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18 Chapter 18 Establishing and Maintaining A Retail Image RETAIL MANAGEMENT: A STRATEGIC APPROACH.

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1 18 Chapter 18 Establishing and Maintaining A Retail Image RETAIL MANAGEMENT: A STRATEGIC APPROACH

2 Why is it sometimes difficult for a retailer to convey its image to consumers?  Image is created by many factors and relies on consumers’ perceptions. In addition, uncontrollable elements can inflate or deflate a store’s image.

3 Figure 18.2 The Elements of a Retail Image

4 In 3 Seconds…  A shopper should be able to determine a store’s Name Line of trade Claim to fame Price position Personality

5 Figure 18.4 The Elements of Atmosphere Atmosphere - The psychological feeling a customer gets when visiting a retailer

6 Visual Merchandising and Gap Visual Merchandising The proactive, integrated approach to atmospherics taken by a retailer to create a certain “look,” properly display products, stimulate shopping, and enhance the physical environment.

7 Exterior Planning  Storefront  Marquee  Lighting  Store entrances  Display windows  Exterior building height  Surrounding stores and area  Parking facilities  Traffic congestion  Loitering Which aspects are uncontrollable by the retailer?

8 Figure 18.6 How a Store Entrance Can Generate Shopper Interest

9 General Interior  Flooring  Colors  Lighting  Scents  Sounds  Store fixtures  Wall textures  Temperature  Aisle space  Dressing facilities  In-store transportation (elevator, escalator, stairs)  Dead areas  Personnel  Merchandise  Price levels  Displays  Technology  Store cleanliness

10 Miss Sixty Dressing Rooms Italian denim in up-to-the-minute washes and styles “retro-futuristic store” Stores worldwide [US=NY, San Fran, Miami, OC, and LA; Can=Montreal] D ressing rooms in what looks like big-top circus tents Vintage furniture and wallpaper give off a feeling of excess, Tinseltown style. It's a “very glam setting” Atmosphere: Hip Source:

11 Figure 18.7 Eye-Catching Displays from Toys “R” Us

12 Interior (Point-of-Purchase) Displays  Assortment display  Theme-setting display  Ensemble display  Rack display  Case display  Cut case  Dump bin

13 Part 7 - Case 1  Discuss the implications of Underhill’s statement that “converting nonbuyers to buyers is largely dependent on store design and display.”  Should an upscale retailer interpret Underhill’s research differently than a low- end retailer? Explain your answer.

14 Allocation of Floor Space  Selling space Functional product groupings Purchase motivation product groupings Market segment product groupings Storability product groupings  Merchandise space  Personnel space  Customer space

15 Figure 18.8 How a Supermarket Uses a Straight (Gridiron) Traffic Pattern

16 Straight Traffic Pattern Advantages  An efficient atmosphere is created  More floor space is devoted to product displays  People can shop quickly  Inventory control and security are simplified  Self-service is easy, thereby reducing labor costs Disadvantages  Impersonal atmosphere  More limited browsing by customers  Rushed shopping behavior

17 Figure 18.9 How a Department Store Uses a Curving (Free-Flowing) Traffic Pattern

18 Figure Piggly Wiggly’s Open Traffic Design

19 Curving Traffic Pattern Advantages  A friendly atmosphere  Shoppers do not feel rushed  People are encouraged to walk through in any direction  Impulse or unplanned purchases are enhanced Disadvantages  Possible customer confusion  Wasted floor space  Difficulties in inventory control  Higher labor intensity  Potential loitering  Displays may cost more

20 Approaches for Determining Space Needs  Model Stock Approach Determines floor space necessary to carry and display a proper merchandise assortment  Sales-Productivity Ratio Assigns floor space on the basis of sales or profit per foot

21 Figure Making the Shopping Experience More Pleasant

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