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Promoting Beer as the Responsible Choice Paul Hegarty Communication & Public Affairs Consultant.

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1 Promoting Beer as the Responsible Choice Paul Hegarty Communication & Public Affairs Consultant

2 Agenda A Burning Platform Nailing the myths about beer Positioning beer and pubs as part of the solution, not part of the problem

3 Change in Market Share 1997-2010 “Pub closures running at 39 per week” BBPA 2010 Spirits Cider Wine Beer

4 Duty increases 1997 -2010 Duty on 5% beer is 29p per pint more than cider

5 No smoke without fire

6 6 We have failed to communicate the wholesomeness of beer … Source: ComRes for the BBPA Beer and Wholesomeness

7 We must stick together… Duty hits large and small –Even after Progressive Beer Duty, beer duty is still 5p per pint higher than cider duty. Increased regulation is “indiscriminate” –Mandatory Code –Increased duty on “high strength beers” hits speciality beers as well as super lagers “Entry points” for drinkers Growing share in a declining market is good but growing share in a growing market would be even better!

8 Reversing the tide Beer’s fortunes won’t change until politicians, the media and the public believe that beer and pubs are a good thing. We need to get on the front foot to  sell the positives  eradicate the negatives

9 Changing beer’s image Press coverage doesn’t happen by accident –If you don’t tell your story, it won’t be heard Journalists don’t bite –Well in most cases… Agree messages Creativity to develop news “angles” You can’t do PR by committee!

10 What’s the story? Beer is the drink of moderation –The lowest alcohol drinks category Beer is natural and wholesome Moderate beer drinking is healthy Beer is the most diverse and adaptable drinks category –Dazzling array of styles and flavours –Appealing to women –Partnering food

11 Beer and Health Messages The lowest alcohol drinks category. Brewed from natural raw materials “Myth of the beer belly”. Health benefits from moderate drinking are mainly due to alcohol Some additional health benefits specific to beer –Vitamins and fibre –Silicon & bone health –Kidney stones

12 Rules of Engagement Complete transparency Credible independent technical evidence Explicitly in the context of moderation – don’t suppress “bad news” Only PR - never advertising or advertorials Beer as a generic - never about specific brands Do not “knock” other categories.

13 “Beer – the natural choice” BBPA CAMRA SIBA Beer Academy


15 Beer – the Natural Choice Coverage 6 pieces of national coverage 175 pieces of radio editorial Over 18 pieces of regional coverage 28 websites covered the story

16 “The Myth of the Beer Belly” Joint Press Release with CAMRA Great British Beer Festival  The Daily Sport  The Sun  The Mirror  The Daily Telegraph  Irish Daily Mirror  The (Glasgow) Herald  The Times of India

17 Not all good news - denial won’t make problems go away

18 Different approaches to alcohol issues Population approach Most people drink harmfully Answer is to reduce overall consumption –Higher tax –Reduced availability –Advertising bans Industry can’t be trusted

19 Different approaches to alcohol issues Targeted approach Most people drink sensibly Answer is to target harm not penalise the majority. –Self regulation –Education –Tighter law enforcement Partnership is essential Population approach Most people drink harmfully Answer is to reduce overall consumption –Higher tax –Reduced availability –Advertising bans Industry can’t be trusted

20 Coalition Government’s “Responsibility Deal” “We will expect to see national level collaborative working through increased business involvement in public health initiatives” “Focus areas are the food we eat and exercise we take, the alcohol we drink and the places we work”.

21 Being on the front foot Put solutions in place to address the problem and defuse bad publicity. Build relationships and trust with Government Create partnerships to develop solutions that avoid “unintended consequences” - otherwise it will be “done to us”.

22 Taking a front foot on harm Responsible Advertising and Promotion –Advertising Standards Association (ASA) –Portman Group Code Underage Drinking –Challenge 21/25 –Mystery Shopper –PASS Proof of Age Scheme Company Responsibility Codes & Staff Training Community Partnerships –Community Alcohol Partnerships (CAPS) –Best Bar None Education –Drinkaware

23 Drinkaware – Changing the UK’s Drinking Culture A unique partnership between the industry and public health community Over £5m annually from over 50 companies –producers –on trade –off trade

24 Focused campaigning Young people and parents: –“When and how to start talking to children about alcohol?” –Parents have a responsibility to be good role models. Young adults: –“Why let good times go bad?” –Drunkenness is risky…and not cool. All adults: –“How much is too much?” –Regular overconsumption puts you at risk.

25 Social Marketing not Nannying Homer Simpson versus Captain Spock –Homer normally wins. –Rationale decision making is typically 5% of choices Social norming –Most people don’t binge drink Temporal Discounting –People are more interested in today than 30 years time. Nudge Theory “Scaring the health into people” doesn’t work

26 Drinkaware is the web leader #1/#2 for term ‘alcohol’ in Google 2.1 million unique views annually Over 5+ million page views Drinkaware received far more traffic than Alcohol Concern or Department of Health websites Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph identified Drinkaware as an essential health website

27 Why Let Good Times Go Bad? £24 million campaign in 2010 13 million on-pack advertising. Campaign materials in 6500 supermarkets, off licenses & convenience stores and 5000 pubs 10,000 phone box posters, 6-sheet and digital displays in 18 major train stations and in 17 shopping centres across UK. Outdoor media valued at £5 million and in kind support worth over £18 million. 70% of the target audience are more likely to consider drinking differently in future and 77% claim to have adopted at least one of the tips.

28 Drinkaware Unit Measure Cup

29 Unit Communication in Pubs Where adults have seen unit information –Supermarket 93% –Public House 19% ONS 2009 Joint project with the BBPA Pilot trial in the trade in March Roll out this year

30 The future of beer is in our hands … Stay united Develop and communicate a compelling story “Walk the talk” to be part of the solution not part of the problem. Build trusting partnerships Demonstrate solutions are effective Stick at it for the long term

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