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Ron Chenail TQR Inaugural Conference January 8, 2010.

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1 Ron Chenail TQR Inaugural Conference January 8, 2010

2 Abstract With apologies to George Bernard Shaw, academic qualitative research and commercial qualitative research have been “two countries separated by a common language,” but this cultural divide has its positives because these divergent customs present opportunities for mutual innovation. Today we will explore these differences and offer enhancements for both worlds.

3 Exploring our cultures

4 Academic Qualitative Research Social Sciences Humanities

5 Academic Qualitative Research Investigator-defined problem Basic and Applied Discovery-oriented Naturalistic Descriptive, Interpretive, and Explanatory Knowing and Doing

6 Commercial Qualitative Research Business Humanities Social Sciences

7 Commercial Qualitative Research Market ResearchHuman-Computer Interaction Public PolicyDesign Commercial Qualitative Research

8 Client-defined problem Applied Solution-oriented Naturalistic and Controlled Descriptive, Interpretive, and Explanatory Sense and Decision-Making

9 Academic Qualitative Research Colleges and Universities Research Institutes Public Products Theses and Dissertations Journal Articles Books and Book Chapters

10 Commercial Qualitative Research Independent Consultants Research Companies Departments within Companies Proprietary Products Presentations Interim and Final Reports

11 Academic Qualitative Research Ethnography Phenomenology Grounded Theory Narrative Inquiry Critical Variations Artistic Variations Action Variations

12 Commercial Qualitative Research Applied Anthropology Qualitative Marketing Research Qualitative Market Research Collaborative Design Usability Studies Social Research: Program and Policy Evaluation Consumer Research Organizational Change Research

13 Academic Qualitative Research Individual and Group Interviews Fieldwork Document Analysis

14 Commercial Qualitative Research Qualitative Research One-on-One Interviews Focus Group Interviews Ambush Interviews Ethnography Mystery Shopper Shop-Along’s Qualitative Data Analysis Projective Techniques and Scenarios

15 Noting contrasts and criticisms

16 Sheila Keegan’s Distinctions Academic Research Commercial Research Emphasis on methodology Theory informs practice Wide range of methods Long time scales Emphasis on end benefit Practice and theory are an iterative process Qualitative “thinking” privileged over methods (ideally) Intensive, fast turnaround

17 Sheila Keegan’s Distinctions Academic Research Commercial Research Prioritize validity/reliability Cerebral Largely verbal Judged by academic rigour Prioritize understanding, experience, direction Holistic (mind / body / emotion) Sensory, especially visual / emotional Judged by usefulness

18 Criticizing Academic and Commercial Qualitative Research Academic Commercial Too mechanistic Too long Knowledge for what purpose? Quantitative-influenced Too much oversight Too creative Too quick Purpose for what knowledge? Business-influenced Too little oversight

19 Integrating our cultural differences

20 Pragmatic Quality Purpose Quality Rigor / Creativity

21 The Creative Instrument Rigorous Method Creative Self

22 Inductive Method DecideReflectObserve

23 Tri-Design End-Users ResearcherParticipants

24 Rapid Data Transformation Themes VerticalHorizontal Categories VerticalHorizontal Codes VerticalHorizontal

25 Wisdom-Informed Change and Change-Informed Reflection DataInformationKnowledgeWisdomChangeReflection

26 Celebrate the Differences Explore the Connections Share the Successes

27 Sources Imms, M., & Ereaut, G. (2002). An introduction to qualitative market research. London: Sage. Keegan, S. (2009). Qualitative research: Good decision making through understanding people, culture and markets. London: Kogan Page. Sunderland, P. L., & Denny, R. M. (2007). Doing anthropology in consumer research. Walnut Creek, CA: Left Coast Press.

28 Contact Ron Chenail, Ph.D. The Qualitative Report Nova Southeastern University 3301 College Avenue Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33317 USA

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