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 Jason Backes, MSOT  Occupational Therapist  Autism Specialist  Innovation Coach.

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2  Jason Backes, MSOT  Occupational Therapist  Autism Specialist  Innovation Coach

3  Educator  Parent / Caregiver  Administrator  Speech Therapist  Occupational Therapist  Other Support Staff

4  Over a year  6 months to a year  Under 6 months  I don’t have an iPad yet

5  According to the SCERTS® Model (, it is “the development of the ability to maintain a well-regulated emotional state to cope with everyday stress, and to be most available for learning and interacting.”  As adults, we constantly emotionally regulate ourselves all the time whether it be for calming purposes or for energy- boosting purposes, etc. Our children need our direct help to regulate themselves as well as how to learn how to regulate themselves without our help.

6 Mutual Regulation? When the adult and child work together to achieve a well- regulated emotional state for the child. Johns Hopkins University Dept. of Education

7 Self Regulation? When the child works by his or herself to achieve a well- regulated emotional state.

8 There are over 750,00 Apps in the App Store

9  Changing the Level of Arousal  Defining the Emotional Experience  Behavior Management  Self Regulation  Mutual Regulation  Communication/Language

10 App Shopper AustimApps Discovr Apps

11  Calming Pocket Pond iHologram BeatWave

12  Calming Jigsaw HD iPad Photo Booth Pandora

13  Calming C Aquarium Lite Breathe2Relax Relax M. HD

14 Me Moves Office Yoga

15  Action Angry Birds Traffic Rush NinJump

16  Word games Words W/Friends Moxie Word Warp

17  Multi-Player Pac-Man BR Crazy Copy Fruit Ninja

18  Feelings/Emotions  The Grouchies EmotionX Feel Electric

19  Feelings/Emotions Autism Emotion Shrinky’s Anxiety Remedy Training Faces

20  Social Stories Comic Book! Ebook Creatoribooks

21  Proactive Strategies  Use of Social Stories/ Video Modeling You Tube Model Me Morning Routines Going Places

22 Popplet Explain Everything Educreations

23  Proactive Strategies  Scheduling First Then Vis. Sch. Pocket Picture Planner Click n’ Talk Use Your Handwriting

24  Proactive Strategies  Timers Take Turns Visual Timer HD Time Timer

25  Emotional Regulation Autism Help! Sosh iseismometer

26 SkypeWiFi Third Eye TextPlus Free texting

27  Photo/ Symbol Recognition Click’n Talk Talk’n Photos Pictello

28 Simple Choice Board Creator Tap Speak Choice Talk'n Photos Tap Speak Sequence Sounding Board

29 Proloquo2GoSono Flex LAMP Words For Life

30 Expressive Touch Chat

31 Vast Autism 1- Core Talking Tom Oral Motor Talking Rex Talking News

32  A wonderful resource for speech clinicians. Helps with lesson planning and materials (great games)   Sponsored by the National Center for Family Literacy    s s  Stories read with captioning by actors  Activities, games, puzzles etc

33   Excellent and easy photo editing for free  Video editing/emailing  Center on media and child health…research based discussion on our kids and media. Advice for teachers/parents  Check out her links!   Allows you to chat with others regarding apps, use of iPod/iPad in the classroom and also has a link to literacy issues in AAC  Lists apps by characteristics, allows you to compare features, a nice compilation.

34  Nice info from families, therapists, doctors and teachers.   Apps for children with special needs  Contains links to information about “Why the iPad”, “Classroom ideas”, “Case Studies”, “Education Apps” and more  Breaks down use of iPad by curriculum areas (Special Education and Typical Education )

35  Feel Free to contact me: Jason Backes, MSOT

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