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GEORGIA Modern. GEORGIA POLITICS When the county unit system was ruled unconstitutional, it was replaced by the one person, one vote concept. The end.

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1 GEORGIA Modern

2 GEORGIA POLITICS When the county unit system was ruled unconstitutional, it was replaced by the one person, one vote concept. The end of the county unit system in 1962 signaled a change in Georgia Politics.


4 GEORGIA POLITICS Who benefited most from re-apportionment One result of the end of the county unit system was the re-apportionment or the redrawing of the boundaries of election districts to ensure that each district is of equal population size

5 GEORGIA POLITICS What is this cartoon trying to say?

6 GEORGIA POLITICS The development of Georgia’s two party system. For nearly a century, only Democrats stood any real chance of winning major elections in Georgia. However Supreme Court rulings striking down segregation and civil rights laws supported by Democratic presidents like Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson, began causing deep resentments among Southern Democrats.

7 GEORGIA POLITICS When Lyndon B Johnson ran for election as the Democratic presidential nominee in 1964, Georgia voted for Republican, Barry Goldwater a senator from Arizona, whose views sounded very much like the conservative Southern Democrats of old. Although Goldwater himself contributed to organizations like the NAACP, him personally did not support segregation he believed firmly in states rights and property rights. Southern Democrats feared their own party as favoring more government intervention and supporting minorities over whites.


9 GEORGIA POLITICS The lopsided victory of Republican Ronald Reagan over Georgia’s Jimmy Carter, showed that the days of the “Solid South” were over. Despite in increase in conservatism during the 1960s, it wasn’t till Southerners decided to forsake their traditional party loyalties that the Republican party was able to dominate its grip on US politics.

10 GEORGIA POLITICS Proof of this development is the fact that Sonny Perdue became the first Republican governor in Georgia in 130 years.

11 GEORGIA Jimmy Carter James Earl Carter got his political start at home. After a career as a naval officer he moved back to planes Georgia and successfully managed his family’s peanut business.

12 GEORGIA Jimmy Carter He then served two terms in state legislature before winning the 1970 governor’s race. Limited to one term by law, Carter used it to streamline state government and made it more efficient. He favored immigration and often feuded with his predecessor and Lieut. Gov. at the time Lester Maddox.

13 GEORGIA Jimmy Carter The Heritage Trust Program was created through an Executive Order signed by Governor Jimmy Carter and given a legislative mandate to purchase and preserve unique lands. Several important state lands were obtained from 1974 to 1980

14 GEORGIA Jimmy Carter After his term as Governor he shocked everyone by announcing he was going to run for president. Jimmy reasoned and campaigned on the fact that during the late 1960’s and throughout the 1970’s most Americans did not trust the leaders of the federal Government. Jimmy Carter

15 GEORGIA Jimmy Carter The reason for the mistrust was the our involvement in Vietnam, and the Watergate scandal of the Nixon Administration. The W/S happened during the 1972 re- election campaign of President Nixon. President Nixon’s Campaign officials were caught breaking into the Democratic National Headquarters which had sat up offices in the Watergate Hotel in Washington DC. Jimmy Carter

16 GEORGIA Jimmy Carter When Nixon was questioned about the incident he denied any involvement but secret recordings revealed that he was aware and tried to cover the whole mess up. Facing impeachment, Nixon resigned from the Presidency and his newly confirmed vice president, Gerald Ford became the 38 th President of the United States. Jimmy Carter

17 GEORGIA Jimmy Carter Carter campaigned as an outsider to Washington. Someone people could trust and seemed like a real regular person. His national campaign headquarters was the rented railroad station in his hometown of Plains Georgia. This unlikely peanut farmer with NO national or international political experience went on to shock the world… Jimmy Carter

18 GEORGIA Jimmy Carter In 1976 Carter became the first and only Georgian to win the presidency. By defeating Ford in relatively close election and on inauguration day the American public cheered their new president as he walked down Pennsylvania Avenue, hand-in-hand with his wife Roselyn rather than riding in the traditional limo.

19 GEORGIA Jimmy Carter Unfortunately the celebration did not last long. Many citizens blamed Carter for the nation’s double-digit inflation and hurting economy. They also blamed him for the on going energy crisis, the high cost of both heating fuel and gasoline.

20 GEORGIA Jimmy Carter Even worse many perceive him as weak. Not long after the president signed a new arms treaty with the Soviet Union the Soviets invaded its neighbor Afghanistan in 1979. How would this make him look weak?

