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What if the two Bay Area UC campuses could pool their efforts into an integrated Co-operative Procurement and Sourcing Center of Excellence? Combined.

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2 What if the two Bay Area UC campuses could pool their efforts into an integrated Co-operative Procurement and Sourcing Center of Excellence? Combined Annual Spend >$1Billion

3 3 AT&T: good example of power of collective UCB/UCSF spend Note: UC Berkeley spends ~$600K with Comcast annually for Internet services Source: UC Berkeley BFS A/P database, UCB Telephony Manager, UCSF procurement spend data Segment AreaUCSF Campus Annual UCSF Med Center Annual UCSF Annual Spend UCB Annual Spend Combined Annual Spend 1) Voice landlines $1,741,763 $637,075 $2,378,838 $4,400,000 $6,778,838 2) Data/ network $4,376,970 $1,584,780 $5,961,750 $52,300 $6,014,050 3) Wireless $1,578,652 $546,000 $2,124,652 $898,562 $3,023,214 4) Other equipment, services $3,040,307 $119,942 $3,160,249 $526,926 $3,687,175 GRAND TOTAL - ANNUAL PAYMENTS TO AT&T $10,737,692 $2,887,797 $13,625,489 $5,877,789 $19,503,277

4 4100817-UJ2-Procurement-COE discussion vshare Common Systems Enable User Benefits Major additional benefit: proof of concept for regional centers of excellence Key element Oppty. size Imple. difficulty Benefit typeBenefit Effective- ness Effi- ciency UCBUCSFUC Sourcing Improve terms/pricing from consolidated UCB/UCSF volumes to system-wide vendors MedX High Regional agreements with joint vendors MedXHigh Procurement Increased “strategic procurement” RFPs, negotiated agreements for transactional procurement HighX Med Expansion/extension of specialty programs (e.g., EMI, equipment DB, incoming freight, warehouse, auctions) LowXHighMedHigh Ops/ Tech Consolidated catalog management Med\X High Common systems (e.g., BearBuy e-pro, PeopleSoft) High\X Organization Streamlined/Shared management MedXXHighLowMed Bridge resources gaps MedXXHighMed

5 Although P2P adoption is over 65%, we needed to move to SciQuest Full Suite to address critical unmet needs 5 Addressed by SciQuest Full Suite Solution

6 Who is SciQuest? For more than a decade, SciQuest has focused on helping academic, healthcare and research-centric organizations of all sizes streamline their procurement and supplier management processes. This concentrated focus has deepened their industry-specific expertise and supplier relationships - and led to a 98% customer satisfaction rate. Sampling of public and research universities using this solution: 6

7 Aligns us with broader UC direction 7 UC SciQuest Consortium Centralized Catalog/Contract Mgt. UCSCUCRUCSDUCB Irvine Merced UCLA UCSB UCD UCOP Legacy systems, option for P-card Access to SciQuest under investigation Currently has legacy version of Perfect behind the firewall, ERP project in process, SciQuest a consideration UCSF

8 Benefits of the Solution Efficiencies – 24/7 access via the internet – Auto approval abilities to a certain dollar threshold for individuals – Shopper role eliminates duplicate entry Ease of Use – Shoppable content with UCSF discount pricing – Catalog and non-catalog orders in same page Visibility – Online history: all information in one spot – Download capability Speed – Orders are electronically sent to the supplier as soon as approval workflow step is complete – Orders dispatched to vendors 24/7 Cost Savings – On contract spend – Increased spend visibility will lead to better supplier pricing Compliance – Policy: built in the system, eliminating the need to train/reinforce with users – Approval levels based on $ limits, commodity

9 Procure-to-Pay Cycle 9

10 BearBuy Roles Shopper Find items and create Shopping Cart(s) Punch-out and Hosted catalogs available Forms used to procure Non-Catalog and Specialty Items Requester Can also shop in the Marketplace and create Shopping Cart(s) Enters ChartFields Submits Shopping Cart(s) as Requisition for approval Ability to purchase without approval on assigned thresholds 10 Approver Reviews Requisition Details Financial Approval based on ChartFields Controlled Substance Approval Commodity Approval Central Buyer Approval NEW ROLE

11 Simple Approval Workflow 11 Shopper Requester A Requester will automatically have Shopper Role Can be the same person Procurement Dept Code Approver(s) Non-Catalog order $5,000 and over Controlled Substance or Restricted item Equipment or unit price over $5,000 Independent Consultant Agreement Campus Procurement Non-Catalog Order under $5,000 PO to Vendor

12 Single Sign-On Thru MyAccess You can search the Catalog, or Hosted Content to add items to your Shopping Cart. 12

13 Catalog Search Results Product searches return a range of items with UCSF negotiated pricing. 13 FILTER

14 Item Details Many catalog items have rich content and images provided by the supplier. 14

15 Shopping Cart All of the items in a cart are shown, and Shoppers can add account details and comments for Approvers to review. 15

16 Approval Workflow The Requisition workflow is dependent on several factors, including dollar amount, item type, department, etc. 16

17 17 When a change initiative fails, it is usually: – NOT design or technology issues – NOT a lack of vision or understanding of the program It IS often a lack of effective change management. Lessons learned from P2P: End User involvement and change management are key If the MSO had just been more public in his or her support. I was undermined by other managers who felt threatened by this change and did not understand where we were going. People aren’t using the new tool and processes as I expected. I should have communicated better. Next time I will involve more people.

18 Department User Engaged Sessions Prototyping 1 and 2: Gathered business requirements Focus Group 1: Validate and refine business requirements Participating departments in Prototyping and focus groups: 18 AnesthesiaOphthalmologySchool of Dentistry Dean's Ofc Biochemistry & BiophyicsOrthopedicsDent-Oral & Max Surgery BioE & Therapeutic SciencesOtolaryngologySchool of Nursing Dean's Ofc Cancer CenterPediatricsDepartment of Clinical Pharmacy Cell CulturePhysiologyPharmaceutical Chemistry CVRIRadiologySchool of Pharmacy Dean's Ofc Diabetes CenterSFGH Citywide Case MgtAudit Management Services Family & Community MedicineSchool of Medicine Dean's OfcCampus Life Services Inst. Neurodegen DiseasesDentistry ClinicFacility Management Microbiology & ImmunologyOrofacial SciencesFAS: Finance Service Center NeurologyCell Tissue BiologyRisk Mgt & Insurance Svcs

19 User Intensive Project Plan 19 Design Build Validate Test UAT Go Live Prototyping 1 Prototyping 2 Focus Group 1 Focus Group 2 End User Acceptance Testing ~~Business Process Transformation~~ Communication, Town Hall, Ongoing Business Process & System Training Q4 2011 Q3 2011Q2 2011Q1 Calendar 2011

20 Q & A Contact Information: – – – 20

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