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Reducing a waste culture How to create behavioural change?

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1 Reducing a waste culture How to create behavioural change?


3 Our aim: Reduce waste from food & packaging

4 Problem: Pre-packing limit the quantities you can buy at the supermarket

5 Market Research findings

6 Solution: Give people the ability to buy the quantities they want from the supermarket

7 Recipe based purchasing

8 Consumer goes online Website with list of meals for each local supermarket Consumer places week’s worth of orders (customizable by dietary needs) Information sent directly to store Information from store to warehouse Symbol system for variety of family sizes

9 Our App

10 Distribution channels: leverage existing resources Online Delivery: Option 1 Upon delivery, consumer exchanges previous boxes for week’s filled boxes (incurs penalty fine if not exchanged) Online Delivery: Option 2 Orders placed throughout day and divided up into sets of 50. Each delivery van given 50 sets of orders. Required ingredients boxed in bulk crates. Delivered to consumers. Employee will dispense ingredients into containers supplied by consumer. Self Service pt: Option 1 Consumer brings boxes to store, scans menu card from electronic device, collects package Self Service pt: Option 2 Ingredients boxed in warehouse and sent directly to store for timed collection

11 Changing perceptions of convenience Devolution of the supermarket Corner shops coming back Drawback of pre- packaging goods

12 Benefits to stakeholders - Increased convenience / freedom of choice - Ability to exercise purchasing power - Change awareness into action - Health benefits - Cost incentives Develop competitive advantage Capture more market share Opportunity to strengthen customer loyalty Aligns with: - Health and food education to reduce NHS cost - Target of CO2 and waste reduction

13 Areas to Develop: Initial research shows that packaging can constitute up to 20% of the total price of a product. Financial calculations If companies choose to take on this service, more work will need to be done to educate the customer on why it is important that they engage in this service. Furthermore, marketing communications will be needed to entice customers into integrating this service into their daily lives, and to make them aware of the benefits in doing so. Marketing Communications: How to educate the customer A possible way of increasing interest in the program is to partner with chefs to create endorsed meal packages. An example of this could be partnering with Jamie Oliver to promote healthy eating and reducing food wastage. Chef endorsements: A current weakness of our system is that it may not be accessible for all. Our target market is young working adults (single/married/in a partnership etc.) but in order to promote this on an even wider scale, we need to target all ranges of people. Although this might require significant planning, it is possible and something we believe we should strive for. Another aim is to engage students as part of our target market. In our market research, we found that students would be interested in using this system in the future, however, they didn’t find it applicable to themselves even though they believed that food and packaging waste was a real problem. Accessibility for all Another possibility of reducing our carbon footprint is to partner with local or organic food sources. This will also boost the local economy/support local businesses, increase freshness of the food. Partnering with local/organic food sources Another way that this product can be used to benefit society is to create specialized dietary packages. For example, obesity is a significant health problem in the UK and a large part of solving this health issue is by targeting nutrition, however it can be difficult to change your eating patterns since people often do not know where to start. Introducing a specialized dietary package (that would be created in conjunction with health professionals) can simultaneously cut down waste while targeting other problems this country faces. Specialized dietary packages

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