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550 15th Street, Suite 21 San Francisco, CA 94103 866-579-2010 PinChoose Shopping Assistant January 2013.

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1 550 15th Street, Suite 21 San Francisco, CA 94103 866-579-2010 PinChoose Shopping Assistant January 2013

2 PinChoose Shopping Assistant We are a dedicated team of UI experts with a suite of enterprise software solutions that make your site more user-friendly. We are passionate about making it easier for customers to search, browse, share and purchase products online. For a fraction of the cost to build from scratch, our JavaScript user interface layer helps you increase sales and social product sharing. 2 About EngageUI

3 PinChoose Shopping Assistant 3 How do you leverage Facebook on your e-commerce site? Visitors who Facebook Login on retailer sites have a 25% higher conversion rate Facebook Connect/Login Source: Edge Research

4 PinChoose Shopping Assistant 4 Don’t send shoppers away from your site to be social Half of the top 25 retailers have integrated Facebook into their own sites, as have 17 of the fastest growing 25 retailers.

5 PinChoose Shopping Assistant 5 Onsite Social Commerce creates a viral loop Social Merchandising Personalize the shopping experience for your visitors with social profile data. Show them other people they may know and the products from your site they like. This creates an implicit endorsement and helps shoppers discover new products driving up both conversion rate and average order value. Social Product Sharing Allow shoppers to spread the word about products to drive traffic back to your site using: Social Product Sharing Social Merchandising Visitors become active shoppers Friends become visitors Facebook Like buttons, including in Quick View pop-ups on category pages. Publishing products to a Wishlist shopper’s friends can see on Facebook. Ask Friends (via Facebook Wall Posts, Twitter, email, chat). 1 2 3

6 PinChoose Shopping Assistant 6 Getting visitors to connect / engage with social shopping Visitors who Connect with Facebook and engage with social shopping features on retailer sites have been shown to have 3-5 times greater conversion rates! But the sobering fact is that most shoppers are savvy and resist offers to ‘personalize’ (whose aim is essentially to better sell them). So how do you show shoppers what is in it for them if they connect? Give them innovative features that improve their shopping experience and a persuasion path that provides good reasons for the shopper to connect.

7 PinChoose Shopping Assistant 7 Common problems browsing products online Online shoppers are often frustrated by: Losing their place and forgetting what they already saw. Noticing an interesting product but continuing to see if there is something better and then regretting because they can’t find the original item any more. Coming back at a later date and having to start all over. Adding to Wishlist that requires registration, and for apparel, a specific color and size selection first. Not being able to easily compare items side-by-side visually. While progressively narrowing down choices, being slowed down by having to constantly go back and forth to different product pages or getting lost in multiple browser tabs. Solution: PinChoose Shopping Assistant Toolbar & QuickPins

8 PinChoose Shopping Assistant 8 QuickPin right on category and search results pages QuickPin shows when you mouse over a product image. One click on it adds product to Toolbar (‘sets it aside’). No need to select specific size or color yet. This helps the shopper efficiently browse hundreds of products and also allows her to resume her shopping at a later time. Pinning is less of a commitment for the shopper than Facebook Like or adding to wishlist or cart. Shopper Badges are earned by Pinning and Liking items, inviting friends, having friends rate your items, rating their items, etc.

9 PinChoose Shopping Assistant 9 Intelligent Invites to Facebook Connect Connect with Facebook: As the shopper interacts with the site, they are offered to Connect with Facebook at just the right time with context specific reasons, increasing the Connect rate. (This example shows the offer to connect after the first QuickPin click)

10 PinChoose Shopping Assistant 10 Social Merchandising - Items Pinned by Friends & Neighbors Benefits of being “Connected”: Once Connected, the shopper can see items pinned by her friends and neighbors. This creates an implicit endorsement and helps the shopper discover new products. Interacting with friends items is fun and engaging. Visitors to a site outnumber actual purchases 20 to 1. Looking at pinned items instead of only purchased items greatly increases the chances of seeing friends and their items on a site.

11 PinChoose Shopping Assistant 11 Compare Items – Get Comments From Friends

12 PinChoose Shopping Assistant 12 Ask Friends and spread the word via multiple channels

13 PinChoose Shopping Assistant 13 Facebook post and email contain detailed product info EngageUI provides retailers with detailed analytics on the resulting viral traffic and allows retailers to see the most viral products as well as to identify and market special offers to influential shoppers (i.e. those that result in the most viral traffic leading to actual orders) Purposeful and detailed sharing results in engagement and subsequent click-through rates dramatically higher than simple Share/Like buttons

14 PinChoose Shopping Assistant 14 Friends click-through to product page to vote & comment Real-Time Notification: Once Friend rates or comments on a product, the shopper, if still on the site is notified of the new rating/comment in real- time. An email is also sent to the shopper with a link that takes them to the product page where they can see the rating/comment.

