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It’s all about the User: Practical Personas Part 3: User Experience Webinar Series ~ presented by Kristiana Burk.

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1 It’s all about the User: Practical Personas Part 3: User Experience Webinar Series ~ presented by Kristiana Burk

2 Laying a Foundation… today > Practical Personas Digging Deeper: Upcoming Webinars Thematic Approach to Organizing Resources Search & Labels Web 2.0 and Beyond Layered Content Make Learning Fun

3 Focus on User in User Experience… They are the reason your job exists! There would be no service to provide if they weren’t using it Everything you do should be focused on their needs

4 Remember Where the User is Coming From… “People’s behavior makes sense if you think about it in terms of their goals, needs and motives ” ~ Thomas Mann

5 It Really Is That Important… “Bad news travels fast. A dissatisfied shopper tells around 10 other people about the shopper’s bad experience ” ~ Albrecht & Zembre, 1985

6 What Exactly Is a Persona? - tool to help you understand your users and their behavior - archetype that provides practical insight into user expectations, behaviors and motives - began with Cooper as software design and development tool - can be used for marketing, services, purchasing decisions, online site and guide development

7 A Practical Persona… - is based on research about real people - provides details that make them realistic and insightful - are helpful – not fluff and barrier - makes you “get it” in a few moments - takes on a life of its own - IS WORTH YOUR TIME

8 How well do you really know your users? we tend to make assumptions when we can learn from them instead

9 Different Types of Personas… - ‘traditional’ layout - behavioral guide - essential question grid let’s take a look at some examples…

10 Traditional Example (FirstGov) - includes photo (don’t use someone you know) - key demographic facts to make realistic - add technological pet peeves or frustrations - curiosity elements and personal interests - behaviors and attitudes - candid quote - information-seeking habits - level of technical ability FirstGov example persona



13 Behavioral Approach - focuses on information-seeking patterns - identifies motives, behaviors and emotions - shows decision-making process By far my favorite application of personas – process I prefer to use: Presentation titled “Creating Quality Personas” by Shannon Ford

14 Food & Recipes - Behavioral Process 1. Craving 2. Scouting 3. Gathering 4. Learning 5. Creating 6. Sharing Behavioral Persona of Food & Recipe Users 1.Craving – Something has sparked the user’s interest or motivated them to start the information- seeking process. They might be looking for a recipe, are curious about a particular topic, or looking for ideas and inspiration because of an event. They might want to Satisfy Curiosity. 2.Scouting – Users are now searching for an answer. They will most likely start with direct search and then switch to browse mode. They might seek Tips & Advice. 3.Gathering – User now starts to gather additional, contextual information to implement a task (i.e. what ingredients, skills or tools are needed to accomplish task) They might seek Essential Tools. 4.Learning – With the tools and resources needed at their fingertips, users are ready to begin the learning process. They might seek out How-To & Instructional Resources. 5.Creating – Now the creative process actually begins. The user brings together all of the resources and knowledge gained from previous steps to create a new dish or complete a task. They might seek additional Tips & Advice or How-To Info. 6.Sharing – Users are excited with new creation or task completed and seek to Share & Engage. Often users want to share and enjoy the meal or task accomplished with others. Sometimes this includes being part of a community – to share and contribute ideas, photos and opinions based on their new experiences.

