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Vitality 2013 Max Reineke Discovery Platinum Prestige Consultants.

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1 Vitality 2013 Max Reineke Discovery Platinum Prestige Consultants

2 Discovery’s core purpose To make people healthier and to enhance and protect their lives Vitality is Discovery’s wellness programme that encourages positive lifestyle changes. This has a significant impact on health and the associated costs of healthcare

3 Vitality membership in South Africa Vitality is the largest programme of it’s kind in the world Companies participating in VitalityNumber of lives covered on Vitality

4 Global thought leader in incentivised wellness 4 Past winners include:

5 3 Factors 4 Major Chronic Diseases The concept is simple Source : Global health and OxHA ▪ May 2009 The Oxford Alliance 3-4-50 model 50% of Deaths 1.Lack of physical activity 2.Poor diet 3.Smoking 1.Heart disease 2.Many cancers 3.Type 2 diabetes 4.Lung disease

6 The Vitality programme is designed around three simple steps 2 3 1

7 Vitality makes it easy for you to improve your health Blue status Bronze status Silver status Gold status Complete online health assessments at MENTAL WELLBEING ASSESMENT 2 500 POINTS NON-SMOKER DECLARATION 5 000 POINTS ONLINE FITNESS ASSESSMENT 1 000 POINTS VITALITY HEALTH REVIEW 2 000 POINTS HIV TEST 5 000 POINTS Learn about your health PROSTATE SCREENING / MAMMOGRAM 2 500 POINTS NUTRITION ASSESSMENT 5 000 POINTS FITNESS ASSESSMENT UP TO 7 500 POINTS Perform health checks VITALITY CHECK UP TO 14 000 POINTS HealthyFood UP TO 9 000 POINTS P.A Get active FITNESS POINTS UP TO 15 000 POINTS P.A PAP SMEAR 2 500 POINTS FLU 1 000 POINTS DENTAL 2 000 POINTS VITALITY CHECK UP TO 14 000 POINTS

8 Clinical evidence shows that participation in fitness related activities is associated with significantly lower healthcare costs Source: Participation in Fitness-Related Activities of an Incentive-Based Health Promotion Program and Hospital Costs: A Retrospective Longitudinal Study 1.Vitality motivates people to become more active 2. Physically active members have a 7% lower chance of being admitted to hospital 3.Physically active members who are admitted to hospital incur lower costs

9 Improve your health: Enjoy great savings at fitness partners Main member and spouse save up to 80% on the monthly rate at Virgin Active or Planet Fitness and all dependants 18 years and older save 50%. Each member must pay a card fee, an activation fee of R865 and the monthly rate. 1. Get active and get great savings at fitness partners 3. Make healthier lifestlye choices 4. Save up to 25% on HealthyFood Members can also earn up to 5 000 points for any timed sporting event Earn up to 150 points for every session using one of these web-enabled fitness and activity monitors or the LiviingVitality smartphone app. 2. Fitness and activity monitors Save as much as 80% when you join either Allen Carr’s Easyway or Smokenders. Earn 5 000 points for being a non-smoker. Save 30% at Weigh-Less or Weight Watchers. Earn 1 000 points for a weight assessment and 4 000 points for reaching your goal weight. Quit smoking Lose weight 4. Get up to 25% cash back on HealthyCare products at Clicks Activate the benefit and get 10% cash back at Clicks Complete a Vitality Health Check and get up to 40% cash back 4. Get up to 25% cash back on HealthyGear products at adidas and Totalsports Activate the benefit and get 10% cash back Complete a Vitality Fitness Assessments and get up to 45% cash back and Activate the benefit and get 10% cash back at Pick n Pay and Woolworths* Complete a Vitality Health Review and select your 25% cash back partner. You will still qualify for 10% HealthyFood cash back at the other partner. * To qualify for the HealthyFood cash back at Woolworths, you have to be on an Executive or Classic Health plan (excluding Classic Core).

10 The HealthyFood rewards structure Activate the benefit on Complete a Vitality Health Review (VHR) to get up to 25% cash back on HealthyFood Save on a comprehensive range of HealthyFood items Get 10% cash back on HealthyFood at and Members can choose between Woolworths and Pick n Pay to get up to 25% cash back. They will get 10% cash back when shopping at the other partner Members on Executive or Classic Plans (excl. Classic Core) qualify for HealthyFood at Woolworths

11 HealthyFood benefit has been extremely successful thus far Number of Vitality policies activated (end 2012) = 286 849 Number of trolleys purchased in 2012 = 8.6 m Total HealthyFood™ purchased in 2012= R530m Total HealthyFood™ savings in 2012= R102m Top selling HealthyFood items in 2011HealthyFood fast facts 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 R74m R47m R35m R45m R43m

12 The HealthyCare rewards structure in partnership with Clicks Note: Each member aged 18 and older can get the HealthyCare saving on a maximum of R1 500 spent on HealthyCare products in a month. Members can get the standard Clicks cash back rewards on a maximum of R15 000 they spend on any products at Clicks in a year. The Vitality Check will apply to both the HealthyCare and MedSaver. Activate on Get 10% cash back Complete a Vitality Check Get 25% cash back Swipe your HealthyCare at any Clicks store Over 400 stores nationwide Enjoy greater cash back rewards HealthyCare Clicks Vitality benefit Additive to existing rewards

