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IN STORE MEDIA  Kyle Kaster and Chris McLaughlin.

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2 IN STORE MEDIA  Kyle Kaster and Chris McLaughlin

3 Introduction  79% of consumers who try a sample will buy the product if they like it and need it.   70% of purchase decisions are made in the store.   Merchandizing and in-store demonstrations are the number 1 on-site marketing programs for product introductions..

4 Introduction  In-store media is not usually utilized unless the product being sold is distributed in a chain store that focuses primarily on grocery stores and tech savvy stores such as Fry’s and Comp USA.

5 Media Agencies That Specialize in In-Store Media  Multichannel Retail Solutions  They specialize in : Virtual Shop Windows Virtual Shop Windows  Plasma Video screens  Advertising Displays  Personal Shopping Assistant  Tracking and Analysis of consumer behavior  Eye Capture  They Specialize in :  Digital signal displays

6 Multichannel Retail Solutions  The virtual shop Window A new vehicle on the traditional shop window used by retailers in the shop windows that attracts people walking by the store. What makes this vehicle special stems from its interactive and dynamic contents. It has the ability to carry several products and services compared to a static window display, and customers interact with the contents and control the info displayed on a 24-hour basis. Plasma Video Screens give a retailer’s store more visual and aesthetic appeal and it allows for shoppers to be exposed to branding and product-promotion messages. Advertising Displays are thin LCD panels that were calculated to replace the poster format displays commonly used among retailers to promote the current top offers in the store. These displays differ from the poster because their content has the ability to be changed allowing the retailer greater flexibility in changing the promotional price.

7 Multichannel Solutions   Personal Shopping assistant   It is a wireless touch screen device that the shopper attaches to their shopping cart as they enter the store. The system tracks the shopper’s movement throughout the store and reacts to his or her location by bringing up relevant promotional items, coupons, and special offers.   PSA helps guide the shopper through the store based upon their shopping list.   PSA can be used to self-scan items for quick checkout.   It can be used to track current balance so shoppers don’t go over their budget.

8 Eye Captare  Digital Signal Displays  The features of these displays are: total all- in-one solution for display of digital signage and dynamic media, steel sub-structure and ballast for strength and stability.  Operated at 120 volt line via standard plug.  Contains controller with real-time clock to turn on and off.  Allows device to recover from power failures in the correct state of operation.  Prices range from 8 to 13 thousand dollars depending on the unit.  Models are the MPD-V1A, MPD-H1A, MPD-V2A, and the MPD-H2A.  Sizes range from 61 to 68 inches in height and 31 to 47 inches in height.

9 In Store Floor Ads agencies that do floor ads  Newsamerica   Floorgraphics  www.floorgraphics

10 Newsamerica floor ads  These ads can be found on the floors of all major drug and grocery stores across the nation.  The exposure to the consumer is limitless due to the unlimited in-store placement, as well as cross merchandizing opportunities.  The pricing ranges depend on how many supermarkets your ad is being placed in.

11 Newsamerica Floorad prices Space Rates per Store Tier 1National Buy...........$37 Tier IIFull-Market Buy.......................$49 (50% or more of network) Tier IIIFull-Market Buy.....$52 (Less than 50% of network) Tier IVChain-Specific Buy...........$54 (More than 1,000 stores) Tier VLess than Full-Market/Chain Buy.....$63 (Under 1,000 stores)

12 Newsamerica floorad Production Rates

13 Media Cost Comparison

14 In Store coupon dispenser by newsamerica  These are the red dispensers that a shopper will see on the aisle of the grocery store.  Includes a four week cycle, which stores it’s placed in and the cost of the total outcome  Newsamerica makes most of their revenue from the money that’s left over.  Sales Lift +28%  Sales Lift +28%  Audience 70.4 million households  Audience 70.4 million households  Impulse Purchase Rate 58%  Impulse Purchase Rate 58%

15 Rates for Coupon Dispensers

16 Shopping Carts Seats  FanFare Media and newsamerica both specialize in this type media.  Shopping carts allow the shopper to view an advertisement on the child’s seat the moment they walk in the store.  The advertiser has the choice of what percentage of the shopping carts in each store they want to have their ad placed.  This percentage they decide upon stays consistent throughout the six-month period that they buy.  The dimensions of the ads on the seats range from 8 by 6 inches on the front to 8 by 11 on the back.  The audience is 135 million, the reach is 67.9% and the frequency is 7.0 times/cycle.  The impressions are 967 million/cycle.

17 Rates for Cart Seats News america pricing and production rates for 2003-2004

18 In-Store radio  In-store radio is a broadcast for a particular advertiser that is played over the entire store  They are digital satellite technology the delivers the advertisers message on an average of 12 times daily from opening till closing.  In-store radio runs on a time frame of a four week cycle, 13 cycles a year, and the market can be local or national.  The sales lift generated by in-store radio is +8.6%, the audience averages 95.8 million, the reach equals 46.6%, the frequency is 6.3 times per cycle, and the impressions are 606 million per cycle.

19 In-store radio rates

20 In-Store Demos or samples  Benefits of:  Reaches consumers at the point of purchase  Gains product trial among interested consumers  In-store demonstrations and sampling give consumers interaction with the product before the purchase  Provides the marketer with an opportunity to give a one-on-one sales pitch to key consumer prospects   Coupons are a great incentive to close the sale when sampling and demonstrating-helping to guarantee the essential first-purchase.   In store demos vary in cost, but a reasonable estimate would be around $125, plus the product..

21 Study done on In-store Demos  A current survey by the Food Marketing Institute suggests that 400 shoppers per day visit the average supermarket  A current survey by the Food Marketing Institute suggests that 400 shoppers per day visit the average supermarket.  A separate study revealed that fever than half of the store’s shoppers actually try a demo product.  The shoppers revealed that they were pressed for time, unsure if they’d like it or were in the store before or after the item was sampled  The shoppers revealed that they were pressed for time, unsure if they’d like it or were in the store before or after the item was sampled.  Based on an average value coupon or other buying incentive, approximately 10% or 40 shoppers of the 400 shoppers studied bought the product.   Of the 40 shoppers approximately 10% or 4 shoppers will return to the store to buy the sampled product without any incentive other than the fact that they or their family like it.   In store demos vary in cost, but a reasonable estimate would be around $125, plus the product.   Assuming this average, the cost to add each of these four shoppers would be about $37.50.


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