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MAJESTIC MRSS’s Mystery Shopping Practice mMS TM.

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1 MAJESTIC MRSS’s Mystery Shopping Practice mMS TM


3 mMS Advantage  CUSTOM DESIGNED PROGRAMS mMS helps business managers customize a strategy for customer service management. Ever company has different needs, so every strategy developed by mMS is unique.

4 mMS Advantage  PROGRAM IMPLEMENTATION Due to our large volume of regular mystery shopping commitments, mMS maintains its own national mystery shopping network. As a result, mMS has 100% control over the quality and the timing of the work mMS has a vast database of mystery shoppers throughout the country. It is therefore easy to rotate shoppers to ensure that each location is viewed with a fresh set of eyes

5 mMS Advantage  PREPAIRING FOR THE ‘ SHOP ’ Shoppers prepare in advance for their mystery shopping assignment by reviewing detailed specifications about each client’s needs. The custom-designed mystery shopping forms address those issues that are particularly important to the client in the format that is easy for both shopper and client to understand. Armed with information about the business, the mystery shopper visits the client’s locations. Simulating a normal customer experience, the mystery shopper pays careful attention to every detail of the visit, from the cleanliness of the store to the friendliness of the employees, their sales ability and their product knowledge.

6 mMS Advantage  PROJECT GUIDELINES Detailed Operational Guidelines for field Supervisors and mystery shoppers are developed by mMS. This also ensures that the client has detailed knowledge of the training and mystery shopping process.

7 mMS Advantage  EXCEPTIONAL REPORTING Because of our breadth of experience conducting quantitative research assignments, we develop customized reports to longitudinally track and analyze the mystery shopping guidelines. The result is understandable data and actionable recommendations

8 mMS Advantage  UTILISING REPORT INFORMATION The original mystery shop reports are transmitted to the client, along with quantitative analysis, if desired. This transmission can be either electronic or by mail. Clients use the information in a variety of ways, including measuring training, identifying deficiencies and rewarding exemplary employees. Both the mystery Shopping reports and the data roll-ups become a key Piece of the company’s customer service management strategies.


10 mMS Training - All Supervisors and mystery shoppers go through levels of training. - First, they are trained on the general principles and best practices of mystery shopping. - Second, for each assignment or wave of mystery shopping research, they receive project specific training. -Training includes role-playing and prompting on various scenarios which may occur during the mystery shop. - mMS shoppers do not “go-live” until they are fully briefed and meet our standards.


12 mMS Shoppers - mMS shoppers are mature, reliable, detail oriented people with experience in customer service. - They have a critical eye for detail, an excellent memory, a proven ability to follow instructions, business background. - All our shoppers are at least graduates and quite a few of them are post graduate

13 Own national mystery shopping network Vast database of mystery shoppers throughout the country 100% control over the quality and the timing of the work All Supervisors and mystery shoppers go through levels of training shoppers are mature, reliable, detail oriented people with experience in customer service


15 mMS Quality Assurance Before mystery shopping reports are transmitted To the client, each one is carefully reviewed by our Quality Assurance Team to ensure that the shoppers has addressed all of the issues important to the client.


17 mMS Case studies Background : Seven Computer Training institutes merged to form one company but the consolidation failed to unite the different cultures And style of doing business at the various locations resulting in poor customer satisfaction surveys. Objectives : To merge cultures into one service philosophy and one medical practice. Results : Independent customer services studies showed improvement following an eight-month campaign of mystery shopping analysis and training programs designed for management and employees.

18 mMS Case Studies Client Objective : A travel company had the following objectives- - To establish company best practice through key performance indicator - To evaluate current level of service and ability of individuals from the sales teams through a programme of telephonic mystery shopping. - To compare current sales and service levels against agreed measures - To identify opportunities for development through training workshops - To build confidence, motivation and enthusiastic sales team that will consistently exceed targets contributing to personal satisfaction and growth in organisational market share. Action : - The mystery calls were recorded to lap top computer and then replayed In the following up workshops. Delegates were encouraged to give each other feedback and identify examples of excellent service and sales ability, as well as areas for improvement. - The whole exercise was incredibly positive once everyone had recovered from the initial shock of hearing themselves on tape. This process will be repeated every month throughout 2004. Results : Since the beginning of the mystery shopping programme in Jun 2003 the travel company has seen a steady improvement in their conversion level and average profit per booking.


20 mMS Key Clients FMCGICTPharmaceuticalOthers Johnson & Johnson Unilever Kellogg’s Nestle General Mills Procter & Gamble Hewlett Packard Microsoft Dell Nokia Intel IBM Yahoo Cisco Motorola Siemens Alcatel-Lucent Kaspersky Lab GlaxoSmithKline Novartis Ranbaxy Bayer Sanofi-Aventis AstraZeneca Bristol-Myers Abbott Labs British Airways Lufthansa Levis Femina Toyota Castrol Vodafone ICICI Visa Jaguar Deloitte Pro-Mexico


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