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1 ADsmith Communications Youngblood Automotive Presentation

2 Objectives Review new CNW research and current automotive purchase funnel. Review News-Leader Media Group products and capabilities Use Polk data to match sales with newspaper distribution to produce the highest ROI Outline recommendations and discuss next steps

3 Intelligence Sources R. L. Polk & Co. is the premier provider of automotive information and marketing solutions to the automotive world and its related industries. CNW Marketing Research performs research into consumers motivations and decisions in automotive purchases for marketing forecasting. Thoroughbred Research Group is an expert in all types of data collection, web-enable research, qualitative and quantitative methodologies, analysis and consulting, providing market-wide data on media usage, shopping habits and media brand preferences.

4 Automotive Purchase Funnel TimelineModels Under Consideration Needs Stage Features Stage Price Stage Consideration Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Stage 6 Stage 7 Needs, Models available, styling Needs, Models available Models available, Features Price, Features Price, Features, Selection, Location Intender Focus IntervalModels on shopping list 3.54 3.53 3.42 3.21 2.86 2.38 1.97 Priorities Acquisition Models available, Features Source: 2008 CNW Research

5 More Car Buyers Use Local Newspaper as Primary Information Source Source: 2010 CNW Research

6 % of Buyers Say Newspaper Responsible for Visiting a New Car Dealership Source: 2010 CNW Research

7 Summary of Likely Purchases/Activities Next 12 Months (Very or Somewhat Likely) Source: 2010 Thoroughbred Research Base: Christian and Greene Counties

8 Sources Relied on for Advertising/Sales Information About Used Vehicles (Base: 29% of adults who have actively looked for a used vehicle) Source: 2010 Thoroughbred Research Base: Christian and Greene Counties

9 Sources Relied on for Advertising/Sales Information About New Vehicles (Base: 15% of adults who have actively looked for a used vehicle) Source: 2010 Thoroughbred Research Base: Christian and Greene Counties

10 A Powerful Marketing Partner

11 Sunday News-Leader Every Sunday more than 73,531 readers turn to the News-Leader for news, information and valuable advertising inserts. Advertisers reach readers looking for real estate, autos and employment, as well as sales events and coupon savings. More about Sunday News-Leader readership: 63% of females 63% of males 54% of ages 18-34 62% of ages 35-49 67% of ages 50-64 74% of ages 65+ 63% of HHI $35k-$49k 63% of HHI $50k-$74k 74% of HHI $75k-$99k 70% of HHI $100k+ 66% of married adults 60% of adults w/ children at home 65% of working women 58% of newcomers 59% of college graduates 68% of adults w/ graduate degrees News-Leader Sunday past 4 Sundays Source: 2007 Thoroughbred Research Group

12 Guidon Publishes: Weekly Thursday More about Guidon 10,000+ copies are distributed to all family housing, solider barracks, community buildings, offices, and duty stations. Additional distribution points include area hotels, attractions and high traffic areas in nearby communities. Average Annual Incomes Officers: Primary rank Major $65k-$75k Enlisted: Primary rank Staff Sergeant $33k-$35k Civilian $41k median Demographics 67% male; 33% female 74% age 18-44 89% family households Source: Fort Leonard Wood Public Affairs Office: 2008 Claritas, Inc. Guidon is the authorized post newspaper for Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. Located in central Missouri, Fort Leonard Wood, Mo diverse training programs and officer academies continually cycle fresh prospects with guaranteed incomes into the market.

13 Nixa / Ozark News-Leader Publishes: Weekly Wednesday More about Nixa / Ozark Total Distribution 23,300 Readership Average issue readership 15,900 Nixa News-Leader 84% of total population 11,800 Ozark News-Leader 60% of total population Source: 2010 Thoroughbred Research Group Past 4 weeks The Nixa / Ozark News-Leader is a free paper mailed directly to residents in zip codes 65714 and 65721. These community newspapers cover events, school and neighborhood news business and people profiles for Nixa, Ozark and Christian County.

14 ShopLocal Branson ShopLocal Branson can help you reach area residents and build your local brand recognition. ShopLocal Branson is mailed to every household in the three zoned areas, making it a cost effective way to obtain total market coverage. More about shopLocal Branson Total distribution: 37,500 West Zone: 11,652 Zip codes 65611, 65624, 65656, 65681, 65686, 65737 Branson Zone: 13,470 Zip codes 65615, 65616 East Zone: 12,438 Zip codes 65614, 65627, 65653, 65672, 65673, 65679, 65680, 65731, 65733, 65739, 65740, 65744, 65759, 65771, 72662 Opportunities include: Retail Preprints/Weprints Classifieds Publishes: Wednesdays

15 Auto Guide Publishes: Bi-monthly More about Auto Guide 6,000 Auto Guide are distributed bi-monthly in 280+ high-traffic locations Reader profile 26% of adults in Greene and Christian Counties are very or somewhat likely to purchase a used car, truck or van in the next 12 months Source: 2010 Thoroughbred Research Group Auto Guide is Southwest Missouri’s #1 automotive guide. With over 130+ pages and 3,090+ vehicles for sale, Auto Guide is a must have for used car buyers and sellers. The publication contains more than 2,000 full color photos of used vehicles, boats, RV’s, and motorcycles.

