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Marketing In the New Health Care Age Mary Ruiz, MBA 2013 FADAA FCCMH Conference.

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1 Marketing In the New Health Care Age Mary Ruiz, MBA 2013 FADAA FCCMH Conference

2 This talk is about increasing revenue through referral development and direct sales marketing… …you still have time to leave.

3 Marketing in the New Healthcare Age Why Referral Development?

4 Marketing in the New Healthcare Age 67% of primary care doctors say they have no behavioral health referral for their patients Who Needs It?

5 What Happens? Psychiatrists professionally isolated from other doctors Psychiatrists don’t interrupt sessions to take physician calls Need quick response- not voice mail, callbacks or long wait 30-50% of patients refuse referral

6 Why Now? Integrated care Lower pay for hospital readmits Health plans pay for performance Medical cost offset

7 You Can Do It! 1.It doesn’t cost hundreds of thousands 2.Relationships are our strength 3.Our mission is access to care 4.You can be tall enough to ride this ride

8 Can We Talk? Do they know you exist? Are you that indigent care place? Do you look like that place? Do you act like that place?

9 Do They Know You Exist? Research Referral Data Household Surveys Focus Groups Secret Shopper Brand Consultants Chamber Website Insurance Provider Directories

10 Build Visibility Public Relations Website Web Ads Social Media/You Tube Press Releases Public Television Show TV/Radio/Speaker Circuit PSA’s and Awards Healthcare Events CEU/CME Workshops


12 Stop Talking Like That!

13 Push a New Brand Branding Medical Practice Inpatient Specialty Care Caring & Competent Professionals Private and Confidential Most Major Insurances Payment Plans and Scholarships

14 Do You Look Like That Place? Pop Quiz 1.Do counselors decorate offices just like their den at home? 2.Are the walls and halls a certain shade of beige? 3.Is there glass between staff and patients? 4.Are the walls decorated in notices and rules? 5.Is one of the rules, “Do not knock on the glass”?

15 Be the New Health Age Image Image Hotel Reception Concierge Services Interior Décor/Lighting Landscaping Front Desk Uniforms Way Finding Calm not Clutter Staging not Nesting

16 Do You Act Like That Place? Another Pop Quiz 1.Are only machines allowed to answer the phone? 2.How long could someone sit in your waiting room without a welcome? 3.Do you offer any hospitality, drinks, snacks or enjoyments to visitors? 4.Are you afraid not to hand carry VIP referrals through your own system?

17 Transform the Experience Customer Experience Effortless access Personalized hospitality All staff and volunteers are caregivers Holistic body, mind and spirit Healing for loved ones Advance information and choice empowers Physical environments enhance wellbeing Illness can be transformational for patients, families and caregivers

18 Referral Development Team CEO Culture change, strategic focus and resources Chief Clinical Officer Access, customer experience, process redesign and capacity Business Development Director Referral development, market analysis and customer service

19 Public Relations Director Messaging, Media and Branding Facility Manager Redesign, Décor and Hospitality Information Technology Call and referral volume, trends and conversion to admission Referral Development Team

20 Business Development Director Strategic Market Opportunities and Risks Competitors/Market Share Target Markets/Service Lines Pricing and Branding Budget Volume Goals Business Development Strategy Marketing Plan

21 Marketing Lead Generation Contact Management Relationship Building Referral Development Conversion to Admissions Customer Experience Customer Retention Reporting and Analysis Business Development Director

22 A Day in the Life Meet with market competitors Compile physician and facility referral reports Make a secret shopper call Conduct a tour Accept calls and link referrals Bring lunches to physician offices and meet with physicians Review customer satisfaction surveys

23 Set up meeting to address phone response and dropped referrals Train intake staff in making a close Supervise Admissions Concierge Do a lunch and learn for internal referrals Confer with PR Director for print order of referral pad tear off Heads up to CEO on new threats or opportunity in the market Call program manager about customer service issue Another Day in the Life

24 Looking for a Business Development Director? BA or MA in Marketing Engaging Personality and Appearance Self Starter and Highly Motivated Physician Relations or Pharmacy Representative Experience Marketing Plan Portfolio Salary Range $50-65k

25 Measuring Results Telephone Call Volume Call Abandonment Rates Admissions by product line and target market Client retention and no show rates Service Volumes Referral trends Satisfaction surveys Secret shopper results Web site volume and page hits Competitor Census and Volume Payer Mix

26 Case Study Executive Mission-Specialize in behavioral so health and wellness possible for every family Vision-Embrace the humanity of those in our care Culture-Offer comfort through generous hospitality Resources-Funding and Staff Clinical Access Redesign Call and Walk In Center Central Scheduling Staffing to Paying Volume Strict Control over capacity for unpaid services Motivational Enhancement Levels of Care

27 Facility Manager Walk through Architect and landscape experts Color and design standards Renovated public areas Improved landscaping Police facility Information Technology Referral source by name mandatory field in health record Reporting Tracking call volume and call abandonment Working on client portal Case Study

28 Public Relations Household Survey Focus Groups Rebranding-Specialty Hospital and Outpatient Practice Branding Policy Staff Training in Branding Website Marketing Collaterals Business Development Identify Target Markets Build Referral Prospect List Create Baseline Metrics Admissions Concierge Tours on Demand Referral Loop Teams Troubleshoot Customer Experience Case Study



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