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Choose from one of many programs: Phone Mystery Shop, Taped Agent Calls, Interactive Programs, Custom Product Scenarios, Multiple-Choice & more.

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1 Choose from one of many programs: Phone Mystery Shop, Taped Agent Calls, Interactive Programs, Custom Product Scenarios, Multiple-Choice & more. Toll Free: 866.463.8638FL – 772.223.5400RI – 401.732.3269 Capture Pathways Workforce Continuous Improvement Strategy Series ** Capture Performance Profiles ** Customer Service SkillsSoft Skills & ProtocolsSales Aptitude Cross-SellingProduct & Policy KnowledgeCall-To-Action Taped SeriesMystery ShopperInteractive Programs

2  A process where we measure customer contact or sales personnel skills using a variety of approaches and techniques,  A continuous improvement strategy where front-line agents can be evaluated by an objective third party with results indicating where they excel but also where training opportunities may result in improved performance,  A flexible process where you as the customer work with us to define the scope and direction of the program. On a quarterly or a semi-annual basis, changes may be made to the process based on changed business objectives or needs,  A trending tool that provides data representing changes in each employees’ performance over time. Employee profiles are provided so that each program participant can view the results of Pathways against corporate standards,  A skills database that identifies across your enterprise how frequently standards are met and where targeted training would improve the employee performance. Profiles are also provided for the unit, department, division or as a corporate rollup. What is Pathways?

3  Communicating with your employees is critical, they need to understand that the purpose of this program is to help the achieve a greater level of success through continuous feedback,  Identifying company standards or best practices is key. If these standards do not already exist, we can help you prepare professional documentation for distribution to your workforce,  Determination of the population to be evaluated. Some clients choose a complete department to participate, some choose a percentage of their population,  Baseline Assessment – This is critical to evaluate customer service or sales aptitude to determine the level of skills evaluated before any training or feedback is provided through Pathways,  Following the Baseline, all results are scored and reported to management for review. These reports will be used establish a starting point for comparison of future results,  Allowing the agent an opportunity to succeed is one of the first missions of this program. All participants will get thorough reports identifying where they excel and where training may further improve their skills and tactics. Pathways Implementation

4 This is the right tool for you if you are interested in a quantifiable metric measurement tool used for assessing the skill sets of prospective customer contact representatives or salespersons.  To build your Pathways program, CaptureISG would work with you to develop a profile of desirable attributes or characteristics that make for a successful candidate for a given position;  To inspect what you expect, we work with you to determine the standards by which your customer contact or sales agents need to meet and exceed;  At this point, best methodologies are identified for your launch. You may choose from telephone shopper services, recorded conversations, mystery shop where we pose as a prospect and other programs that meet your needs;  A series of scenarios would then be created that each applicant would participate in. CaptureISG would work with you to know how a successful candidate would respond or react to these scenarios and create metrics to assess and measure/report the effectiveness of the applicant or employee. All scoring and metric reporting would be performed by CaptureISG based on individual performance measured against your standards;  You as the client would work closely with CaptureISG to educate us and our service or sales assessment team to ensure our understanding of the types of questions or issues these agents are confronted with frequently and what the best practices are in dealing with those situations. We would deploy a measurement system that factors in full compliance with the standard, partial compliance, and answers that did not meet or respond in a fashion acceptable to your business. Defining Needs – This is YOUR program…

5 Through the use of a version of Pathways, CaptureISG professional staff engage to test/measure for necessary skill sets. With 20 years of evaluating customer service and sales skills, combined with your company’s unique goals, we create a custom-tailored program that best meets your needs and business objectives. The use of phone interactions presents unique opportunities to observe and gauge multiple characteristics, including sales aptitude, product knowledge, and understanding of compliance and industry guidelines. In addition to these standard skill sets, a phone interaction allows for the presentation of problem-solving opportunities, requiring the respondent to “think on their feet.” These scenarios test an interviewee’s handling of complaints and their ability to use positive response phrasing. Depending upon the end goals of the program, the tool can be designed with a scoring methodology; questions or sections can be assigned values or partial values. Pathways reports are unique also: in additional to summary reports, if desired, you can drill trends down to the prospect level so you can focus training resources more effectively. Why Capture Pathways

6 Obtaining actionable intelligence is the first step in any Pathways program. We measure adherence to policies, procedures, scenarios using simple scales (Yes, No, Minimally Acceptable) and provide back not just metrics, but also what the employee did or did not do. Through Pathways reporting, the employee is provided with detail that will help them become more successful. Our approach to reporting is simple – we provide results in a way that you are able to work with the data and mine for opportunities. From general results to advanced analytics, we recognize that not all clients need to view the data in the same fashion. How do you prefer to review the results? Dashboards, Charts & Graphs Employee Profiles Statistical Reports, Frequencies, Tab and Banner Executive Summaries & Detailed Analytics Coded Verbatim Responses Cross Tabulations Data Tables/SPSS Files Raw Data Clear and Insightful Reporting/Metrics

7  Since 1991, we have provided our clients with on-demand services, with emphasis on a variety of data capture and reporting solutions. We are a service provider specializing in cost-effective service assessment or sales skill evaluation profiles from on-boarding through training completion and beyond.  Telephone interviewing services focusing on employee satisfaction, engagement and other workplace research surveys;  Full service on-site and privately owned call centers staffed with multi-lingual interviewers and sales shoppers;  Professional management teams to ensure client confidentiality and total satisfaction with process and collection efforts;  Complete Corporate Compliance Hotline and Whistleblower Services  Full service data capture, reporting & analytics performed in house;  Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing (CATI) and Web Surveys;  Complete project and data management services;  Time-tested, professional and reliable data collection and mapping experts;  Proudly, ethically and professionally serving our clients since 1991. About CaptureISG

8 Capture Management Team Stuart H. Marion, Managing Director Stuart is the founder of Capture and is responsible for all relationship management and customer satisfaction. Stuart’s responsibilities include Methods, Human Resources & Organizational Design, Client Analytics and Strategic Planning. Prior to founding Capture, Stuart was a Director of Operations for Fidelity Investments, worked in various management roles at American Express Information Services and several of the nations leading financial organizations. Maureen Hamilton, Partner Maureen joined Capture in 1994 and is responsible for all information management and testing procedures. Maureen also manages our technical writing team, delivering high-quality policy, procedure and training manuals. All research statistics and presentation materials, tabs and banners are prepared by Maureen’s team for Capture clients. David Goldstein, Partner, Capture New England Operations Since 1995, Dave has overseen Marketing, Political Research and Teleservices, Non-Profit and media campaigns for both Capture, Inc. and CaptureISG. Dave is also tasked with running our New England Operations, all Website design and Social Media campaigns. Melanie Quinn, Assistant Vice President, Corporate Operations Melanie joined Capture in 2008 as a senior client service liaison to all of Capture clients. Melanie oversees all daily operations and assists in the auditing and analysis of all data captured for our clients. Chris Bader, Director of Call Center Services Chris has been with Capture since 2006 and oversees the training, development, quality and efficiency of call center employees. Chris has over 10 years experience supervising and managing human resources in a call center environment. Justin Council, Relationship Manager Justin joined Capture in 2012 and is currently a Relationship Manager and Team Leader in our Florida office. Justin also assists with the design and launch of new Capture or client programs, from design through implementation.

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