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Galileo just changed the game!

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1 Galileo International – Cendant Travel Distribution Services A New Generation: Inside Shopper

2 Galileo just changed the game!
Introducing Inside Shopper – Galileo’s premier access level for hotels, presenting seamless information directly from your CRS from start to finish Up to the second rates and availability Less Database maintenance, saving money and enabling more sales A cleaner screen design More screen presence Ability to know who the customer is BEFORE you present rates and availability – A Galileo Exclusive Let me tell you more ! Inside Shopper

3 Hotel Availability – HOA a new look
Rates appear as a rate range rather than the specific rate values. Inside Shopper

4 Hotel Availability – HOA a new look
Inside Shopper Participant Indicator Rates & Availability live from hotel’s CRS…up to the minute, no synchronization issues Inside Shopper

5 Inside Shopper and Hotel Availability (HOA)
For the first time, Seamless data, direct from the hotel CRS , is shown live on the Availability Shopping Screen Up to the second rates and availability, as live as calling on the phone A new level of confidence in booking hotels …. Reducing calls to the hotels and reducing service issues New screen indicators to indicate Inside Shopper participants (A, O, or C) Inside Shopper

6 New Indicators for Inside Shopper Participants
A = Requested rate types are available and included in the rate range Inside Shopper

7 New Indicators for Inside Shopper Participants
O = Requested rate types are not available, but “other” rate types are available, rate range is non-credential rate types Inside Shopper

8 New Indicators for Inside Shopper Participants
C = Requested property is closed but alternate properties may be offered Inside Shopper

9 Inside Shopper …how it works!
Agent requests hotels for a given area Galileo interrogates the database for properties that match search criteria such as distance, transportation, property features/amenities and chain code A list of hotel properties is compiled and request is sent to the Inside Shopper participant with the requested properties Inside Shopper

10 Inside Shopper …how it works!
If negotiated rates are requested, we check only that the chain offers the rate…NOT the property Multilevel (negotiated rate) Point of Sale Rules will continue to be validated by Galileo, without concern for availability. Negotiated Rates do not have to be loaded for every property in the RoomMaster Database…only in your CRS! This means less status messages, less phone calls, less database maintenance, less cost and MORE sales! Inside Shopper

11 Inside Shopper …how it works!
Inside Shopper participant prepares a response. A response, with the availability indicator of A, O or C is returned for each property sent in the request. The rate range will include the available rates applicable to the request. Inside Shopper

12 Exclusive Galileo Features
Frequent Guest Identification Frequent Guest number has always been allowed in the sell request, but if the hotel guest qualifies for special rate, included amenities, or availability for a hotel showing closed, the hotel needs to know this information at the time an availability is requested. Corporate or Promotional ID ID is used to identify a special promotion, distressed inventory, a quick sale, a package, or anything that is not loaded in the RoomMaster system.

13 Customer Recognition an exclusive
Hotel Availability with a Frequent Guest Number…know WHO is shopping! Inside Shopper

14 Customer Recognition an exclusive
Rates and Availability Presented based on Frequent Guest Level Inside Shopper

15 Summary – Inside Shopper
Inside Shopper, Galileo’s next generation seamless hotel application is the highest level of connectivity. Inside Shopper provides direct access to the reservation systems of participating hotels at all stages of the booking process, starting with the initial inquiry, to offer live availability, rates and inventory. EXCLUSIVE - Inside Shopper customers may allow travel agents to include frequent guest numbers in availability requests, so that participating hotels can tailor responses to specific travelers.

16 Summary – Inside Shopper
True Availability & Rates direct from your reservation system, allowing single image inventory through all electronic channels. Eliminates Rate Discrepancies and Confusion associated with RoomMaster stored rates and availability. Increased Reliability and Confidence in rates displayed on HOA screens for travel agents and online consumers. Reduces RoomMaster Database Maintenance with rates and availability being sent from your reservations system, only a minimal number of booking codes and rates will need to stay in the RoomMaster database for backup purposes.

17 Summary – Inside Shopper
Reduces Number of Availability Status (AVH) Messages and Reduces Cost of AVH Message Traffic with fewer booking codes and rates stored in RoomMaster. Increased Visibility when you return properties that meet the agent’s criteria even if the rate requested is not available or the property is sold out, while the agent/user is alerted to these conditions, it provides the opportunity to market other rates, or in a close-out situation, market other properties through Alternate Availability.

18 How to proceed Criteria Current Inside Availability Participants
The Inside Shopper Standards of Performance and Functional Data Documentation are available from Galileo or your switch provider When would you like to proceed with implementing Inside Shopper? Inside Shopper

19 Thank You! Louise Meyer Inside Shopper

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