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Global and British Retail Trends and their Impacts on Town Centres Steve Gilman OBE.

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1 Global and British Retail Trends and their Impacts on Town Centres Steve Gilman OBE

2 My Career 75-76 Bank Clerk, Police Cadet, Barman 76-80 MFI Trainee, Asst, Store, Area Mgr 80-83 Dodge City –B&Q Store Mgr 83-84 Brown Bear Store Mgr 84-96 B&Q Store, District, Regional Mgr 96-98 B&Q Director of Operations UK 98-00 B&Q Director of International Dev 00-05 B&Q International Director 05-08 CEO B&Q Asia/Kingfisher Management Board Member

3 2001 2002 200 0 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Google AdWords Pay Per Click system starts Dotcom Bust The world does NOT collapse due to Y2K bugs PayPal is acquired by eBay launches blazes a trail by launching a mobile commerce site Credit card companies create PCI DSS: Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Blizzard Entertainment launches World of Warcraft, a MMORPG starts social news service Google acquires YouTube Western Union sends final telegraph message, which heralds the demise of the Telegraph machine Twitter starts enabling microblogging with SMS tweets Amazon launches TextBuyIt to enable SMS product searches, price checks and purchases Magento open source eCommerce release by Varien Google introduces Android, the mobile operating system Groupon offers deal- of-the-day group buying bought by Oracle Internet retailers focus on extending social shopping inside social networks, especially Facebook iPad launches Amazon reports its first profitable year Mark Zuckerberg starts FaceMash at Harvard which becomes Facebook Apple launches iTunes store launches First Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition Google Checkout launches launches US Broadband Internet users reach 200 million Google AdWords surpass $21 billion Apple launches iPhone with full web browsing and downloadable apps, advancing ecommerce begins developing social network games launches first social commerce application in Facebook Microsoft introduces Bing Amazon and lose New York online sales tax battle What's changing?- The Speed of Change iPad 2 !

4 the shape of change…

5 what’s going on now? Downsizing Small Formats Largest retail area in Europe Flexible retail spaces Etailers with retail presence High St moving Out of Town Out of Town moving to High St

6 technology now provides alternate shopping solutions … pick-up points vending…24/7 any location selection collection…

7 then why visit a physical store?

8 It’s the.. …thing! ‘Shopper-tainment!’

9 Environment Human Service Social Hubs Education it’s all about the social experience! Recreating the personal social media experience

10 what makes a great retail experience? …the focus of an Apple store isn’t on selling but on building customer relationships with the brand! Learning Passion Service Community Apple operates the most successful stores in retail history but… A great retail experience is about creating value for customers… Product

11 … and tailored services. Genius Bar Home Improvement Consultants Beauty I can do it …..

12 so where will they be? Out of Town High Street Somewhere else?!

13 where are the ‘right’ locations? Out of Town moving to High St High St moving Out of Town Retailers will increasingly have more diverse location portfolios Underground

14 what factors will shape them? Sustainability Technology Demographics Local vs. Global Customer Attitudes

15 Community Grow Your Own Areas Retailers will focus on enabling customers to do it themselves Customers able to rent workshop space for their projects Education space where customers can learn. Access to expert help and advice. Bringing the community in-store education

16 demographics Ageing Population Rest areas Personal Shoppers Single locations for product collection? Increasingly, females control and influence household spending Stores will increasingly target female shoppers

17 technology Real Time Prices Virtual Assistants Free Wifi for Mobile payment Social networking Multi-channel Journeys No Checkouts Virtual Room Sets

18 sustainability Rising energy costs… Climate change… Government legislation… Consumer expectations… Business and Consumer…

19 KEY CONSUMER UNDERSTANDING 1)Consumers have a much wider choice where and how to buy 2)Women and Older Consumers are increasingly important 3)High Streets need to become easier to access and more “Entertaining” 4)Improved Environment in which to shop, e.g. Covered pavements etc 5)Innovative Retailers need to be encouraged into High Streets 6)Customers want Education as well as Shopping Experience

20 WHAT NEEDS TO BE CONSIDERED BY CENTRAL GOVERNMENT 1)“Leveling the Playing Field between E Retailers and Physical Stores 2)Retail Rate levels on High Street and Out of Town Stores 3)Valuing Town Centres contribution to the “Big Society” 4)Simplyfing Planning Permission, whilst maintaining safeguards

21 What Needs to be Considered by Local Government 1)Creating Partnerships between Local Authorities, Retailers and Consumers for what they want from “Their” High Street 2)Embrace Change in Retail Channels and develop Strategy yo include High Street, Out of Town and E Commerce – Free WIFI 3)Make High Streets More Accessible for Customers on Public Transport, Road initiatives and Car parking initiatives 4)Make High Streets more desirable to Shop in, Pedesrianisation and Weather Proof Verandahs etc 5)Develop High Street Plans which incorporate Sustainability for Retail Business and the Environment 6)Market Town Centres to New and Innovative Retailers 7)Develop “Event Lead” Initiatives to encourage High Street usage for All Age Groups but on different days

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