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©2013 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARD TM Is your website ready for traffic spike? Akshay Ranganath Enterprise Architect.

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1 ©2013 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARD TM Is your website ready for traffic spike? Akshay Ranganath (, Enterprise Architect

2 ©2013 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARD TM Agenda ● Traffic Spike - impact on site and brand ● Performance ● Downtime ● Traffic Trends in India ● Plan with Akamai: ○ Caching ○ Offload through Netstorage ○ Failover ● Custom solution ○ Shopper Prioritization Application ○ Managing 3 rd Parties ● Q&A

3 ©2013 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARD TM Why performance matters?

4 ©2013 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARD TM Why downtime matters as well?

5 ©2013 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARD TM Trends: Online Traffic in India Online shopping ~ 250% during this festive season at various metros. Traffic spike during the week of 2 October onwards right through till Diwali. Travel: 35 million to 70 million by 2015 Retail: 51 million to 100 million by 2015 Travel and Retail each with a potential of $10 billion by 2015 Source: McKinsey, comScore & Assocham study

6 ©2013 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARD TM What causes poor performance?

7 ©2013 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARD TM How can we help? ● Caching ○ Let Akamai serve most commonly accessed resources ○ Free up your origin to do the revenue / processor intensive tasks ● Offload ○ Move marketing collateral and static objects to Akamai ● Alerting & Monitoring ○ See what’s happening in real time ○ Monitor for warnings and hints on data center overload ● Fail gracefully ○ Avoid bad publicity ○ Avoid losing revenue due to lost customers ● Cut the flab ○ 3rd parties can be drag - so optimize / reduce them !

8 ©2013 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARD TM Caching ● Honor cache control headers from origin ○ Carefully set cache-control expires headers at origin ○ Akamai will honor the setting

9 ©2013 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARD TM Caching (continued) ● Design URLs for cacheability ● URLs should indicate a pattern for caching ● Not very helpful! ○ Category page: ○ PDP Page: shirt/p/CACMI5HDFIGXSZKU shirt/p/CACMI5HDFIGXSZKU ● Helpful URLs for Akamai: ○ Category: ○ PDP:

10 ©2013 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARD TM Caching (continued) ● Segregate content for generic and specific users ○ User type identified by cookie ○ Rules on Akamai to cache for generic users; bypass cache for others. e.g.: ■ logged in users ■ users with items in cart ● Separate personalized content from base page ○ Use Ajax for personalized contentpersonalized ○ Or use Edge Site IncludesEdge Site Includes

11 ©2013 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARD TM Caching - case study ● Prune query strings from cache key: ○ jsessionid path parameter is useless in most cases ○ removing this provided an offload close to 100% for home pages

12 ©2013 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARD TM Alerting & Monitoring ● Set alerts on the portal ○ Alerts will warn you of impending issues like origin failure, high traffic or some untoward occurrence ● Create a team mailing list instead of individuals ○ This ensures there is no single point of failure

13 ©2013 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARD TM Failover ● Origin failure is not an IF but WHEN! ● Failure can occur due to: ○ Traffic spike / Attacks ○ Bot activity ○ Server Patch ○ Electricity outage, Cable cut ● During the outage, would you prefer to see: ○ This page This ○ Or this one?this

14 ©2013 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARD TM Case-Study - Failover ● Failover is about planning for outage You can leverage Akamai to : ■route errors to a different data center ■show a static page from Netstoragestatic page

15 ©2013 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARD TM Customized Solutions - SPA Shopper Prioritization Application ○ ensure QoS for valuable customers by protecting a customer's origin web infrastructure from being overloaded by flash crowds that exceed capacity ○ throttles origin traffic and gradually allows users as origin capacity increases ○ throttled users are kept in a waiting room, which is a configurable area with having any type of branded message

16 ©2013 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARD TM Other things to remember ● 3rd parties can cause a drag. ○ “one tag to rule them all!” ○ ○ Akamai study: ● Optimize your assets ○ Google pagespeed, Strangeloop ○ Yotta best practices ■ Performance Performance ○ Akamai Aqua ION ● And finally, consider: ○ Testing: Have you actually load tested your site for stability under planned load? ○ Security: What if there is an attack on the most important day of your campaign?

17 ©2013 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARD TM Questions?

18 ©2013 AKAMAI | FASTER FORWARD TM Notes ● Akamai ecommerce blog: ● Twitter feed: #AkamaiHoliday

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