21 GEORGIA Jimmy Carter Carter did, however have at least one success while in office, the Camp David Accords. For centuries Arabs and Jews have fought bitterly for the region of Palestine in the Middle East. A new chapter in this conflict opened in 1948 after the United Nations formally recognize the Jewish state of Israel in the disputed territory. Jewish people welcomed the decision and felt that such a home and was needed after the horrors of the Holocaust.

22 GEORGIA Jimmy Carter Arab nations, however, were furious! They believe the land given to the Jews rightfully belong to the Arab people called Palestinians. As a result, many of these Arab nations and Israel soon fought a series of wars against one another. One of the countries that fought Israel was Egypt. Egypt was largely viewed as the most powerful and influential Arab nation at the time. In 1977 Egypt as president, Anwar Sadat, shocked everyone by traveling to Israel to meet with its prime minister, Menachem Begin.

23 GEORGIA Jimmy Carter President Carter was encouraged by the gesture and invited the two leaders Camp David to try and come up with a lasting peace agreement between the two nations. At first the meetings were unproductive because Begin and Sadat could not agree on a number of key issues. Eventually however thanks largely to Carter’s tireless efforts, Egypt and Israel came to a historic peace agreement. The three leaders signed the Camp David Accords on September 17, 1978.

24 GEORGIA Jimmy Carter Even more damaging for Carter was the Iran Hostage Crisis. In 1979 Iranian students stormed the US Embassy and took those inside as hostage. The students were part of a revolution that overthrew the former ruler the Shah of Iran and replace him with a Muslim government. They were angry at Carter for letting the Shaw into the United States for medical treatment and demanded the president return the Shaw to Iran to stand trial in exchange for the hostages. When Carter refused a long standoff followed.

25 GEORGIA Jimmy Carter Eventually, five months into the crisis, Carter tries to rescue attempt that failed when the military helicopter collided with transport plane, killing several US soldiers. In the meantime many people in the US felt angry and humiliated. Many of them blame the president for letting it happen. Finally, within hours of Carter leaving office, a Iranians release the hostages, in the long nightmare was over.

26 GEORGIA Jimmy Carter Despite his accomplishments at Camp David, Carter could not overcome the nation’s economic troubles or the crisis in Iran. On election night, 1980, the nation overwhelmingly voted for his opponent Ronald Reagan however since leaving office, president Carter has become one of the most admired ex-presidents in history rather than retreating to a quiet life of retirement Carter has remained active in charitable projects like Habitat for Humanity. He has often been called on by some of his successors in the White House to represent the United States in diplomatic efforts due to his hard work and accomplishments he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002.

27 GEORGIA TRANSPORTAION One of the reasons for Georgia’s growth is it’s accessible transportation system translation systems include airports, railway lines, seaports, and highways. Such systems prove valuable to states and cities because they allowed goods to be hauled, imported, and exported much more efficient link. They also increase tourism and business, both of which help the local economy.

28 GEORGIA TRANSPORTAION Hartsfield-Jackson international Airport, contributes greatly to the state’s economy. In 2006, it was named the “busiest airport in the world,” servicing millions of passengers each year in shipping tons of cargo. Having one of the world’s most sophisticated and active airports helps the city attract major events and additional business. It literally produces billions of dollars a year for Georgia.

29 GEORGIA TRANSPORTAION Georgia also benefits from its interstate highways. These highways make it easy for Georgia businesses to transport goods throughout the country, or to the airports or seaports for trade overseas. Georgia has four interstate highways. Of the four only I-95 does not cut to the heart of Atlanta. Between its interstate highways and roads, this transportation system reaches every address in Georgia.

30 GEORGIA TRANSPORTAION Georgia also depends heavily on its deep water ports. The ports are the entry point for many of the products Georgians depends on. Savannah and Brunswick’s are the two major ports each providing billions of dollars in revenue and thousands of jobs for the state. They are both located close to rail lines and interstates which makes it easy for ships be unloaded and their cargo transported to cities further inland.

31 GEORGIA TRANSPORTAION Although other forms of transportation have replaced the railroads to some degree, they still play an important role in Georgia. State still has roughly 5000 miles of track used to haul cargo to and from shipyards, farms, and warehouses.