15 PinChoose Shopping Assistant 15 Pinned items can be published to a Wishlist app on Facebook, where friends and relatives can see them and buy them for her as presents. When a particular item is pinned by several shoppers, the item can be published in real-time to the retailer’s Facebook fan page (i.e. today’s hot items) or to a widget syndicated to affiliate bloggers, etc. Integration with EngageUI QuickLooQ provides state of the art rich imaging and merchandising right within Facebook, blogs, etc. Leverage Social Networking with Syndicated Merchandising

16 PinChoose Shopping Assistant 16 Get more visitors and turn more of them into buyers Make shopping on your site more enjoyable and fun with improved usability, faster and richer user interface and game mechanics. Delight your shoppers with the engaging and time-saving experience of our QuickLooQ and PinChoose Toolbar solutions and see more traffic, more returned visitors, more items in the cart and more orders. Automatic A/B testing to determine effectiveness No programming, no IT, 30 minutes to implement You only pay EngageUI if your gained net profit is greater than our fees For More Information – Alex Hisen - VP Product - (866) 579-2010 –

17 PinChoose Shopping Assistant 17 EngageUI Solutions Summary Making shopping engaging and fun PinChoose and QuickLooQ eliminate common users interface inefficiencies in online shopping that frustrate and slow down shoppers. As a result, your visitors enjoy shopping on your site, they spend more time on it, see more products that interest them and more of them become buyers. PinChoose engages the shopper with a fun way to explore products that peaked her interest as well as products picked out by her friends and neighbors. It also makes it easy for her to ask her friends for help in choosing products. Game mechanics are used to make the shopping process more fun and to encourage actions on your site that lead to increased conversion and viral traffic. Social Merchandising Improved shopping experience and a seamlessly integrated persuasion path of the PinChoose Toolbar and QuickPins increase the Facebook Connects on your site. Once a visitor is connected, you can personalize your site for them using their social profile data such as gender and age. If they did not buy right away, you can still market to them via e-mail. Connected and engaged shoppers can have 3-5 times greater conversion rate. PinChoose lets your shoppers act as your merchandisers and endorsers by letting your visitors see what items were of interest to their friends and neighbors. Because PinChoose QuickPins are an easy, fast, seamlessly integrated and low-commitment (as opposed to Facebook Like) way to indicate a potentially interesting product, the chances of seeing items chosen by friends or friends of friends are greatly increased.

18 PinChoose Shopping Assistant 18 Social Product Sharing PinChoose employs multiple context-specific avenues for product sharing including strategically placed Facebook Like buttons, ways to publish to the Facebook Wall or Wishlist, as well through Twitter and email. This purposeful and detailed sharing results in more sharing activity as well as higher subsequent clickthrough and conversion rates. Our PinChoose and Express Checkout solutions provide detailed end-to-end tracking and reporting of traffic that results from social product sharing, including its final conversion to a purchase. We enable you to identify the most viral products as well as the specific shoppers whose sharing activities result in the most actual orders so that you can market special offers to such influentials. Syndicated Merchandising™ Make the most of your affiliate programs, blogs and Facebook pages by delivering state of the art rich product presentation right where your product is mentioned with zero integration effort. Our QuickLooQ Syndicated Merchandising™ engages visitors with minimal-commitment by not requiring them to leave the page right away, resulting in much higher eventual click-through rates to your product pages or shopping cart. EngageUI Solutions Summary, continued

19 PinChoose Shopping Assistant 19 Rich Product Presentation QuickLooQ delivers iPad/iPhone-compatible Rich Imaging especially optimized for apparel, shoes and accessories with a retailer-customizable fast, intuitive and attractive user interface. All images are automatically generated, optimized and served from a global high-speed multi-host Content Distribution Network. QuickLooQ provides a state-of-the-art interactive inventory availability browsing, allowing the shopper to quickly and easily see what size and color combinations for a particular product are currently available, back ordered or are low in stock. Conversion Optimization Make checkout faster by filling in your forms for 200 million shoppers who are listed in the White Pages. MetaLinQ Express Checkout takes only 15 minutes to add to your checkout forms and will immediately increase your order volume by 5-10% by increasing conversion rate for such shoppers to as much as 95%. Express Checkout also provides field-level engagement analytics that allow you to pinpoint problem areas in your checkout forms such as fields that are having to be frequently re-filled or the field at which shoppers most frequently abandon. For More Information – Alex Hisen - VP Product - (866) 579-2010 – EngageUI Solutions Summary, continued

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