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Management Team Timothy W. Skaryd- President William C. Skaryd- Director of Sales 1849 West 24 th Street Cleveland, OH 44113 216-566-0300

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2 Management Team Timothy W. Skaryd- President William C. Skaryd- Director of Sales 1849 West 24 th Street Cleveland, OH 44113 216-566-0300

3 Who is Hospitality Sales & Marketing? –Over 25 Years Experience in the Foodservice Industry –Contract Manufacturing Expertise –Nationwide Distribution –Full Line of Foodservice and Retail Products –Private Label Specialists –FDA/USDA/3 rd Party Certified Facilities –HACCP Certified Manufacturing Plants

4 Our Product Lines Culinary Concepts- Full Line of Sauces, Dressings, and Marinades Herbco Intl- Dry Herbs and Spice Blends The Ohio Relish Company- All-Natural Chow Chows and Mustard Garden Harvest- Pickled Items Mount Perry- Fully Prepared Salads So-Good- Fully Prepared BBQ Beef, Pork, Coney Sauce, and Sloppy Joe Menza Foods- Frozen Soups, Appetizers, and Entrees Reid Foods- Retail Sauces, Dressings, Soups, Mustards, Jams, and Jellies Bickford Flavors- All-Natural Flavors and Extract Lemon Tree Foods- Mexican Fried Ice Cream Mix

5 Fully Prepared Sauces, Dressings, and Marinades Shelf Stable Ready to Use Packed in 4/1-Gallon Cases Available for Private Label Unique Flavor Profiles Culinary Concepts

6 Arizona Blaze Bayou Cajun Wing Sauce Blueberry BBQ Sauce Buff-A-Que Garlic Butter Sauce Garlic Parmesan Peppercorn Honey Mustard Sauce Jamaican Jerk Sauce Kana Kanji Lemon Pepper Sauce Kana Kanji Sweet and Sour Sauce Kana Kanji Teriyaki Sauce Light Garlic Wing Sauce Mississippi Mash Mom’s BBQ Sauce Mom’s Spicy BBQ Sauce New York Garlic Wing Sauce New York Hot Wing Sauce Your Solution For Sauces & Dressings New York Hot Garlic Wing Sauce New York Original Wing Sauce New York Ranch Wing Sauce New York XX Wing Sauce New York XXXX Wing Sauce Onion Petal Dipping Sauce Panhandle BBQ Sauce Panhandle Honey BBQ Sauce Samurai Fever Sauce (Szechwan) Spicy Garlic Parmesan Sweet Chili Balsamic Vinaigrette Creamy Roasted Garlic Dressing Mimosa Orange Vinaigrette Smokey Bacon Vinaigrette Wimbledon Strawberry Vinaigrette

7 4 Peppercorn Seasoning 7 Pepper Seasoning Adobo All Purpose Apple Pie Seasoning Barbeque Blackening Seasoning Brisket Rub Cajun Seasoning Celery Salt Chicken Seasoning Chili Powder Chinese 5 Spice Cool Ranch Herb & Spice Blends Curry Madras Curry Powder Fajita Seasoning Garam Masala Garlic Salt Gourmet Garlic Blend Herbs De Provence Hot Curry Italian Seasoning Italian with Salt Italian without Salt Jerk Seasoning Lemon Pepper Memphis Rib Rub Onion Salt Pepper Steak Seasoning Pork Seasoning Prime Rib Seasoning Pumpkin Pie Seasoning Rib Rub Sazon Season Salt Smokehouse Blend Sour Cream and Onion Steak Seasoning Sweet BBQ Tandoori Young's 1-Step Breading Word of Mouth Seasoning

8 Flavors Pack Size BBQ Pork6/#10 Cans 12/12-Oz Bottles BBQ Beef6/#10 Cans 12/12-Oz Bottles Sloppy Joe6/#10 Cans 12/16-Oz Bottles Coney Island Sauce6/#10 Cans 12/8-Oz Bottles Heat & Serve Fully Prepared

9 Mt Perry Foods Fully Prepared Salads Fully Prepared Sandwiches Sandwich Kit Cheese Spreads Ground Beef Spice Kits Vegetable Platters Bakery Specialties, Featuring Heavenly Whoopie Cookies

10 Firenze Foods Chef Inspired Foodservice Entrees Bowtie with Chicken and Broccoli Rigatoni with Sausage and Peppers Cheese Ravioli Cavatappi with Chicken and Spinach Creamy Shells Farfalle With Shrimp and Vegeatbles Vacuum Packed Frozen Ready in Minutes Fully Prepared

