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© 2013 SHORT CONVERSATIONS Exercise 16.

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1 © 2013 SHORT CONVERSATIONS Exercise 16

2 © 2013 DIRECTIONS TO GIVE THE TEST In this section you will find a number of listening comprehension tests which are based on the third part of the Test Of English for International Communication. These tests will help you practice and improve your business listening skills and you will also learn many new phrases. In the audio, you will hear a short conversations. On the screen, you will see a question and four possible answers. Choose the best answer to the question.

3 © 2013 1) For what purpose is the woman talking to the man? A. To congratulate B. To argue C. To complain D. To persuade 2) What problem does the woman have? A. Poor customer service B. A defective cell phone C. Lack of information D. Bad personal hygiene 3) What does the man promise? A. More information B. Better service C. Termination D. Resolution

4 © 2013 4) Where is the conversation most likely taking place? A. In an office B. In a mall C. At a train station D. At a hotel 5) What are the speakers mainly discussing? A. Computer code B. A company policy C. Formal attire D. Management 6) How do the speakers feel about the new regulation? A. They like it B. They are ambivalent C. They think it's unnecessary D. They want more formality

5 © 2013 7) What is the main purpose of the discussion? A. To order tickets B. To entertain clients C. To resolve a dilemma D. To argue about basketball 8) What is the man's problem? A. His tickets were stolen B. He can't book a flight to Tokyo C. The basketball game was cancelled D. There was a sudden change of plans 9) What will the woman probably do next? A. Make a telephone call B. Buy extra tickets C. Eat something sweet D. Watch the basketball game

6 © 2013 10) What does the woman want to do? A. Cancel a sale B. Make an appointment C. Change an order D. Shop for supplies 11) What position does Mr. Redfern hold? A. Lawyer B. Salesman C. Engineer D. Architect 12) Who does the woman need to speak to? A. Peggy Burnstead B. Mr. Redfern C. Lisa Lang D. Office Pro

7 © 2013 13) What are the speakers mainly discussing? A. Dropped calls B. Cell-phone companies C. Long distance D. Types of phones 14) What problem does the man have? A. He dropped his phone B. He paid too much money C. His call got cut off D. His minutes were limited 15) How does the woman suggest solving the problem? A. By getting unlimited minutes B. By considering a new cell-phone carrier C. By buying a new cell phone D. By redialing a phone number

8 © 2013 16) What does the man want to do? A. Order more inventory B. Talk to Mitch Graham C. Buy a new pet D. Talk to Ms. Crockett 17) What is the woman's position? A. Receptionist B. Manager C. Salesperson D. Account executive 18) What problem do the speakers have? A. They cannot locate Ms. Crockett B. An employee is unavailable C. They have too much dog food D. Mitch Graham didn't complete an order

9 © 2013 19) What is the relationship between the speakers? A. Salesman-buyer B. Manager-employee C. Shopper-shopper D. Applicant-manager 20) What problem does the man have? A. He cannot change his job B. His bills are too large C. He does not have enough money D. He forgot his checkbook 21) What does the man suggest that the woman do? A. Put money in a bank B. Get a smaller amount of money C. Come back in the afternoon. D. Use her credit card to write a check

10 © 2013 22) Where do the speakers work? A. At a newspaper B. At a law office C. At a software company D. At a university 23) What is the main purpose of the discussion? A. To debate B. To commiserate C. To negotiate D. To plan 24) What does the woman plan to do? A. Work B. Sing C. Rest D. Write

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