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Network of off-licenses & convenience stores retail media pack.

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1 network of off-licenses & convenience stores retail media pack

2 wine cellar overview customer base what do customers want? shopper missions store portfolio overview opportunity –audience –media –return on investment ratecard costs reporting capabilities summary contact us

3 overview Wine Cellar operates 182 off licenses and convenience stores throughout the UK: Booze Buster-118 stores Simply Drinks- 36 stores Simply Food & Drinks- 28 stores (convenience brand) Reach 1.5 million consumers every 5 weeks within an impulse environment - via POS digital screen media Heritage and spirit of the stores are steeped in the importance of the neighbourhood and community

4 overview Wine Cellar is capitalising on the increasing importance of convenience retailing within the community and is experiencing rapid growth. They have invested in a state-of-the-art digital screen network as part of their overall ‘estate refit programme’ - to drive awareness of non-core categories and overall category spend and activate incremental transactional value from their shoppers. This will help them capitalise on the frequency of their customers’ visits by providing complimentary products to enhance spend and relevance to the local community. General staff morale is very high, (indicating that 50% of staff is happier in their role compared to 12 months ago) with 95% compliance of all head office marketing and promotional in-store activity. Source: Harris International Marketing (2007 report)

5 overview Wine Cellar is responsible for the day to day trading of 180+ stores, (plus a strong online retail presence) They represent circa 5% of the Off-trade market within the UK A recent strategic extension into convenience retailing and alcohol- managed retail services, (eg: Martin McColl’s 600+ stores) Significant purchasing-power and scale within the FMCG industry. Their brand represents value, choice and convenience Loyal customer base of over 300,000 people every week Communicate directly with customers via a brand new digital screen network located directly at the point of purchase Typical sales uplift is expected to be in region of 15% Expose your marketing message to their 103,000 unique customers over a single promotional period.

6 customer base 44% shoppers are C1DE Females / 54% C1DE Males Visiting 3 times per week spending £8.90 on each occasion Working full time 56% Unemployed 12% Retired 11% Working part time 9% Housewife 7% Student 2% Wine Cellar attracts shoppers from a close proximity to each store: –average shopper lives within 0.8 mile radius –41% travel to store by car –56% travel to store by foot Their audience is becoming younger: –13% increase in shoppers under age of 45yrs (Only 7% is above 65 yrs) –Average age 41.4 years

7 what do customers want? Staff friendliness 44% Opening hours 32% Product availability* 31% * - Extremely strong product availability: Only 1% of shoppers fail to buy an intended item Shoppers rate Wine Cellar higher than their competitors: 8.7 out of 10 mean rating* from recent customer satisfaction survey * - (based on 645 shoppers under MRS code of conduct - 1 = very poor / 10 = excellent ) Wine Cellar scores higher than average off-licenses* on all 8 key indicators: 1)Value for money5) Promotions 2)Range of BWS6) Friendliness of staff 3)Speed of service7) Staff knowledge 4)Availability8) Store layout Source: Harris International Marketing (2007 report) * - (including Threshers)

8 Top 3 Shopper missions account for 70% of transactions: 1.Regular 51% 2.Social 10% 3.Treat 9% Remaining 30% of transactions accounted for via following missions: –Distress 7% –Snack & Drink 6% –Entertain distress 5% –Newsagent 4% –Services 2% –Deal 1% Top purchases by mission: –Regular shop (30% Cigarettes / 21% Lager / 13% Wine) –Social (42% Wines / 19% Lager / 10% Ales & Bitters) –Treat (25% Wine / 21% Cigarettes / 13% Lager & Confectionery) shopper missions 40% of shoppers notice promotions in-store during shopping missions 55% of shoppers* buy items on promotion during shopping missions * vs 22% of shoppers who knew they had bought items on promotion

9 store portfolio overview Average dwell time in-store is 6 minutes (including 2 minutes at till point completing their transaction) Average shopper visits three times a week. Average footfall per promotional period (5 weeks) is 1,550,000 (103,333 unique customers per week) Stores are typically open from 9am to 10pm / 7 days a week (13 hours trading) These above figures incorporate all newsagent related sales within convenience fascias which reduce traditional average transactional values

10 opportunity – audience Wine Cellar is one of the leading independent alcohol / convenience retail chains catering for the everyday customer in the heartland of the UK. Annual sales in excess of £100m+ 182 store portfolio (clustered bias towards Northern England) Core sales consist of lagers, bitters, spirits, tobacco and confectionary produce. Average shopper frequency of 3 visits per week

11 opportunity – audience Typical shopper- Middle aged male (41.4 yrs) 56% full time employment 56% walked to store Spending £8.90 per visit In store for 8 minutes Expects friendly service Confident items are in stock Visits 3 times a week

12 opportunity – media Screens at all till points –12” full colour displays –Pole mounted –Customer facing –8 minute dwell time

13 measuring ROI EPOS reporting – From £1,500 –SKU-level indexed transactional data analysis (upon request) Full Compliance & Tracking – From £15 per store visit –Every store audited each period –External independent agency conducts the compliance auditing Clients can track all compliance details online Attitudinal research – From £500 per day –Independent agency available to conduct exit poll surveys (pre/post)

14 The trading calendar consists of 10 promotional periods (5 weeks each) Recommended weight campaign = £2,730 + VAT 5 x weeks @ 6 spots an hour (9am-10pm) = 78 spots a day / 546 spots a week / 2,730 spots a period £1.00 per spot across 178 stores = £78 per day (@ £0.43 per store / day) £1.76 CPT (with a typical frequency of 10 exposures per campaign) * - Each spot is 20 seconds Trade briefing (pre-opening staff message) = £480 + VAT 5 x weeks @ 6 spots an hour (8am - 9am) = 6 spots a day / 42 spots a week / 210 spots a period £0.38 per spot across 178 stores = £13.71 per day (@ £0.08 per store / day) Use the key pre-opening hour to communicate with store staff to align your marketing objectives, or announce a forthcoming campaign in advance of the following promotional period. * - Each spot is 30 seconds ratecard costs

15 Post campaign analysis pack = £1,500 + VAT A fully indexed sales-data analysis report (analysed against control stores), explore the effectiveness of your media campaign(s) in-store. Timescales covered include the promo periods pre, during & post campaign fully understand the residual effect on product and category sales. Typical report includes: Graphs, findings, category analysis, effects on sales, conclusions. Upon request, we can organise attitudinal research to be carried out at competitive daily rates for per and post consumer surveys which compliment your overall campaign objectives. reporting capabilities

16 summary Point of Sale opportunity available to target shoppers in their local community on their local high street. High footfall and transaction volumes offer advertisers the ideal environment to reach an impulse-driven audience Industry leading compliance & digital screen displays Investment set to continue and grow in 2008 The right message at the right place at the right time Call us now to discuss your campaign…

17 who else do we represent? Digital Posters ScreensScreens & POSAll Media TV Channel & POS Radio & POS Including: travel More soon…

18 More info online at: contact us 2 exmoor street, london w10 6bd 020 8962 2300

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