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BYOD: La nube privada y pública en el mismo dispositivo

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1 BYOD: La nube privada y pública en el mismo dispositivo
Carlos Vázquez, Senior Sales Engineer, Iberia

2 Agenda: 1. BYOD requires Policy 2. BYOD and HD WLANs 3. The future: ac

3 The world today: Wi-Fi is a Right!!
Stadiums Airports Hotels Restaurants Hospitals Grocery Stores And tomorrow . . . At 35,000 ft While hitting the slopes At the beach

4 Users are Bringing Their Own Applications
Source: Gartner, Market Trends Mobile App Stores

5 Private and Public Cloud on same Device
Controlled by IT Weeks to rollout Local maintenance Touch user’s device Standard apps for all Private Cloud Uncontrolled Minutes to rollout Auto updates Installed by user Many apps per user Public Cloud Under the same Wi-Fi network On the same mobile device Private Cloud: Servers, devices, software in the IT closet Public Cloud: No servers, BYOD, SAAS in the cloud It used to take 2 weeks to roll-out a service on the LAN with Client-to-Server model, pre-public Cloud With public cloud-based services it takes 2 min to sign up with your or facebook account With many apps per device, managing apps should not be left to IT to manage. With one or few apps per device, managing apps was easy - now it is impossible due to auto "update all" notifications. BYOD/BYOA solves the problem of having to manage tons of apps per device but network needs to be smart enough.

6 BYOD requires Policy… but based on what?
User Device Application NAS Employee Contractor Visitor Shopper Patient Access Network ClearPass

7 Where does Clear Pass fit? Same as your RADIUS
Access Methods Policy Enforcement Points Policy Decision Points AAA ClearPass Policy Manager Wireless User WLAN Controller Customer’s LAN Wired User Switch VPN Active Directory or LDAP Server SQL Store VPN Concentrator Remote User

8 ClearPass Policy Manager
Flexible Guest Access ClearPass Policy Manager 1. Collect visitor information New Visitor Access Network 3. Account enabled, visitor notified via screen, SMS, or 2. Sponsor prompted to confirm that guest is valid Sponsor

9 Application-Based Policy

10 What makes Aruba different: Adaptive RF
7. Application App Service Aruba is the only network to use deep inspection of traffic Threat Mobility To optimize and secure the air Reliable Fast Secure 6. Presentation 5. Session 4. Transport 3. Network 2. Data Link 1. Physical

11 Introducing AppRF™ Technology
Applications Lync Skype FaceTime Box iCloud Citrix PEF Actions ARM Lower Priority Increase Priority Black List Load Balance Limit Bandwidth Client Match

12 High Performance Video over WLAN
x 20 x 10 5GHz 2.4GHz Aruba AP-135 6.25Mbps multicast video stream per client No jitter/delay/pixelation 3x3:3 MIMO 40MHz 1Mbps unicast video stream per client No jitter/delay/pixelation x 21 5GHz 30% better performance for video streaming when compared to an equivalent major competitor WLAN

13 Aruba and MS Lync

14 Microsoft deploys Lync in Redmond Campus
“The system averaged 16,000 call records over a thirty day period with greater than 96% toll quality, a fifty percent improvement over the legacy network. The network is delivering Lync services as the designers intended, with full fidelity and end-to-end quality of service.” Victoria Poncini, Microsoft’s IT Technology Architect.

15 2. BYOD and HD WLANs

16 Aruba´s High Density WLAN Lab

17 New ARM 3.0 ARM 1.0 ARM 2.0 ARM 3.0 “Tune” “Influence” “Control”
Easy channel and power setup Noise aware Intelligent scanning ARM 2.0 “Influence” Band steering Airtime fairness Multicast optimization ARM 3.0 “Control” Client Match Directed handover Traffic balancing

18 Class room with ~50 students
1 Clients connect to the strongest RF signal causing some APs to be overwhelmed 3 Clients connect where they want without taking network conditions into account Often prefer 2.4 GHz which is slower and interference prone 2 APs are not evenly loaded by client count or throughput 4 2.4 GHz 5 GHz Individual clients lack information about the entire network and cannot make the best decisions. This results in an inefficient use of spectrum and a negative user experience.