32 GEORGIA Key Industries Agriculture still makes up over 10% of the state’s income every year. Other industries have become major parts of Georgia’s economy as well. Non-food wholesale and retail industries, banking and finance, music and entertainment, professional athletics and major sporting events in places like Atlanta paper products, tourism, media and television, and numerous other industries all play important parts in the states bustling modern economy.

33 GEORGIA International business There are currently between 1500 and 2000 internationally owned facilities in Georgia in addition to a number of foreign businesses and international banks. For instance, Kia, the Korean auto manufacturer chose Georgia as its site for its new US plant in 2006. International investments in state health Georgians in several ways. First, they pump more money into the states economy. Second, they create jobs. And foreign businesses build facilities or open offices in Georgia, they usually hire local residents as employees. As a result, the state benefits from more employment

34 GEORGIA Major Businesses & Entrepreneurs In 1886, and it landed druggist named John Pemberton invented a new drink to cure headaches the drink effectively ease people’s pain in large part because it contained cocaine in 1892 Asa Candler bought the rights to the drink for $2300 and begin marketing Coca-Cola as a regular drink rather than a medicine. In 1919 he sold company for $25 million to Ernest Woodruff. His son Robert took over and built Coke into a worldwide sensation.

35 GEORGIA Major Businesses & Entrepreneurs Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank founded the Home Depot in Atlanta in 1978. By 2004 the Home Depot’s profits exceeded $5 billion! Today, the Home Depot is in all 50 states and in several foreign nations as well. HD is world’s largest home-improvement store and second-largest retailer in the nation. Arthur Blank ultimately became so wealthy that he bought the Atlanta Falcons in 2002 and is currently one of the most recognized owners in the NFL.

36 GEORGIA Major Businesses & Entrepreneurs Owen Cheatham created what became Georgia-Pacific in 1927. Originally a lumber company, is currently the largest wholesale supplier of building products in North America and the second largest producer of paper products. The company operates over 600 plants in the United States and elsewhere, reporting profits of more than $250 million each year.

37 GEORGIA Major Businesses & Entrepreneurs Delta Airlines began as a crop-dusting business in 1924 and grew to become one of the nations major airlines under the leadership of C. E. Woolman. Woolman moved his company’s headquarters from Macon to Atlanta to take advantage of its up-and-coming airport.

38 GEORGIA 1996 Summer Olympics Preparations for the games were intense, since many of the sports venues had to be expanded and others needed to be designed and built. Funds came from a variety of sources, including more than $1 billion in public money as well as ticket sales and corporate sponsorships that were sold to many types of businesses.

39 GEORGIA 1996 Summer Olympics Private investment also came in the form of hotel construction as approximately 7,500 rooms were built between 1990 and the opening of the games. This brought the number of hotel rooms in the Atlanta area to more than 60,000.

40 GEORGIA 1996 Summer Olympics Olympic Village The Olympic Village, located on the Georgia Tech campus, was open July 6- August 7, 1996. The village was home to more than 14,000 athletes, coaches, trainers, and officials from 197 national Olympic committees, almost 10,000 employees (mostly volunteers), 4,000 guests, and hundreds of media representatives, with a daily population of nearly 30,000.

41 GEORGIA 1996 Summer Olympics The federal government spent millions of dollars on replacing sidewalks, installing pedestrian signs, planting trees, putting up new lighting, and installing public art and adding to green spaces. As soon as the streets in the downtown area were fixed up for Olympic visitors, a representative of city government leased space to temporary vendors in tents, stalls, and carts, creating a carnival atmosphere that became the subject of much controversy.

42 GEORGIA 1996 Summer Olympics The pleasant mood of the Olympics changed suddenly in the early morning of July 27, when a pipe bomb exploded in Centennial Olympic Park during a concert, causing two deaths and more than 100 injuries. While the athletic competition continued, security became tighter for subsequent Olympic events.

43 GEORGIA 1996 Summer Olympics Downtown Atlanta received several tangible legacies from the Olympics. In addition to an improved pedestrian environment, preparations for the games included the construction of new housing and the conversion of existing buildings into lofts. This gave the city a twenty- four-hour population that helped reverse several decades of decline.

44 GEORGIA 1996 Summer Olympics Many of Atlanta's sports facilities were replaced or upgraded for the Olympics, including the Olympic Stadium, which was refitted as Turner Field, the home of Atlanta's professional baseball team, the Braves.

45 GEORGIA 1996 Summer Olympics The hosting of the 1996 Olympic Games made a lasting imprint on Atlanta, bringing increased attention and investment to the area from around the globe.

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