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Main Design Aspects Economics Function Aesthetics Environment

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1 Main Design Aspects Economics Function Aesthetics Environment
Ergonomics Value for money Safety Target market

2 Ecomonics: related to your product
Cost of product to buy Cost of product to make Cost of the product to maintain Cost of desired materials ‘v’ available materials Cost of desired manufacturing process ‘v’ ‘ available process Competition in the market place Copyright problems

3 Function: related to your product
Primary features Secondary features Technology transfer Size of the product (is it the right size to do the job?) Maintenance of the product Planned obsolescence

4 Aesthetics: related to your product
Shape Colour Texture Balance Material Target market Mood Fashion Product association

5 Environment: related to your product
Sustainable Recycling Reuse Repair Local environment Shipping Workforce How does it effect the user? How does it effect other people?

6 Ergonomics: related to your product
Anthropometrics the study of the measurements of the human body Physiology the study of how the human body works Combines with anthropometrics to make products which fit a wide range of products. Psychology the study of how the human mind works How the design of a product can make the user feel at ease with the product. 10 10

7 Value for money: related to your product
Shopper will follow brands New models must be competitive to enter market Shopper must feel that they are getting a good product If niche or technology transfer can be exploited then a unique product can be marketed.

8 Safety: related to your product
Does the product meet the relevant safety standards in the country of manufacture and country of sale? Are there any additional safety standards for the particular user group (I.e. children) Are there obvious dangers (flammable materials, toxic materials, risk of fire, sharp edges)

9 Target market: related to your product
Who will the product be marketed at? Can more than one group of users be targeted? Can the product create its own niche in the market? Can the product be marketed to fill a need that was not even recognised by the user? Can the product be associated with a product / event / mood / fashion to increase its saleability?

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