19 Break out students SNR drops significantly
Dynamic Environment 1 Break out students SNR drops significantly 3 Some students break out to do video research Clients remain stuck to their original AP 2 Highest bandwidth students are operating at the lowest data rate 4 2.4 GHz 5 GHz Static students see degraded performance. 5 As users move, their client often does not adjust. This results in poor throughput, dropped calls, etc. for the user and his neighbors.

20 ~50 students with ClientMatch
1 RF utilization and client to AP signal taken into account when balancing 2 More clients on 5 GHz for better throughput and performance No more slow clients bringing down the network 3 2.4 GHz 5 GHz With knowledge about all of the available APs, their utilization and the clients, ClientMatch optimizes overall network performance for improved scalability and throughput.

21 Keeping up with a dynamic environment
1 High utilization clients are balanced across APs to limit bottlenecks 3 Some students break out to do video research ClientMatch adjusts to changing utilization 2 2.4 GHz 5 GHz ClientMatch continuously updates connections to optimize the network. Clients are steered as network conditions change including high bandwidth utilization and signal changes.

22 Airtime Fairness Maintains application performance in high density areas (e.g., lecture halls) with scheduled channel access time Works across heterogeneous clients (Broadcom, Intel, Atheros, etc.) Works across heterogeneous OSs (XP, Vista, Mac OS, etc.) Implemented at RF PHY and Layers 4-7 Provides fair access in the presence of mixed-mode clients in both 2.4GHz and 5GHz spectrums, and across 11b/g/n and 11a/n clients 22

23 802.11ac

24 802.11ac Channels (FCC) UNII I and UNII II 2x 80 MHz 4x 40 MHz
36 48 44 52 40 56 64 60 Band Edge 5180 5200 5220 5240 5260 5280 5300 5320 5350 5150 Channel Freq (MHz) UNII II extended 3x 80 MHz 6x 40 MHz 12x 20 MHz 100 112 108 116 104 120 128 124 5500 5520 5540 5560 5580 5600 5620 5640 Band Edge 5470 136 140 5680 5700 5725 132 5660 144 5720 Channel Freq (MHz) 149 161 157 153 5745 5765 5785 5805 Band Edge 5725 165 5825 US UNII III 1x 80 MHz 2x 40 MHz 5x 20 MHz Band Edge Channel Freq (MHz) 5850

25 Increased Capacity with simultaneous transmit to multiple receivers
Phases of ac Phase 1: Gigabit Speeds (CY’2013) 5GHz only Up to 80MHz channels in Phase 1 (160MHz in Phase 2) Up to 3 spatial streams in Phase 1 (8 in Phase 2) Phase 2: Multi-User MIMO (CY’2014) Increased Capacity with simultaneous transmit to multiple receivers AP radio 5GHz 4-stream 802.11ac AP 2-stream 802.11ac 1-stream 2013 Better speeds 2014 Multi-user MIMO

26 When to Move to 802.11ac? Get your network ready first
PoE+, Gigabit Ethernet for APs RF planning when moving from 11abg Faster Mobility Controllers Move from 11abg and continue to invest in n for now 11n is not going away anytime soon 11n client devices are here today, 6x the performance of 11abg 11n is at the right price point today

27 The Campus Architecture for the Next 10 Years
Hi-speed Wi-Fi Wired Access Mobility Core Data Center AirWave ClearPass 802.11n -or- 802.11ac Mobility Access Switches Mobility Controllers

