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The Secret Shopper Salt Lake City September 15, 2008.

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1 The Secret Shopper Salt Lake City September 15, 2008

2 The Secret Shopper Discussion Outline I.Why use secret shoppers? II. Sample Shopping report format III.How to use report data and measure results IV.Set up V.Cost

3 The Secret Shopper I. Why use secret shoppers? Shopping reports give you a snapshot of what real customers encounter Validate service requirements/regulations - Customer Service (telephone operators and drivers) - Appearance of drivers - Cleanliness of vehicles - Availability - Timeliness of pick ups (exact wait times) - Driver’s taking shortest route - Charging correctly/using meters - Driver’s willingness to accept credit cards - Driver’s willingness to provide a receipt - Hotels calling correct companies/payoffs? - Shuttle drivers dropping off at allowed locations? - Anything else you feel is important!!

4 The Secret Shopper Business Owners! Using secret shoppers… Enforces Accountability (keeps employees on their toes!) Provides regular direct customer feedback - Most customers don’t complain, they just go elsewhere and often tell friends of their dissatisfaction. You may be surprised at what you will find out!!

5 The Secret Shopper II. Sample Shopping Report Format

6 The Secret Shopper

7 *We can customize any shopping report to fit your needs. We can use points, percentages and provide statistical data on the results.

8 The Secret Shopper III. How to use report data and measure results Reports enable you to: - Recognize areas for improvement, identify problems and concerns - Obtain the information you need to plan future training - Validate quality service and what is working well - Monitor to ensure consistency Determine trends - Look for patterns and common factors in the reports (If you have a concern and find it occurring in a small sample, it is likely happening on a regular basis). Identify a specific Problem Learn additional detail from Narratives - Narratives are important in giving further detail to the situation. The Who, What and Why about each situation…..Finding out Why something is happening can assist you in solving the problem.

9 The Secret Shopper Use Statistical Reporting - Statistical reporting makes reviewing the data easier and enables you to summarize or quantify the overall experience. (Attach points to certain questions and use percentages/graphs to compare trends (i.e. 75% of drivers are accepting credit cards). - Statistical reports can be used to identify changing trends over time.

10 The Secret Shopper IV. Set Up Determine Geographic locations for the study (specific zip codes/cities) - We have partnerships which enable us to complete shopping reports in almost any location nationwide. Discuss shopper scenarios and what information you want to obtain from your reports Create a form to fit the situation and areas of concern Determine the reporting format and statistical data desired Determine reporting preference - We offer reporting in MS Word/Excel formats, or a web-based tool Determine the sample size We can set up an ongoing schedule or just do occasional samples according to your needs

11 The Secret Shopper V. Cost Determined by the area Grouping rides reduces the cost Average cost $30- $35 per report plus reimbursement (fee is based on grouped rides) There is no set-up fee or extra charge Statistical charts will be an additional fee

12 The Secret Shopper Using secret shoppers regularly is important to ensure consistency!! “The underlying premise of mystery shopping is measurement: measurement to ensure consistency in achieving a specific level of performance, consistency in delivering a specific experience to the customer, consistency in compliance with company policies and procedural expectations. Consistency. The reason mystery shops are not one-off endeavors is that measurement must be undertaken regularly to ensure consistency” MSPA

13 The Secret Shopper Questions? Contact Information: Julie Ingman The Secret Shopper Phone: 1-800-576-8381

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