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Arthur van der Wateren Sept 2011 Introducing… MASTERColour CDM Elite Light Boost.

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1 Arthur van der Wateren Sept 2011 Introducing… MASTERColour CDM Elite Light Boost

2 Sept 2011 2 What will we cover in this presentation? Key selling points VPH Insights: Why Light Boost? Application Areas Technical Specifications Features & Benefits Controls Logistic Data

3 Sept 2011 Elite performance Crisp white sparkling light Excellent light quality (CRI 95) Energy efficient Spotless Beam Light “Boost” Variable light levels anywhere between 100% and 50% Fast reaction time (<1 sec up) MASTERColour CDM-T/TC Elite Light Boost 70W Key Selling Points 3 User Experience Easy to design in into 70W CDM luminaires: Up to 45% energy saving when dimmed at 50%

4 Sept 2011 4 Fashion – VPH insights on Light Boosting Shopper: “Shopping for me is so much more than just buying goods. I’d like to shop in a place that catches me, surprises me, inspires me, reflects me … and my friends” Retailer: “ My store has to stand out. In the key shopping streets it is difficult to stand out, retailers are just getting brighter and brighter. I wish there were more solutions available in the market that can help me to call consumers’ attention.”

5 Sept 2011 Fashion – VPH insights on Light Boosting Retailer: “On a cloudy day and in the evening I have to retain high light levels because I cannot adjust the light continuously. This means excessive electricity consumption. I wish I could maintain an optimal level of contrast automatically and thus save energy.” Light designer: “I want to create an environment that always feels new to the shopper, while remaining familiar and comfortable. Creating these scenes is difficult & involves a lot of effort. I wish there was a solution that helped me to design many different store atmospheres.”

6 Sept 2011 MASTERColour CDM-T/TC Elite Light Boost 70W Application Areas 6 Application Area Light Level BENEFITS Attention Attraction Main light level at 50% Instant light boosting to 100% when customers are noticed Direct customer’s attention Merchandize enhancement Improve shopper experience Daylight adjustments (e.g in shop window) Main light level at 100% Light down to 50% when the ambient light is fading Lower lighting energy consumption Less light pollution, decrease carbon footprint Scene Setting Main light level adjustments to any required level to set scenes within the store Improve shopper experience

7 Sept 2011 nameCDM-T, TC Elite Light Boost 930 CDM-T, TC Elite Light Boost 942 Power (W)70W Lamp capG12, G8.5 CRI at 100%95 Light output (lm) at 100% 7.6506.500 Light output (lm) at 50% 3.3002.900 Life (hrs)15.000 Maint. 12 khrs82% Dim speed100% -> 65% at 1 sec 65% -> 50% at 60 sec Boost speed 50% -> 100% at 1 sec GearHID-AV 70W DALI Elite MASTERColour CDM-T/TC Elite Light Boost 70W Family Specifications

8 Sept 2011 8 Cool light with 4200K is a growing trend in retail lighting. Cool light can give an energetic feeling. It is perfect for cosmetic stores because it enhances the clean impression of the store. 4200K light makes metallic products look extra shiny, such as silver jewelry stores, car and bike showrooms, or it can be used in the fresh fish displays, where ice cubes & fish get an extra sparkle. MASTERColour CDM-T/TC Elite Light Boost 70W/942 4200K - Applications…

9 Sept 2011 9 Elliptical burner easy on reflectors Crisp white sparkling light with excellent colour rendering and high lumen output at any light level Standard lamp dimensions standard G12 or G8.5 (T/TC) lamp cap 50% dimming yields 45% energy savings Easy design-in into existing luminaires. CRI of >90 at 100% :Fantastic colour rendering at any light level: MASTERColour CDM-T/TC Elite Light Boost 70W Features and benefits… No liquid salts in burner during operation: No yellow spots in beam Lumen maintenance and lamp life are not affected by dimming DALI operated driver is compatible with DALI controls Light level variation between 100...50% Instant response: Instant up & down dimming New burner technology enables instant up & down dimming

10 Sept 2011 10 MASTERColour CDM-T/TC Elite Light Boost 70W Excellent Color Stability Perfect color matching lamp-to-lamp & very limited color shift over life! Test hours Example of Elite Light Boost 70W/942

11 Sept 2011 11 MASTERColour CDM-T/TC Elite Light Boost 70W Additionally : Get rid of yellow spot in light beams - Get clean beams! In standard ceramic metal halide lamps, you will find salts in the lamp to create the light. In combination with a suboptimal reflector (not able to diffuse this yellow spot) this will cause a yellow colored spot in the light beam. With the special Elite Light Boost lamps, the salt will turn into gas phase once the lamps ignite, through which no spots are visible with any reflector (even suboptimal ones). To clarify see pictures on right side: Case 1 – Elite Light Boost lamp in any reflector, showing a homogenous perfect beam (‘clean beam’). Case 2 – Any ceramic metal halide lamp in a suboptimal reflector, showing yellow spot (see A) in beam. 1.2. A

12 Sept 2011 MASTERColour CDM-T/TC Elite Light Boost 70W DALI Controls The CDM Elite Light Boost is compatible with DALI and can be operated with any DALI control. Philips offerings are: OccuSwitch DALI Occupancy management Light Boosting Daylight Harvesting ToBeTouched DIM DALI Manual light level adjustment Scene setting Plug-and-play operation

13 Sept 2011 13 MASTERColour CDM-T/TC Elite Light Boost 70W Logistics & Pricing Data GEAR LAMP Lamp Pricing CDM Elite Light Boost 70W is 30% more expensive than the CDM Elite 70W fixed

14 Sept 2011 14 Which gears can be used with the Elite Light Boost lamps? The Elite Light Boost lamps can run on 100% power on any 70W Electronic gear. To enable the functionality of light level variation (100% - 50%) you should connect the lamps with Philips AspiraVision Dali gear in combination with a Dali control to adjust light levels. What happens to the lamp life time if lamps are dimmed (50% power)? We have proven that dimming Elite Light Boost lamps will have a positive effect to the lamp lifetime. This is not limitless as other factors may cause lamp failures. Can I use the same reflector as any other Elite lamp? The lamps have been designed with the same Light Center Length and are retrofit in existing luminaries. In most cases a new reflector design is not needed. When will other Wattages be introduced for Elite Light Boost? New introductions into higher Wattages are likely to be introduced end 2012, begin 2013. MASTERColour CDM-T/TC Elite Light Boost 70W FAQ’s


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