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Lochside Neighbourhood Group Making a Real Difference in our Community

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1 Lochside Neighbourhood Group Making a Real Difference in our Community
Lochside, South Ayrshire, Scotland

2 2012 – local residents identified a need
Develop a more co-ordinated approach to community issues, neighbourhood improvements & partnership working Key stakeholders committed to support a community led multi-partnership forum for the Lochside area Community Development approach was adopted Local residents and local voluntary sector organisations identified issues as well as strengths within the community Background

3 Core principles Engagement Empowerment Capacity Building

4 Key values Collective Action Equality Social Justice
Community Development Collective Action Equality Anti-discrimination Social Justice Community Empowerment Participatory Democracy Working & Learning Together

5 Process – Stages of Development
Achieving Better Community Development (ABCD Framework, CHEX)

6 Process- Stages of Development

7 National Drivers Community Empowerment Scotland (2014) Bill
The Christie Commission (2013) Public Service Reform : locality planning and effective partnership working Co-production model: shared role, catalysts, mutuality, networks, assets and capacity “Co-production is the process of active dialogue and engagement between people who use services and those who provide them.” Sir Harry Burns, Chief Medical Officer

8 Regional Drivers Single Outcome Agreement
Long Term Outcome (5-10 Years) Communities are more confident and empowered to address issues that matter to them. Intermediate Outcome (3-5 Years) Communities can more effectively influence decision making and service development. Community Health Profiles for Braehead, Whitletts & Lochside areas

9 Partnership Development
Representation from local residents, voluntary, private/business , faith and public sectors: Local residents (age range 5-86) North Ayr Community Council Lochside Community Association Cowan Crescent Tenants and Residents Association The Jolly Dollies (local womens’ drama group) Lochside Church Ayrshire Housing Braehead Primary School Access to Employment Local Businesses including ASDA and Family Shopper NHS Ayrshire and Arran Police Scotland South Ayrshire Council - Departments involved have expertise in the key components of regeneration - social, economic, physical and environmental

10 Achievements Effective & meaningful partnership working
92 local residents involved and informed of all developments via , word of mouth, meetings, one to one interviews, focus group discussions, Facebook page and events 210 local children involved in active citizen initiatives and promotion of community pride in the area Community involvement & participation Partners from voluntary, faith, private/business and public sector which has enabled the process of partnership development to be meaningful, effective, efficient and productive Effective & meaningful partnership working Planning & visioning outcomes sessions took place with local residents and group members which provided the basis for collating issues of interest and concern as well as identifying strengths, knowledge and skills Development of local Community Action Plan

11 Achievements Community Health & Wellbeing programmes
Delivered locally covering committee skills, governance & management, promotion & marketing, funding and social enterprise Community capacity building programmes Health issues in the community (CHEX) delivered to local residents based on the principles of community development and community led health approaches Community Health & Wellbeing programmes Local residents raising traffic and parking issues Less obstruction to the area and working with planning department to paint yellow lines Parking & Traffic management

12 Achievements ‘Keep Lochside Tidy’ campaign
Community led campaign promoting active citizenship and community pride and the importance of looking after the local environment. Local children designed posters of their ideas and suggestions to keep the area tidy and encouraged friends, family and neighbours to put posters in house windows. 210 local children and 40 adults involved as well as local services and key stakeholders

13 Making A Difference in Our Community Awards

14 Achievements Development of creative play areas
Ideas and designs came from workshops organised through the group where local children and their families designed the space based on what they liked and wanted for the area. The group developed a proposal and project plan for a creative play initiative

15 Achievements Inter-generational approaches The group have worked on a number of inter-generational projects, bringing together children, young people and older people from the area and presented their work at a national conference which took place in Troon in 2013.

16 Achievements Housing Developments
New housing development underway for the area with an investment of £5 million. As a result of consulting with group members and the wider community, MAST architects revised housing plans for new housing development and changes were made based on suggestions of group members

17 Achievements Alcohol and Drugs
A series of focus group discussions took place with local residents, voluntary sector organisation reps and key stakeholders Analysis of data will inform our Community Action Plan 2014 – 2017

18 Achievements COSLA Award winners 2013/14
Group received national recognition for providing excellent service to the community Featured in national publication Group featured as case study in Scottish Co-Production Network magazine and website and asked to provide workshops at national co-production event, Edinburgh, April 2014 as example of good practice in Scotland Produce Lochside Community Newsletters Sharing and promoting “good news” stories with 600 local residents Aligned with Lochside masterplan An overall design and provision of new houses and improvement of leisure facilities & the ADP asset based project

19 Achievements Economic Benefits of partnership development The economic benefits for adopting a multi- partnership approach to neighbourhood improvements have been considerable as the total spend to date is £3,000 (Ayrshire Housing) £10,000 (Lottery Fund) and £2,000 (South Ayrshire Council) approximately

20 For Further Information
If you would like to have your say and get involved in issues that matter to you please contact: Robert Green, North Ayr Community Council Colette McGarva, Community Engagement/Development, South Ayrshire Council

21 Any Questions?

22 What do you like best about our group?

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