11 FlavorPack Size Herbert’s Original Chow Chow12/16-Oz Bottles 4/1- Gallon Herbert’s Hot Chow Chow12/16-Oz Bottles 4/1- Gallon Herbert’s Hot Dog Mustard12/8-Oz Bottle 4/1-Gallon All Natural Shelf-Stable Gluten -Free Fat Free No Preservatives

12 FlavorPack Size Original Mustard12/8-Oz Bottles 4/1- Gallon Honey Horseradish12/8-Oz Bottles 4/1- Gallon HENSKI’S All Natural World Famous Mustard

13 Duffy’s Sauce The Sauce With Sass! Perhaps the greatest innovation for the Bloody Mary is DUFFY’S SAUCE! DUFFY’S SAUCE is a combination of 21 seasonings, flavorings, and herbs carefully blended to provide a perfect Bloody Mary when added to tomato juice and vodka. Pack Size 12/16-Oz Bottles 12/10-Oz Bottles

14 Original Pasta Sauce Marinara Sauce 4-Cheese Sauce Arrabbiatta Sauce Meat Sauce Zio Vincenzo Sauce All-Natural Shelf Stable 12/32-Oz Glass Bottle Made from Puree!

15 JamsSalsas PreservesFudges SoupsPasta Sauces DipsDry Pasta All-Natural!Available for Private Label!

16 New York Hot Wing Sauce New York Garlic Wing Sauce New York Mild Wing Sauce Panhandle Honey BBQ Sauce Sweet Mesquite BBQ Sauce Mississippi Mash BBQ Sauce Samurai Fever Oriental Sauce Lemon Pepper Sauce and Marinade Mimosa Orange Vinaigrette Smokey Bacon Vinaigrette Creamy Roasted Garlic Dressing Wimbledon Strawberry Vinaigrette Balsamic Italian vinaigrette Garden Ranch Full Line of Sauces and Dressings 2-Year Shelf Life 12/12-Oz Bottles

17 Lemon Tree Foods No Frying= Healthier Less Prep Time- Less cost Not Just for Mexican Restaurants Fat Free Allergen Free Low Sodium Available In 9.25-Oz Resealable Bag 2-Pound Resealable Bag 10-Pound Bag in a Box

18 All-Natural Certified Kosher 4-Fold in Strength No Minimum Order Over 100-Flavors 95 Year-Old Company

19 AlmondAmarettoAniseAppleApple CherryApple CinnamonApple MapleApricot BananaBanana StrawberryBasilBlack CurrantBlack WalnutBlackberryBlueberryBourbon BoysenberryBrandyBubblegumBurnt SugarButterButterButter AlmondButter MintButter Mint Butter PecanButter RumButterscotchCaramelChampagneChardonnayCheesecakeCherry, BlackCherry Mint Cherry,SweetCherry, WildChiliChili, SpicyChocolateChocolate AlmondChocolate CherryChocolate MintCinnamonCinnamonCinnamon ButterCloveCoconutCoffee ColaCotton CandyCranberryCream CheeseCrème de MentheCream SodaCreamsicleEggnog FigGarlicGarlic ButterGinGingerGraham CrackerGrand MarnierGrape GuavaHabaneroHazelnutHoneyHorehoundIrish CreamKahluaKey LimeKiwi Fruit LemonLemonLimeLimeMalted MilkMangoMapleMaple WalnutMaraschino MarshmallowMelonMintMochaNutmegOnionOrangeOrangeOrange, BloodPapayaPassion FruitPeachPeanut ButterPearPecanPeppermintPeppermint Pina Colada PineapplePistachioPomegranatePlumPralinePumpkinRaisinRaspberry Raspberry, BlackRaspberry, RedRoot BeerRosemaryRumRum RaisinSherrySpearmint StrawberryStrawberry GuavaStrawberry KiwiTangerineToffeeTropical FruitVanilla Butternut VioletWalnutWatermelonWintergreenPure Vanilla(contains alcohol)*Dark Vanilla*Light VanillaVanilla PowderPropylene GlycolAnnatto, NaturalBeet Red, NaturalBlue F, D, & CBrown, F, D, & C Chlorophyll, NaturalEggshade, F, D, & CGreen, F, D, & COrange, F, D, & CPink, F, D, & CRed, F, D, & CYellow F, D, & C

20 Contract Manufacturing/Private Labeling Minimums

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