13 HealthyCare product range Dental careExercise equipmentEye care First aidFoot careSelf care Smoking cessationSun careNutritional supplements

14 Case study: HealthyCare Benefit HealthyCare purchases: R 524.94 HealthyCare cash back: R131.24

15 The HealthyGear rewards structure in partnership with adidas and Totalsports Note: As a family, members get savings on a maximum of R15 000 spent on HealthyGear in a year. DiscoveryCard cash back limits apply. Activate on Get 10% cash back Complete a Fitness Assessment online or at a biokineticist in the Vitality Wellness Network Get 25% cash back Swipe your HealthyGear card at any adidas store or your DiscoveryCard at any Totalsports store Broad national footprint Additive to existing rewards Enjoy greater cash back rewards

16 Case study: HealthyGear Benefit Total Value of Purchases: R 1,047 HealthyGear cash back: R261.75

17 Enjoy the rewards: Rewards on local and international flights Athens Amsterdam Barcelona Chicago Edinburgh Frankfurt Geneva Harare Lisbon Livingstone London Los Angeles Madrid Manchester Mauritius Miami Munich New York Nice Paris Prague Rome San Francisco Tel Aviv Toronto Vancouver Victoria Falls Vienna Windhoek Zurich Bangkok Beijing Cairo Delhi Dubai Hong Kong Istanbul Kuala Lumpur Maldives Moscow Mumbai Shanghai Singapore Tokyo 14 Emirates international destinations: 30 British Airways international destinations: Blue 15% Blue 15% Bronze 20% Bronze 20% Silver 25% Silver 25% Gold 30% Gold 30% Diamond 35% Diamond 35%

18 Rewards are enhanced through the DiscoveryCard Cash back based on Vitality StatusDiscoveryCard partners Get up to 20% cash back in the DiscoveryCard store network BlueBronzeSilverGoldDiamond < 3 yrs10% N/A 3 - 5 yrs10%11%12%13%15% > 5 yrs10%12%14%15%20%

19 Health Wallet: a flexible way to fund day-to-day healthcare expenses1 Get rewarded for filling your Wallet Earn miles for both lump sum contributions and debit orders into the Health Wallet 3 If your Wallet is empty, it can automatically access your DiscoveryCard credit facility 55 days interest free credit up to your credit limit 4 Discovery will top up your Wallet if you or a family member contract a severe illness Automatically offers severe illness cover (severity levels A-D) R20 000R30 000R50 000R80 000 R100 000 2 Top up your Wallet with your cash back DiscoveryCard Members can use the Health Wallet to fund their day-to-day expenses

20 Pick n Pay rewards are enhanced through the DiscoveryCard and Pick n Pay smart shopper programme DiscoveryCard holders will received smart shopper multiplier points based on their Vitality status Equates to up to 10% saving on purchases at Pick n Pay. No sub-limits on expenditure apply to the smart shopper multiplier benefit Blue X 2 Blue X 2 Bronze X 4 Bronze X 4 Silver X 6 Silver X 6 Gold X 8 Gold X 8 Diamond X 10 Diamond X 10

21 Choose your cell phone and contractActivate VitalityMobile for R29 a month Members have access to the complete phone range through Cell C’s footprint FREE 50% from 99c Calls to all VitalityMobile members Data boost on VitalityMobile packages, with a minimum boost of 100MB Per minute billing for international calls Over and above standard contract offer, members will get: BlackberryNokiaApple SamsungLG Members call each other for free and receive a 50% boost on data VitalityMobile - connecting Vitality members through free calls and boosted data

22 Enjoy the rewards: Other rewards Lifestyle rewards Shopping rewards Other travel rewards

23 Enjoy the rewards: discovery/mall Magazines and vouchers ElectronicsMusic and books Toys and entertainment The great outdoors Travel Beauty and accessories Flowers and gifts House and homeAuctions Receive cashbacks when purchasing from DiscoveryCard partners Pay with cash and/or Discovery Miles Redeem miles at the discovery/mall or directly at the online retailer sites Activate the Discovery Miles benefit for a yearly fee

24 Vitality monthly contributions for 2013 Main member R155 Main member + 1 R179 Main member + 2 or more R199

25 KeyFIT : The wellness programme exclusively for KeyCare members

26 KeyFIT : Incentives and rewards for leading a healthier lifestyle 10% HealthyFood saving15% HealthyFood saving 10% HealthyCare saving15% HealthyCare saving 10% HealthyGear saving15% HealthyGear saving Up to 15% Up to 15% Up to 15% Up to 10% 5% Clicks Cash-back rewards10% Clicks Cash-back rewards Rands R15 000 Baby BAG R10 000 funeral cover for you R15 000 funeral cover for youand up to three spouses. R5 000 funeral cover for up to R7 500 funeral cover for up to five childrenfive children Get a 5% discount on prepaid airtime from Cell C, Vodacom, MTN and Telkom The Discovery Baby programme gives new and expectant parents a baby bag filled with useful information, important baby products and discount vouchers Up to 5% Immediate Reward With Vitality Check The main member and spouse save 67% on the monthly rate at 46 Virgin Active gyms Up to 67%

27 KeyFIT monthly contributions for 2013 Main member R33 Main member + 1 R39 Main member + 2 or more R49

28 Thank you

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