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1 Applied Digital Marketing Week 4 Segmentation Personas Scenarios.

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1 1 Applied Digital Marketing Week 4 Segmentation Personas Scenarios

2 Applied Digital Marketing2 Market Segmentation  What is a Market Segment  How are they used in marketing  How might they be used for digital marketing

3 Applied Digital Marketing3 Market Segmentation  How can we segment a market?  The web is sometimes called self- segmenting. What do you think that means?

4 Applied Digital Marketing4 Market Segmentation  Demographics – Age, ethnicity, culture, income, lifestage  Geographics  Geodemographics – Neighbourhoods  Psychographics  Behaviours

5 Applied Digital Marketing5 Market Segmentation  How could we use these for digital marketing?

6 Applied Digital Marketing6 According to Emarketing Strategy  6 User Segments based on Online Viewing Behaviour – Simplifiers – Surfers – Connectors – Bargainers – Routiners – Sportsters

7 7 Personas & Scenarios  Objectives Define Personas and Scenarios Describe the purpose of developing Personas and Scenarios Understand the components of each Demonstrate the application of each for reviewing a Web Site Design

8 8 User Profile  What do we need to know about the user to help us:  design our site  design our marketing campaign  write our email messages  know if we should use Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIN?

9 9 User Profile - example  Demographics What subgroup do they belong to?  Type of Shopper– How they Buy? Do they like brand names? Do they want recommendations from friends? Do they buy the cheapest one? What content and/or functionality might appeal to these different types of users?

10 Applied Digital Marketing10 User Profile Continued  Where Shops At the mall? On line? From a catalogue? On vacation?  Technical Constraints What type of computer do they have at home? How fast is their connection speed? How confident are they as a computer user?  Pet Peeves What is it about websites that they really do not like?

11 11 User’s High Level Goals  Generally, what is this user type trying to accomplish? Find and buy an item that meets her needs Locate a supplier and purchase online Use time efficiently Selection, purchase & delivery happen quickly Receive value for her purchase Features, quality, support

12 Applied Digital Marketing12 User’s Specific Goals  What are they looking to accomplish right now? Buy a digital camera for her husband Research learning games for her son Promote the book fair Avoid identity theft

13 On Line Travel Company You work for an online travel company. Market Segments  Seniors – singles interested in group tours to exotic destinations, home internet access, can use basic applications – search, email, browser, risk averse  Seniors – couples interested in travel – both exotic and more main stream

14 14 Persona Example  Mary Demographics: Active Senior, Middle Income Interests/High Level Goals: travel Pet Peeves: waiting Type of Internet User: Confident user of basic applications from home computer, high- speed access Type of Shopper: Shops for value, prefers personal references Where Shops: Prefers to book travel online from a reputable firm Specific Goals: research China, book a trip with a group to China

15 You Do One You are the Manager Online Marketing for a cell phone company. Based on research your company has done your top 3 market segments are 18-24 year old women, who like to text and update their Facebook page, they are students, who will shop online 18-24 year old men, who like to text, have a Smart Phone, they are students, who shop online and look for bargains 25-34 year old women, who use Twitter, email, they are employed full time and need to save time and stay in touch with work Applied Digital Marketing

16 16 You Do One  Name Them (fake name and/or nickname)  Descriptor of Type of Person/Income  Interests/High Level Goals  Pet Peeves  Type of Internet User  Type of Shopper  Specific Goals for a particular site/product Picture

17 Where Do You Get the Information?  Market Research Demographics of Most Valuable Customers Typical buying cycles/patterns Buying Frequency  Website Tracker Referring websites Most popular pages Frequent visit ‘paths’  Secondary Reports Common Internet Usage Patterns by age, income, education level ( quotidien/080612/dq080612b-eng.htm) quotidien/080612/dq080612b-eng.htm

18 18 Personas  Details to include: Type of Shopper, pet peeves, technical constraints, high level and specific goals, demographics, NAME  Write a persona for each of the main types of users to a site  Quick for team members to reference  Easy way to communicate the ‘needs’ of the target users  Remind all team members about who the site is for

19 19 Scenarios  For each of the specific goals what is the online path to the goal? State specific goal Describe the online path(s) to the goal This is also related to Task Analysis.

20 20 Using Personas & Scenarios  Susan Active, 20 something, Struggling Student Wants to become a business success Uses Internet Access from public libraries Cost conscious shopper who buys from department stores High Level Goal: To pay off student loan Specific Goal: Attending College as a Business Major, Does George Brown Offer Market Research?

21 21 Scenarios  Scenario #1  “ I want to know if George Brown offers Market Research courses?”  Step 1 – Go to the home page of George Brown College.

22 Scenario  Specific Goal: Does George Brown Offer Market Research  Step 1: Direct navigation to homepage  Step 2: Link ‘programs’  Step 3: Link ‘Business’  Step 4: Scroll down  Step 5: Link ‘Marketing’  Step 6: Scroll down  Step 7: Link Market Research Course

23 Use 4 Cornerstones  How does the website ‘design’ help or hinder the person to achieve their specific goal?

24 24 Assessment  Content There are several possible navigation option names that may not be meaningful to a prospective customer – Full Time, Part Time, Current and Distance Education User is likely looking for Course List or Courses and only Programs are listed

25 25 The Purpose of Personas & Scenarios Design Depends on Personas, Forrester, August 2001  Personas & Scenarios are critical design tools Allow for a greater understanding of users, their goals and behaviours Position users at the centre of the design process Simplify design decisions by increasing understanding

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