15 Bookmark Approach - provides simple snapshot of persona - grab n’ go format - includes scenario to make it realistic

16 Foodie Profile - Amateur cook who simply loves food - Wants to know everything about food - Asks what the best, the ordinary, the science, industry and personalities are - Loves food for consumption, study, preparation and news - Usually cooks with a partner or friends; social event Scenario Last night we watched a cooking video and saw online that others had posted ideas for experimenting with the recipe. We’ve got to try it too! Today we’ll go to a farmer’s market to get fresh ingredients – I wonder where the chef found that one tool he was using? Everyday Cook Profile - Medium to advanced level cook - Usually cooking for a family several times a day - Looking for new ideas and variety for a range of tastes - Driven by grocery list and menu plan; works to maximize use of ingredients in pantry - Looking for practical, quick, healthy and sometimes fun - Looks for holiday or occasion ideas Scenario I finally got the kids off to school and have a few hours to think about what I’ll cook for dinner. I know I have chicken and tomato sauce. I wonder what I can do with that? But it can’t have onions – Sarah hates onions. Profile - New to cooking - Intimidated by cookbooks, recipes and tools - Looking for advice and the basics - Practical mind-set, wants to keep it quick and simple - Sometimes lower budget Scenario I just moved into a new apartment and am having my single friends over for a dinner party. I need to find a simple menu and recipes to follow. I ‘m not even sure that I have the right tools or ingredients – where do I start? Did I mention the party is tonight and I don’t get off work until 3pm? Profile - Seasoned cook; used to preparing for a family or parties - Wants to create an experience - Looking for inspiration and ideas; something unique - Takes pride in end result and loves the process of planning and creating Scenario My three kids and their families are all going to be home for the holiday. I want to make this a special day. I’d also like to have something fun the grandkids will enjoy and can help me with. NewbieEntertainer HowStuffWorks Persona Profiles of Food & Recipe Users

17 Essential Question Grid - convergence of persona and info-seeking process - shows key questions and progress through search - forces you to consider user holistically - ability to see how different personas approach same content from different perspectives or angles

18 Foodie Everyday Cook Newbie Entertainer CravingScoutin g Gatherin g Learnin g Creatin g Sharing What are the latest kitchen accessories? I wonder where I can find a new recipe using fresh herbs? What are some new spices and how do I get the best flavor? I can’t believe I figured out how to broil a steak – finally! I’ll add this recipe I adjusted to be vegetarian to my online cookbook for others to use. Maybe I’ll include a photo. I need to take an appetizer to a friend’s party I wonder which recipe to use – what do other cooks recommend? What is a bundt pan? And how do I grease the pan? Erin’s birthday party is Saturday – I need to find a cake recipe and plan the party. How many tomatoes should I add for a salsa dish to feed just 4 people? What’s the quickest way to ice a cake? Those new microwave steam bags were amazing – I’ve got to share on my blog tonight! I wonder what new centerpiece and place setting would look great on my new dining room table? I love the Fall! I wonder where I can find fresh vegetables? Oh – and how do I make a cornucopia – I’ve always wanted to make one of those. I’ll put it in the hallway for when everyone visits at Thanksgiving! HowStuffWorks Food & Recipes as Approached by 4 Different Personas

19 The point is to find what works best for your organization

20 Steps to Creating a Persona… BrainstormInteract & Observe Fast Facts Review & CreateIntegrate & Share

21 Brainstorm… - choose an area of focus (i.e. topic based or general) - break it down; what do you know about the user already? - draw from internal resources and data: - user comments - website feedback - reference desk questions and requests - search and usage logs - patterns of research

22 Brainstorm…Essential Questions - how does the user find information (direct search, visual, browse)? - what tools are typically used to find information? - what types of questions or queries do our users typically ask? - what would a normal day look like for our typical user? - what are some attributes and habits of the user? - what are the user’s hobbies and interests? - what level of technical skill does the typical user have?

23 Interact & Observe… - conduct a site comparison - listen to users (focus groups, surveys, have users help you build and brainstorm guides, etc. - observe users - in the library - at a bookstore - in a class - as they use an online tool or resource - usability research and testing

24 Interact & Observe…example Approaches - usability testing - card sorting - focus groups - wireframe testing Focus Areas - organization of modules - labeling - content gaps - stickiness and curiosity factor - where users gravitate towards

25 Example of eye-tracking approach to usability – SirsiDynix SchoolRooms product

26 Fast Facts… - look for research information on user behavior and patterns - use resources like Pew Internet - use simple worksheet to compile key facts and quotes


28 Review & Create… - create behavioral wheel - do site comparison - create persona itself (bookmark or traditional) - add at least one scenario - select a photo that represents research - create or use quote that is persona in a nutshell - compile question grid


30 Integrate & Share… - make it a cross-departmental collaboration process - hang it up in key work and collaboration spaces - bring them up in decision-making conversations - include in RFP process - involved w/ scenarios in any requirements or strategy doc - utilize to influence marketing initiatives - use while brainstorming or creating new guides

31 Another Creative Way to Present Your Data… Meet Henry presentation on SlideShare henry henry

32 Thank you! Kristiana Burk Channel Director 404.760.4311

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