music mixed by a DJ

30 Social Networking

31 Integrated events with external main sponsor

32 Thematic events

33 Corporate identity

34 General image & Header

35 8 th March greeting card

36 Christmas & Easter greeting cards

37 Press Ad

38 Logos

39 Commercial Centre Magazine

40 Prints





45 In store campaigns  “Coca-Cola light te vrea celebru” involved a lot of logistics and a very important number of promoters & tem leaders

46 In store campaigns  “Rumeneste romaneste” was a mix campaign using shelf communication & in store demo tools

47 BTR activations  “Combinatia Coca-Cola” was organized for 3 years consecutive, due to the huge success of its mechanics

48 Caravans  Sprite Caravan: “Fiare pentru fiara din tine” – a humoristic execution for a humoristic concept


50 Logistical solutions Creative concept Resources evaluation (time/costs/materials/people) Materials production and purchasing Storage & product handling Transportation & delivery nationwide Part-timers national coverage Execution, Supervision Control Post execution report & results evaluation For any type of execution, we provide

51  Thank you for your attention!

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