28 Airheads Community
Aruba Certifications Practical, Not Academic ACMA ACMP ACMX ACDX ACSP AWMP AIRWAVE CLEARPASS CCxx MCxx CWxx Airheads Social Home of the Mobility Experts MVP Program For The Most Influential MVP G. Marconi since 2011 3141 5358 Unified community for social networking, events, training, certification and recognition What is Airheads Community? Airheads is the largest professional community of wireless LAN engineers, network security professionals and enterprise mobility experts. Members share proven best practice techniques that make enterprise mobility reliable, secure and cost effective. The Airheads community includes: Events – Attend annual conferences, user-group events and exclusive online webcasts. Social – Meet thousands of other mobility engineers and WLAN architects. Education – Advance your career through product and end-to-end solution certifications. Recognition – Become an MVP for participation, influence and leadership in the community. As an Airheads member, you’ll have access to all this plus an exhaustive technical library on WLANs, network security, and mobile devices and applications. Why revamp Airheads Community? In the networking industry, there is a need for a professional engineering community to address the challenges in consumerization of IT. Aruba’s Airheads conference and Airheads Online forum has provided a small group of IT engineers and architects a valuable experience up until this point. Members had access to great content and valuable advice from experts. These members have expressed an interest in growing this community. Airheads Community has been created to extend the 2-day Airheads conference experience and advocacy to 365-days. What are the new major components of Airheads Community? 1. Airheads Social Social networking powered by user-generated content on wireless LANs, mobile devices and network security. For engineers only, no marketing allowed. 2. Solution Based Certification New solution based mobility certification for any network, security or application engineer. Self-study guides and online continued education for all certified engineers. 3. Airheads Local & Virtual Half-day & virtual events by engineers for engineers. Continuing on the tradition of the Airheads conference. 4. MVP Program Rewards and recognition for the most influential. Top rated content, higher level of training, more participation means more privileges for members. What is Airheads Social? Airheads Social is the only common social network of wireless, security and mobility experts. It’s an interactive online community where you can collaborate with some of the sharpest minds in the networking industry. At Airheads Social, you vote for the best user-generated answers and content. You gain immediate access to discussion forums, knowledgebase articles, expert blogs and top-rated content on WLANs, network security, and mobile devices and applications. It is designed to help you get things done quickly and effectively. There’s no marketing hype or untested theories at Airheads Social. Your peers only share proven best practices, real-world technical solutions and lessons learned. What is ACMP-ACMX-ACDX? Aruba professional and expert-level certification programs prepare you to solve a host of complex engineering challenges that extend far beyond the wired infrastructure. Wi-Fi is the primary method of network connectivity for the enterprise workforce today. With Aruba certifications, network engineers and architects gain essential and comprehensive knowledge to further their professional development. These programs deliver detailed knowledge on Aruba technology, large-scale WLAN design principles and implementation best practices. Upon certification, you’ll achieve the highest level of engineering excellence in WLANs, remote networking and network management while becoming a valuable go-to resource for enterprise mobility projects. What is ACSP? As an Aruba Certified Solutions Professional (ACSP), you’ll solve complex problems in enterprise mobility quickly and confidently. Designed to further your professional development, ACSP certification is open to all network, security and application engineers who desire more bankable technical Wi-Fi skills. The technical ACSP curriculum is based on practice, not theory. Rigorous hands-on training takes you in a deep-dive through wireless LAN design, mobile device and application management and network security. Upon certification, you’ll easily solve engineering challenges, such as managing the influx of smartphones and tablets and deploying high-quality voice and video over WLANs. What is Airheads MVP Program? Greater participation at Airheads Social platform, Airheads events, Aruba certification programs will mean more rewards and privileges for MVPs. MVPs will receive a number of benefits at different levels, including special online and event badges, exclusive red-carpet access at Airheads Events, blog syndication at Airheads Social and exclusive meetings with Aruba product management and office of the CTO. What are Airheads Events? Airheads Conference: 2-3 day event, 350+ attendees; recordings and content posted at Airheads Social post-conference. Typically 1 event per region per year. Airheads Local: Half-day event, 20+ attendees. Regional technology & solution specific. Delivered by local Airheads experts. Airheads Virtual Events: Online exclusive webinars delivered by Airheads experts. Airheads Events Engineers Only

29 2012 Gartner Magic Quadrant: Wired & Wireless LAN Access
Recognized as one of only three in the leaders quadrant for combined Wired + Wireless MQ Update Key innovations Aruba has always been rated favorably by analysts. Gartner in particular has rated Aruba in its Leader’s Quadrant for the fifth straight year. More notably, this year Gartner put Aruba as the furthest ahead in terms of innovation and completeness of vision. This list here is just an example of some of the industry-firsts that have given us this lead over our competitors. Aruba anticipated the bring your own device phenomenon ahead of our competitors with a complete solution for securing, provisioning and managing personal smartphones and tablets. We were also the first with Suite B encryption for enterprises and federal government to meet stringent security requirements for these devices For reliability, Aruba was the first to use a stateful firewall to optimize the wireless network based on the context of the connection – looking at user identity and device type for instance. Aruba was also the first to identify and prioritize latency sensitive and mission critical applications. For management, Aruba’s Airwave management was a one of the first to manage multiple vendors and give a user-based view of the network.

30 WLAN Market Share Enterprise Switch/Server/Appliance Revenue
Rolling Four-quarter CYQ2’11 through CYQ1’12, ending March 30, Source: Dell’Oro Research

31 Thanks!

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