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Automating E-Procurement and Payment to Maximize Savings …and Increase Productivity.

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1 Automating E-Procurement and Payment to Maximize Savings …and Increase Productivity

2 What is E-Procurement?  Electronic procurement is the purchase of supplies and services via the internet.  Transactions are completed electronically to maximize savings and increase productivity.

3 Partnership With IUC  Former Chancellor, Eric Fingerhut  Challenged us to collaborate with state- wide colleagues  To partner on initiatives such as procurement  To drive down costs associated with providing a quality higher education  Institutions partnering with SciQuest: Ohio University, Bowling Green State University Miami University, Shawnee State University, Wright State University, Kent State University, Youngstown State University


5 Why BobcatBUY?  Overall GOALS FOR Ohio University  Negotiate discounts for OHIO  Channel more spend to contracted suppliers to allow better leverage on price and terms  Institutional and State-Wide savings with better direct spending  Reduce PCard Usage  Shift from PCard and Direct Payment to Purchase Order  Reduce Risk

6 BobcatBUY Focus Groups  The Project Team requested input from University departments by including them in Focus Groups.  Focus Groups met three times with Sciquest consultants and Project Team to review the system.  Focus Groups suggested enhancements that were configured and implemented in BobcatBUY.  WHAT YOU SEE TODAY IS A RESULT OF THOUGHTFUL INPUT FROM YOUR PEERS.

7 Preferred Suppliers Includes links to OHIO service web sites

8 Catalogs - Hosted and Punchout  Hosted Catalog Is an online version of the supplier's items included in OHIO’s contract.  A Punchout Catalog Is an external link from within BobcatBUY to the supplier's web page created specifically for OHIO. I can find items easily in the new BobcatBUY system. I love shopping for my department now!!

9 Forms -Non-Catalog and Related  A Non-Catalog Form or other form should be entered when a shopper cannot find the item from a hosted or punch-out catalog or the purchase is something that cannot be procured through an existing catalog.

10 Embrace the Form Add only one type of form to a shopping cart. You may add multiple forms to the same supplier in one shopping cart to represent different line items.  Request To Add New Supplier  Purchase Order Revision Form  Direct Payment  IMPORTANT: Only one Invoice may be attached to each Direct Payment Form at this time.  Blanket Order  Service Agreement Purchase Order  Sub-Contract Agreement Purchase Order

11 BobcatBUY Features  Three end-user roles:  Shopper  Requester  Approver  Approver Workflow:  Once the shopping cart is complete, the shopper will assign the shopping cart to the requester for review.  The requester submits the cart to the departmental account approver.  The approver reviews the order and submits it electronically.  Additional Workflow may apply for invoicing  Workflow now BEFORE THE PURCHASE. Plan ahead.

12 Supplier Maintenance  IRS requires current W9 or Substitute W9 (Our Payment Compliance Form – PCF) on file.  Oracle contains nearly 90,000 suppliers currently, many with outdated PCFs. We are taking this opportunity to bring Supplier Database into compliance.  OHIO is also reducing suppliers overall for better supplier management and negotiation ability.  Please allow time for your PCF to be processed through your department and Finance. Plan ahead. The approvals now come before the purchase, not after.

13 The Entire Workflow Process  A shopping cart is submitted and approved  A purchase order is created and sent to the supplier  The purchase order information is sent to Oracle  The item/service is received and may require the end user to verify they received the goods/services  The invoice is entered by Finance staff  Notification is sent to Oracle to verify it is okay to pay the supplier

14 What is different about this?  We have historically bought first and asked questions later and many policies, ORC and related codes, and Risk Management considerations have not been addressed.  You may be asked to attach information such as supplier insurance, Bureau of Worker's Comp (in limited situations), or perhaps the existing contract to your requisition.  Reducing risk and remaining in compliance is critical. Please plan ahead.  Ohio University Payment Terms are net 30 days from the date of invoice. Not new- being enforced.

15 BobcatBUY – Other Information  Supported Browser & Operating System information for both computers and mobile devices is linked to the Purchasing website.  Verify that your internet browser is set to “always allow pop-ups from this site”.  The system will automatically logoff after 20 minutes of inactivity. This is for security purposes and has been suggested by OIT Office of Security.

16 BobcatBUY – PCard & Concur Updates  PCard, in the interim, will still be used for travel and other infrequent purchases.  Modifications to the PCard and Travel Programs may include significant reduction in cards longer term and the use of personal cards or Individual Liability University issued cards for travel.  Concur will continue be used as the travel reconciliation program.  Process for Reimbursement to Employees will remain as it is currently. BobcatBUY is to be used for suppliers of goods and services.

17 BobcatBUY Training Documents  Need Assistance: Call: 597-6446 Email:

18 Agenda  User Profile (we will add some defaults to our profile)  Shopping & Cart (shop & edit our shopping cart )  Break – 5 minutes  Cart & Assign (review the cart & assign it to the requester)  Receiving & Service Invoice Workflow Demos  Break (@ about 2.5 hrs..Shoppers may leave)  Requester (review the cart & submit the requisition for approval)  Approver (the dept account approver will approve the requisition)

19 Project Team  Laura Nowicki, Director of Procurement Services  Melanie Glassmire, Assistant Director E-Business Solutions  Regina Rider, OIT Academic Technologies  Jewell Barlow, OIT Academic Technologies

20 Training Class:  Please follow the trainer in each task performed on the BobcatBUY System.  If you get behind please get help from one of the other trainers in the room.  We need everyone to be on the same screen in order to complete the cart processing.

21 Training Class:  Class Reminders:  Please silence cell phones.  Please step outside if you need to make a call.  Class Introductions:  Your Name and Department

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