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Enterprise Mobile Application Capabilities

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1 Enterprise Mobile Application Capabilities

2 Computing Devices - Rapidly changing Dynamics
Smart phone overtook PC sales, including tablets, desktops, and every kind of notebook we can think of Dropping prices, better hardware and internet connectivity are making smart phones true alternative to the personal computer The smart phone is becoming a mobile business terminal.

3 Computing Devices - Rapidly changing Dynamics
Android & iOS are dominating Mobility market with 85% share in new Smart phone sales

4 Wheel of Enterprise Mobility: Market Research
Field Force Customers Executives Sales Force Employees Location based Survey Timesheets, Travel Track emerging products, Product analysis and recommendations Sales Force Automation Approvals, MIS

5 Provisioning & ongoing management
Business Challenges : Mobility Provisioning & ongoing management Connectivity Integration Cost: Multiple OS & sizes Data Security

6 Provisioning & ongoing management
Connectivity Integration Cost: Multiple OS & sizes Data Security Secure connectivity Data encryption on device User authentication Hybrid Apps Open source frameworks Device provisioning Remote data wipe Upgrades controlled by central Administration / App market Device monitoring Local storage Background data synchronization Interfaces built for Integration with multiple databases Integration with legacy systems Datamatics Solutions

7 Available Options …

8 Mobile App Development
Native App Development Best in class performance, Smooth user experience, Superior access to device-side capabilities like GPS, camera But High cost of development and maintenance. HTML5 (Web) App Development Are generalized for multiple platforms and not installed locally but made available over the Internet through a browser. Performance is not as smooth as native , less secure and does not leverage every OS feature or API Hybrid App Development Best of both worlds (Native and Web Application). Reduces mobile application cost and enables access to device-side functionality. . Performance is not as smooth as native The user experience (performance) is not uniform across different OS and device models. MEAP Enterprise grade solution framework for scalable, reliable and complex mobility solutions. Provides synchronization, data wipe, security, scalability , device monitoring features

9 Hybrid VS Native Native Hybrid ( Web Kit) Xamarin Resources/ Cost
Independent app for each OS. High Cost. Generic App for all OS. Less Costlier as compared to native. Core L:ibrary is common but UI layer is independent for each OS ( Native). High Cost Ux Fluid transition and smooth flow between screens. The screen transitions are with glitches. Fluid transition and smooth flow between screens. But it may be little slow compared to pure Native App. UI Native UI with predictable behavior. The behavior differs with devices. Unpredictable behavior at times. Device Rotation The application adapts smoothly between portrait and landscape mode. The application behavior between portrait and landscape mode is not user friendly. IDE Matured IDE Maturing IDE with limitations. Maturing IDE with limitations (Xamarin Studio or Visual Studio) Device properties Full access to device capabilities. Limited access to device capabilities. Need specific handling for Android back button.

10 Xamarin Platform User Interface is Native, while Business Logic is reused across the platforms.

11 Mobility Solutions Overview
Mobile Application Development Hybrid Application Development Web App development Native Application Development Device features + MEAP Middleware Backend Direct access Using Webservices. Data exchange with middleware using proprietary protocol. Data exchange using specific middleware connectors like SAP, MySQL, Oracle...

12 Approach : Hybrid/Native Survey/Shopper App
Backend server Survey Questions Sync / Shopping list & Product database Synchronization HTTPS Web service API User Authentication : Application will establish secured connection with the server using HTTPS and authenticate with the server. Offline Mode : Application will be capable to update/add data and use the previously fetched data even in absence of network connectivity. Data Synchronization : When the network connectivity is resumed, The mobile application will submit the data to the backend server using Backend web service API.

13 Approach : MEAP: based solution
Web service API Can work event without GRPS/3G Middleware Backend server Data synchronization Remote Wipe Device Blocking Device tracking User Authorization Location tracking Geo Fencing Offline Data Storage Data synchronization

14 Mobien - iNotify Robust, scalable and easily configurable
Out Of the Box Connectors mobilize back office systems, Business Processes. It guarantees ‘Always ON’ Real Time, Network Independent Access to your enterprise data. Seamless interoperability between heterogeneous IT systems deployed within enterprise with Service oriented architecture It also offers standard HTTP connectors and SOAP connectors to enable it to integrate with various other custom developed back end platforms. Location tracking.

