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Prism for Windows 8.1 (Building maintainable Windows Store Apps)

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2 Prism for Windows 8.1 (Building maintainable Windows Store Apps)


4 Prism Overview

5 Windows Store App Data Access View AdventureWorks Logical Architecture Cloud or On-Premises Domain Model DI Container (optional) View Models Model View Base View Model Base Validation Service Proxies Repositories Services Domain Object Provided by Prism Provided by Developer Legend View Model Locator Infrastructure App Lifecycle Management Navigation Service Bootstrap App Base Delegate Command App Views App View Models App Event Aggregator Model Domain Object Repositories

6 Business App Requirements (LOB)



9 UX

10 Can you do anything right?

11 Validation

12 Characteristics of business apps

13 Business App Demo Validation Built to last and for change MVVM Unit Testing Extended splash screen

14 New in Windows 8.1 SearchBox control SettingsFlyout, MenuFlyout, and Flyout controls Windows.Web.HttpClient UX changes Landscape: scroll horizontally Portrait: scroll vertically Minimal: (snap) Large grids & lists ContainerContentChanging event IncrementalUpdateBehavior (Blend Behavior) Blend Behaviors


16 AdventureWorks SearchBox Autorotation Scroll position

17 Create new app using Prism 1.Bootstrap App using MvvmAppBase & Unity 2.Create view using VisualStateAwarePage 3.Create view model using ViewModel 4.Wire view & view model using ViewModelLocator 5.Store view model state using RestoreableStateAttribute


19 Where to Get Guidance Community: Documentation: Source: QuickstartsQuickstarts: NuGet: Search Prism.StoreApps and Prism.PubSubEvents Francis: Blaine:


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22 Microsoft Engineering Stories Visual Studio Industry Partner Program Visual Studio | Integrate




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