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Mrs. Youngblood’s 2 nd Grade Class 2012-2013. Please feel free to look around today. Questions? Don’t hesitate to ask! This slideshow will repeat…

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1 Mrs. Youngblood’s 2 nd Grade Class 2012-2013

2 Please feel free to look around today. Questions? Don’t hesitate to ask! This slideshow will repeat…

3 1. Please put away school supplies Scavenger Hunt directions on the counter by the door 2. Forms – please return ASAP to the OFFICE Medical, Walker Release, Medication, etc. Free & Reduced Lunch- forms in the cafeteria? Available in the office 3. Volunteer Packets – available tonight in the classroom If you would like to help TODAY, let me know!

4 There are 81 (and growing) Imagine Charter Schools around the country? The co-founder of Imagine Schools wrote a best selling book? Imagine Indigo Ranch was reviewed in 2010 by a division of the Colorado Dept. of Education and was considered to be one of the top 5% of schools in the state? D49 decides how much state money to share with charter schools in their district? D49 decides how much money to charge for mandatory services provided by the district to Imagine Indigo Ranch?

5 We are a peanut free classroom

6 Peanut Danger! Please do not send ANYTHING with peanuts to school this year. (My daughter and several other students are severely allergic.) No Peanuts in lunches No Peanuts in snacks No Peanuts at parties No Peanuts in birthday treats **Please help keep everyone safe!**

7 online 24/7 classroom news Please pick up my card or go to This power point presentation is available too!

8 Favorite Snacks Please share your student’s favorite snacks on the website. Search: HEALTHY SNACKS Your input will help others find new and delicious alternatives to peanuts this year. Thank You!

9 1. Class begins at ______________. 2. School ends most of the time at ____________. True or False Parents must know all the Riggs markings to help their student with spelling.

10 Outside Doors Please do not open outside doors to strangers Students are not allowed to open doors at any time Please enter the building through the FRONT DOOR or make other arrangements with the teacher

11 Please refer to the handout today.

12 teacher demonstrates, we do together, students try it alone Curriculum is research based and designed with proven “best practices” in mind Student/Teacher engagement with the opportunity to practice new concepts and review old ones “Regular, daily attendance in class is extremely important to the educational process. Missed time in the classroom cannot always be replicated well with make-up work.” from the Family Handbook

13 & Homework Information Available at The Teacher’s Desk website.

14 E – Excellent (performing above the expectations of 2 nd grade) G - Good (performing on grade level) – E’s and/or G’s required in ALL academic subjects (including enCORE) for Honor Roll certificates S - Satisfactory (performing in the lower range of expectations) N - Needs Improvement (performing below 2 nd grade expectations)

15 Sign Ups Classroom Parties? Coming Soon! Watch your email for more information Interested in volunteering? Please take a Volunteer Packet with you tonight and return ASAP

16 Supervised before and after school care Please visit them tonight for more info.

17 ALL students will get a turn “Read All About Me” poster example in classroom At the end of the day (Monday – Thursday) Show-N-Share (Friday’s Only) Bring a special stuffed animal, book or souvenir but no pets, please.

18 This program is sponsored by the PTO Only 1 student per month “Core Virtue Basket” drawing by teacher each month Notes will come home in Thursday Folders Parents or 1 guest only Some parents provide a special meal

19 We celebrate birthday’s during LUNCH Please feel free to bring special treats at this time. We have five minutes to clean up so the more simple the better! Parents or the birthday child are welcome to pass out treats – I am not always available No peanuts or tree nuts please

20 Optional Hot Lunch D49 offers hot lunch – please visit them tonight in the cafeteria and set up your student’s account. **Free and reduced lunch forms are available – ask in the cafeteria for details tonight.**

21 Only water bottles w/flip tops or straws filled with water only (no sports drinks or health drinks) Simple finger snacks only – NO PEANUTS! Conference As Needed Only October 11 th & 12 th on calendar **additional conferences by request** 2 nd Grade Reading Rewards will begin 2 nd Qtr.

22 Please refer to the Family Handbook or Student Planners for details Parents will be called if a student is not in uniform including shoes, missing belts, holes in clothing, etc. (For some reason…small holes get bigger throughout the day ) If parents cannot help, emergency contacts will be called. If the situation cannot be resolved by lunch, students may have to wait in the office. We hate to inconvenience you, so thanks for your cooperation!

23 Discipline & Classroom Management Posters along the back wall & all around the room Details in the Family Handbook Report Bullying – as soon as possible Conflict Resolution Skills – part of our procedures Recovery Reflection – behavior notes sent home for parents to sign

24 Online orders only Look for more information in the Thursday Folder soon Orders processed the last day of every month – if you miss a deadline, you can order for the next month (Last order will be placed April, 2013.)

25 Poster are around the room. We will review… Review Please let me know if you have any questions!

26 Speaking of procedures… If you would like to review the procedure for dismissal with your student tonight – please do! Do they know where their younger sibling’s classroom is located? Mr. Stanton, our Parent Parking Volunteer, is available in the gym if you would like to arrange neighborhood carpools or if you have questions

27 If I did not have enough time for your question tonight, please feel free to contact me by email, comment on The Teacher’s Desk or leave a message on my classroom phone. I will get back with you as soon as possible!

28 I look forward to a great year! Mrs. Youngblood Mrs. Leone may have a presentation tonight that will begin soon.


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