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FRESH BUCKS IN SEATTLE Increased Purchasing Power for Low-Income Shoppers.

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1 FRESH BUCKS IN SEATTLE Increased Purchasing Power for Low-Income Shoppers

2 Fresh Bucks Defined:  Now in it’s 3 rd year, Fresh Bucks is a SNAP-matching program at 16 Seattle Farmers Markets and 2 P-Patch Market Garden Farm Stands.  Fresh Bucks matches for produce purchases only, including fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs, and vegetable starts.  Matching funds are provided $2:$2, up to a total of $10 per shopper per market per day.  If shoppers want to go to multiple markets in one day, they can receive a match at all open markets for each day of the week.  Fresh Bucks is available as markets are open from May through December, 2014.  Fresh Bucks is a collaborative effort between the City of Seattle Office of Sustainability & Environment, the Washington State Farmers Market Association, and four farmers market organizations in Seattle

3 How Fresh Bucks Works:

4 Why Fresh Bucks?:  Increased purchasing power for low-income shoppers, as well as purchase and consumption of fresh, locally produced fruits and vegetables.  Fresh Bucks puts dollars directly into local farmers’ pockets, investing in our state’s rural economy.  By encouraging low-income shoppers to use local farmers markets, farmers markets retain viability as positive community spaces and marketplaces for direct-marketing farmers.

5 Fresh Bucks History:  Pilot in 2012 with 7 markets operated by a single market organization.  JPMorgan Chase provided founding funding via the Seattle Foundation.  Fresh Bucks increased SNAP sales at pilot markets by up to 85% during pilot season.  2013 season expanded to 8 more markets and three additional market organization partners with funding from JPMorgan Chase and the City of Seattle.  The initial 2013 Fresh Bucks season of July-October was expanded for markets that remained open through December 31.  JPMorgan Chase has returned as a partner, however the City of Seattle has stepped in with a greater commitment to Fresh Bucks, tripling 2013’s funding.

6 Fresh Bucks 2013 Highlights:  Partner University of Washington Center for Public Health Nutrition ran surveys at the majority of Fresh Bucks locations in 2013:  90% of Fresh Bucks survey respondents reported that they consumed more fruits and vegetables as a result of the program.  95% of Fresh Bucks survey respondents reported that the program made a difference in their family’s diets.  Over 3,000 individuals shoppers participated in 2013, receiving $70,000 in Fresh Bucks currency.

7 2014 Participating Farmers Markets: MON First Hill (NEW!): 10am-2pm; Seneca St & Terry Ave TUES City Hall: 10am-2pm; 4 th Ave btwn James & Cherry WED Pioneer Square: 10am-2pm; Occidental &Washington Columbia City: 3-7pm; S Edmund St & 37 th Ave S Wallingford: 3:30-7pm; N 50 th St & Meridian Ave N High Point Farm Stand: 4-7pm; 32 nd Ave SW & Juneau THURS South Lake Union: 10am-2pm; Terry Ave N & Harrison Lake City: 3-7pm; NE 125 th St & 28 th Ave NE Queen Anne: 3-7:30pm; Queen Anne & W Crockett FRI Phinney: 3-7pm; N 67 th St and Phinney Ave N Pike Place: 10am-4pm; Pike Place Market Madrona: 3-7pm; Grocery Outlet, MLK & E Union St New Holly Farm Stand: 4-7pm; 42 nd S & S Rockery SAT Magnolia: 10am-2pm; W McGraw St & 33 rd Ave W Pike Place: 10am-4pm; Pike Place Market University District: 9am-2pm; University Wy & NE 50 th St SUN Ballard: 10am-3:00pm; Ballard Ave NW & 22 nd Ave NW Broadway: 11am-3pm; Broadway Ave & E Pine St Pike Place: 10am-4pm; Pike Place Market West Seattle: 10am-2pm; 44 th Ave SW & SW Alaska St

8 Fresh Bucks Program Coordinator, Sophie Kauffman:, (206) 450-3000. Contact:

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