16 Pennypower More about Pennypower:Reader profile As an advertiser, you have the opportunity to cost-effectively reach consumers with your advertising message. Get the exposure your ad needs by advertising in the area’s best local coupon shopper. Pennypower is the FREE weekly local residents love to browse when searching for services and products. Distributed to 86,500 homes weekly Carrier delivered on Tuesday & Wednesday 57% female 43% male 35% age 18-39 65% age 40+ 38% household income $50k+ 40% of adults read Pennypower (last 30 days) 50% of North Springfield read in the last 30 days Source: 2007 Thoroughbred Research Group Read Pennypower in the past 7 days Publishes: Weekly Tuesday

17 The Baxter Bulletin The Baxter Bulletin, located in Mountain Home, serves Baxter and Marion Counties in Northern Arkansas. Located just 110 miles from Springfield, this growing area is home to retirees and families who travel to Springfield for shopping, travel and entertainment. More about The Baxter Bulletin 9,000 total distribution Demographics 59,487 total population 48% male 52% female 79% family households 44.8 average age $43,234 average household income $101,491 median household value 1.3 million average monthly page views 108,000+ average monthly unique visitors Source: 2008 Claritas, Inc. 2010 Omniture Publishes Monday – Saturday

18 Source: comScore Media Metrix, June 2010 (for Internet); Assumes 95% of site users overlap with Yahoo (per comScore, June 2010) Total Online Users In Springfield, MO 655,000 Y! + Unduplicated Reach 531,340 81% With the News-Leader and Yahoo!, you can reach 81% of the total online audience in Springfield. Unmatched Reach In Springfield!

19 13% Compared to… 3.3 hrs for Google 3.0 hrs for AOL 2.1 hrs for Fox Interactive Media (MySpace) 56 minutes for Microsoft Sites (MSN) An average of 4 hours are spent on Yahoo! per person / per month Compared to… 6.8% for Fox Interactive Media (MySpace) 9.1% for Microsoft Sites (MSN) 9.9% for AOL 10% for Google Yahoo! Unsurpassed Engagement 13.3% of all time online is spent on Yahoo! Source: comScore Media Metrix, AUGUST 2010; comScore Media Metrix, Jan 2010

20 Yahoo! is a Leader Yahoo! is ranked among the top 3 sites in 23 key categories Base: P2+ U.S. data, Note: Homepages is not a traditional category in comScore’s service Source: comScore Media Metrix, June 2010 Monthly figures unless otherwise indicated Note: Rankings are based on unified data (hybrid)

21 Yahoo! Targeting Yahoo! Proprietary and Confidential. ©2010 All Rights Reserved 3 12 13-17 18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 65+ Benefits: Large Locally Targeted Audience Accuracy Efficiency Types: Demographic Age Gender Geographic Time Based Behavioral

22 Search Ad Clicks Content Search Clicks How Yahoo! Behaviorally Targets Yahoo! Proprietary and Confidential. ©2010 All Rights Reserved

23 Yahoo! Behavioral Targeting Purchase Life Cycles Factored In Heavier Weight to Recent Behaviors Intense Activity Counts Most Yahoo! Behavioral Targeting Each category has its own defined purchase cycle. We weigh how recent and relevant the behavior is, as well as the intensity of behavior. Yahoo! tracks this information daily and applies predictive models. Yahoo! Proprietary and Confidential. ©2010 All Rights Reserved

24 2010 Performance Overview Review sales potential for 10 county area for Nissan, Kia, Chrysler, Jeep, and pre-owned Match investment with potential Review News-Leader distribution and HH reach by county Outline recommendations and discuss next steps

25 2010 Kia Performance 85% of Kia’s sold in 10 county area come from 5 counties

26 2010 Nissan Performance 85% of Nissan’s sold in 10 county area come from 5 counties

27 2010 Chrysler Performance 78% of Chrysler’s sold in 10 county area come from 5 counties

28 2010 Jeep Performance 85% of Jeep’s sold in 10 county area come from 5 counties

29 2010 Total New Car Sales Performance

30 2010 Pre-Owned Performance 74% of pre-owned sales in 10 county area come from 5 counties

31 2010 Youngblood Pre-Owned Performance 91% of pre-owned sales in 10 county area come from 5 counties

32 2010 Total Pre-Owned Sales Performance

33 Regional Distribution Comparison Nixa/Ozark News-Leader Branson Shop-Local Guidon

34 Neighborhood Distribution vs. Youngblood Pre-Owned Sales 32% Match in Sales vs. Investment

35 Youngblood New Vehicle Investment Breakdown 25% Match in Sales vs. Investment

36 Springfield Market DMA 31 Counties (25 in Missouri; 6 in Arkansas) 2010 Population: 1,056,699 Households: 427,808 Median Age: 38 Median HH Income: $38,996 Source: 2010 Nielsen Claritas, Inc. B ENTON S T. C LAIR C EDAR L AWRENCE D ADE B ARRY C AMDEN H ICKORY P OLK D ALLAS P ULASKI L ACLEDE W RIGHT W EBSTER G REENE D ENT S HANNON T EXAS C HRISTIAN D OUGLAS S TONE T ANEY C ARROLL B OONE M ARION N EWTON B AXTER O ZARK F ULTON H OWELL O REGON ARKANSAS MISSOURI

37 Springfield, MO DMA Top Counties Source: 2010 Nielsen Claritas 44.9% Match with Broadcast Investment

38 Springfield, MO DMA – Top 10 Source: 2010 Nielsen Claritas 62% Match with Broadcast Investment

39 NLMG Saturday Distribution vs. Youngblood Sales 93% Match in Sales vs. Investment

40 Recommendations

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