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Ubiquitous Shopper (UbiShop) Final Presentation Group Members: Seila Kheang Adam Rea (Presenting) Dustin Wells.

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1 Ubiquitous Shopper (UbiShop) Final Presentation Group Members: Seila Kheang Adam Rea (Presenting) Dustin Wells

2 Original Concepts Use a Personal Server as a data repository for a shopping list A Kiosk in a Mall or a store would read the list and compare it to what was available The Kiosk would then output the collisions to a display for the shopper to view

3 Major Hardware Components Contact technology to deliver the MAC address of the Personal Server Bluetooth dongles and connection Personal Server used as the shopping list Kiosk based on a Windows 2000 touch screen tablet PC

4 Major Software Components Contact interface (serial port reader) MAC --> IP conversion File transfer from Personal Shopper to Kiosk XML Parser to check for list collisions GUI display to show the list on the Kiosk

5 Deviations from Concept No list formation software for end user Store will not remove purchased items from the UbiShop’s list –Both of these items were determined to be outside the scope of the project and distractions from the main objective

6 Deviations from Concept (cont) Abandoned the use of a relational database (SQL Server) –The Kiosk was based on a tablet PC borrowed from Point5. This ran Windows 2000 Professional, which was not advanced enough to handle SQL Server. Also, was more of a “fine tune” than a necessity.

7 Current Status – The Good Contact and interface is up and running Necessary hardware is all in hand (USB hub and USB-Serial cable) Kiosk is setup (PAN tools and IIS) Personal Server services online (FTPD) XML Parser and collision detection up and running

8 Current Status – The Good (cont) Batch files written Batch files in place. Majority of coding completed!!

9 Current Status – The Bad SQL a no go Automatic Bluetooth automatic discovery is not possible PAN tool MAC->IP lookup unavailable (a workaround LUT method is already coded)

10 Current Status – The Ugly IIS configuration for.bat files has been troublesome (porting to C now) UI implementation has been pushed to the end. It is, however, nearing completion. Running n 2 algorithms for search (not the best idea – but a known issue)

11 Demo Plans Scope of Demo –We plan to demonstrate the complete UbiShop experience from the time the user enters the store until his shopping list is properly parsed and displayed

12 Demo Plans (cont) Focus of the demo –To show the ease of use of the UbiShop unit Should be able to get through the entire process from start to finish with minimal user involvement (4 button clicks or fewer) –To show the flexibility of the UbiShop unit Demonstrate that we have the ability to query on fields other than name alone

13 Demo Script for Scenario 1 Bob, the tech savvy shopper, walks into a mall to pick up some new socks. He decides to stop by the kiosk in the mall to jog his memory on other things he's been meaning to pick up. Surprised at the number of store that are highlighted, he begins drilling down and finds there are a lot of available items at the mall that he hadn't even thought of, like a tent from sears.

14 Demo Script for Scenario 2 Jane, the not so tech savy mom, walks into the mall with screaming kids and suddenly realizes she left her hand written shopping list at home. Fortunately her husband, had given her a UbiShop for her birthday. She had never put much faith in high tech toys, but today she had little choice. She walks up to the kiosk and SHAZAM!! There is her list, divided nicely between stores that have the items she's looking for.

15 Many Thanks To Steve for putting up with all of our mindless prattling all quarter (and for restoring our file system…Whoops) An ESPECIALLY big thanks to Kurt Partridge (Contact team) who has been extraordinarily pleasant to work with

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