15 Mobien - iNotify (Overview)


17 Increase productivity and effectiveness of merchandising audit
Requirement Manufacturers need increased visibility into merchandising at a shelf level. Is merchandise displayed at correct price? Does the display conform to planogram? Are competitor’s activities impacting promotion success? While in-store visual merchandising audits are conducted, labor costs are high and delays in getting data. Solution The solution is on Android, Symbian & blackberry platform With a combination of a mobile app based on iNotify framework, coupled with native mobile camera and barcode/ QR code scanning capability, iNotify improves data collection from the field and transfers to central IT systems faster. Business benefits Improve effectiveness and consistency of promotional activities Accurate merchandising audits Ensure Shelf and display compliance Improve competitive Intelligence

18 Mobile Panel Management
Requirement Enabling & managing ad-hoc surveys using smartphones. Managing all consumers (panelist)for taking ad-hoc surveys. Job shortlisting by his/her preference- Jobs accessibility by area preferences e.g. within 5 miles from the residence of the panelist Jobs meeting minimum threshold of remuneration as preferred by the panelist Managing the entire survey right from the notification of jobs to data collection and redemption of points earned on survey completion. Short turn-around-time to enable quick deployment of the solution Solution Developed a structured solution using a combination of Web Views and Native Mobile application, XML Web Services and Database server with Transact-SQL to provide data in real time to the device. Along-with data availability, the native mobile application were able to provide location details of the mobile application using Native GPS details of the device and thereby filtration of the data fetched from central server using web views.

19 Mobile Panel Management
Features Device Push Notification- Notifications to the panelist basis their job preference which the panelist can chose to accept or reject Camera Integration- to aid the data collection process and also adding credibility to data. GPS integration-To identify and facilitate movements of the user, which further can be used for further analysis. Survey details: From project briefing to survey completion. Point Redemption: Facility to redeem points earned on survey completion by panelist. Benefits Real time data collection and panel management. Complete control of activities right from push notification to the redemption of survey points for panelist With a planned roadmap of execution, Datamatics helped the client to develop the requirement within a very short span of time. Data collected can be used for further analysis

20 Vehicle Infotainment – Android
Customer: Datamatics Product ( under development) Requirement Vehicle Infotainment service to Passengers in Bus Following services should be provided Video Channels Music Channels Games Stops Alerts Internet MAP Solution Developing Android based solution. User Interface design is designed to allow children 7 old age people to use with ease Streaming Video & Audio channels from Vehicle server. GPS tracking & Stop alerts from Vehicle servers to all Tables on the bus. Business benefits Brand value, Differentiator for BUS operator (USP) Better user experience Increased revenue via advertisements

21 Implementation of Launch Pad on i-OS and Android/Tablets
Requirement To implement Launch Pad on i-OS and Android platform The Smartphone MMI is a light version of the “Launch Pad” desktop MMI for Satellite UT terminals The functionalities selected for implementation viz. Data Connection, Contacts and SMS are supported Solution Datamatics prototype implementation of the solution is on i-OS as well as on Android OS POC approved by the client, GUI look & feel of the Desktop environment is preserved in Lite implementation to provide same experience to the users Launch Pad MMI – Lite with Contacts, SMS and Data Connection features was implemented Business benefits Provide satellite connectivity through personal gadgets Ease of transmitting data through personal communicators Increase revenue through bandwidth utilization

22 AMR – Mobile Meter Reader : Win Mobile, Android, iOS
Customer: Is a one of the prominent player in Energy distribution & Management Requirement: Automating the utility meter reading & sending it to Enterprise Data servers over GPRS link. Empowering the users to manage their own energy needs – secured access to enterprise data Solution Developed on multi-platform that uses Barcode Reader to read the meter ID The meter reading is entered along with the meter reading image for validation Batches meter reading and sends the encrypted data in bursts to conserve power Back-end application generates different kinds of reports for use for the IT support division Back-end application generates different views that user can see based on his consumption and manage his consumption A middleware was developed to interface between different kinds of hand sets through adaptors and backend system The middleware was also responsible for data synchronization between Enterprise app and mobile unit

23 Mobile Ticket Office Machine – Win-Mobile and WinCE
Customer: A global provider of Automated Fare collection Systems to transportation authorities worldwide Requirement Extend Enterprise AFC to Wireless mobile based Ticket Office Machine (TOM) Extending device capability for Mifare Smartcard validation and printers for issuing new tickets Back End Integration with the central Terminal Management System via GPRS for transfer of transaction data Solution Extended device capabilities by integrating the PCMCIA Smartcard readers from different companies. The implementation can process AFC cards based on Mifare Ultralight, Mifare and DESFire specifications Same application binary works for 640 x 480 as well as 320 x 240 screen resolution Developed EMV Level 2 library for Credit / Debit transactions Business benefits Reduced time to market Better quality product at lower cost Since iterative product development model was followed, could accommodate requirement changes at late stages of product, thus meeting the timelines, client needs and budget

24 B2E: Mobile Field Service
Features Integration Channels Work Order Mgt Notifications Technical Objects Business Partners Material Inventory Document Attachments Standards Driven SAP connectivity Tablet iPhone, Android and Blackberry Native Applications

25 B2E: Mobile Field Sales & Marketing
Features Integration Channels Visit execution Capture sales order Planogram check Price check Promotion compliance Stock check Customer information Product information Standards Driven Service connectivity Tablet

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