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Application Development Center (ADC) User Stories The Foundation of Success Sorroya Carder & Dana Dietz BAPDD September 5, 2014.

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1 Application Development Center (ADC) User Stories The Foundation of Success Sorroya Carder & Dana Dietz BAPDD September 5, 2014

2 June 12, 2012 Application Development Center (ADC) 1 Introduction & Context Backlog Creation & Management Collaboration Defining Done Activity Agenda

3 June 12, 2012 Application Development Center (ADC) Nationwide’s Application Development Center is a service organization grounded in Agile & Lean. We partner with 19 business solution areas connected with Nationwide business units. We focus on Tier 1 & 2 new build efforts. We are made of 44 standing teams sized to match the scope delivered. 2 Setting the Stage Application Development Center (ADC) 2 Photo Credit: Joe deSousa Main stage of the Palais Garnier, Paris 51sb6H-7s2meC-6Q7Axo-BFjSx-cqSE2y-AHDb9-nSc2Dw-9HPsv4-3o41g-aEzePX-9A5WCf- 5UnDmk-aEA6gB-aEDVey-aED4M7-6jJmvi-e32qPu-rWGpZ-8EgkuA-51auKA-aEzf9c-aEA55t- 9HPsuV-4rt1gV-6ZYoaq-85tKqw-a75iHa-3CFyB-6YXmg8-9fT9DD-6tTQiq-4kZsJT-dHRiaY- 8wf9AR-8WHfE6-dWYyPt-bXT54q-5aWM2t-aEA78X-bsP3bY-5BUaYW-aEA5Yc-fxggYL-xzGxX- b9BqHP-cnwPHY-dHKRsT

4 June 12, 2012 Application Development Center (ADC) 3 Our line reference model calls for requirements analysts in 1:4:2 ratio (1 analyst, 4 developers and 2 testers) Continuous Improvement guides progress & change Continuous learning guides career development Standard Work guides day to day efforts Nationwide & the ADC Application Development Center (ADC) 3 Photo Credit: TEDxColumbo TEDxColumbo 2014 | Creating Collaboration o8wgZD-nRkjT9-nRkt9s-o8we2e-o6MbNo-o8JrMS-o6MhA5-o8JuSE-o6M9Xu-o8Gd3U-o8Jvo9- o8Gbqf-o8GbZm-nRkqFG-nRm8Ta-oaAQTX-nRk9HG-nRkrwu-o8Ggwh-o8whSv-nRm23r- o8wgoZ-nRkcNP-nRksH7-nRkf2r-o8Gf7d-oaAGzx-oaAH6x-o6Migo-o8JsgN-nRm6NP-nRm3RM- o8wdci-nRk9cv-nRkczx-o8PuS2-nRkr6E-o8GeM5-o8PxjM-o8wcFD-o8JkU9-nRk5NC-o8GfJA- nRjYty-e6Yvv7-7P5kei-7P5kfk-7P5kaK

5 June 12, 2012 Application Development Center (ADC) 4 Stories are the smallest unit of work that provides business value –Sized by effort to ensure completion in a two- week iteration –Prioritized by value to ensure successful delivery Stories are written in the language of business and describe: –Preconditions –user actions –system results Stories describe ‘what’ not ‘how’ –Solutions are created by the whole team –Alternatives are often better than the original conception Why we use stories Application Development Center (ADC) 4 Photo Credit: the. Firebottle Journals A shelf of journals, in Howard-Tilton. Color adjusted for indoor/ Incandescent light on film. 5XFsPv-5gPsUf-aHJLkF-8ykv7K-867CsB-9XwYzp-8XTSWM-bbT1QP-9mvEet-8QGX7v- 5WZB8d-7BdqHi-b7Fipi-9PTgJ2-8kypMu-e8Usnw-abadYb-5Y8MUe-8A6XSi-75WYfa-5XKGyS- 974n1w-fBPR5R-7qKmoy-8atT6u-9Q8uVj-3Za1Bh-9QRKkU-6HRbCv-678Xx1-5R4nPS- 7BdqHe-9PzryU-8Aa4Lm-8GrCj3-4irB9n-bbT1Yz-4tNHEk-68F3Zi-9QRKcm-ecU87t-6HR8nH- 4TDGj4-68e2Gf-jKnVpM-5cVDcr-81Nskq

6 June 12, 2012 Application Development Center (ADC) 5 Story format: As a I can So that Feature/Epic/Story decomposition provides a foundation for elaboration at the right time Relevance to scope and business value can be checked throughout the process Ready backlog for about two iterations creates enough cushion to handle changes A regular cadence for prioritization & estimation occurs within each iteration Grooming the backlog happens every day – adds & deletes welcome Backlog Creation & Management Application Development Center (ADC) 5 Photo Credit: Bruce Fingerhood Caboose SP caboose, Oakridge OR. 9aUjKE-78bfJF-bhFUTv-9uRiju-gTqRS-e8aEo-hAujA5-69yJK1-dQpKkM-9ZHHS-arCNp-dm2izk-5Caj3-78iiEq- aG4kaR-6kpQG9

7 June 12, 2012 Application Development Center (ADC) 6 Cross-discipline discussion is the norm - stories cannot be considered ready for development without conversation Business sign off happens before testing and development can begin A common understanding of scope ensures value delivery for the business & the user Ambiguity is removed through conversation not narrative - more words does not equal better understanding Trust your team mates and put your ego aside Be here now! Collaboration Application Development Center (ADC) 6 Photo Credit: Ben Grey Collaboration Little hands working together to create a very neat design project during summer school. 91WZKG-9dyrJ6-dCoXdQ-c4zefQ-dCxTmP-dQPxf5-83BtBw-cinupf-g84t5g-o8PBhM-3NNiJ6-hecZoJ-8n3Cg8- aPWeJ-rxeLt-6Hcqhn-3NNiGK-3NNiJD-3NSCP1-3NNiJP-3NSCN7-8g8DQu-3NNiGV-65RLiu-fwiGVv-kC1swK- g7Yjhj-a6aBAX-6vWiQq-igGjkX-gpfxYC-8rLgD6-61ecf-5QjZYU-3gw9x6-95M447-7bd3g8-etj5Y-bA74uz- hmhAvC-gpfxQw-nUQGEa-g7YXf7-93HK87-cTuWJL

8 June 12, 2012 Application Development Center (ADC) 7 Keep it simple – the human brain can only remember 5 to 7 things at one time Non-functional requirements need to be measurable so they can be verified and validated User focused requirements keep attention on those who will interact with the system Acceptance criteria in Gherkin or Given When Then format is an easy-to-use adaptation for communication of DONE Stories are written in partnership with testing & development - varied perspectives create a holistic picture The depth of elaboration depends on the needs of the team Clear Definition of Done Application Development Center (ADC) 7 Photo Credit: Pacific Northwest Agricult… check 9Rcny9-4wbTsn-crypQA-mmw449-9k6bsF-6TcQag-89aBGN-aPPU3K-71M5wp-71R4ns-gVf5s-iWveBA- iaTeNV-A5tWY-gfNeqp

9 June 12, 2012 Application Development Center (ADC) 8 1.Break out in groups 2.Grab your dry erase flip charts & markers 3.Write requirements for making a PB&J sandwich Remember to: –Prioritize –Remove ambiguity –Define Done 4.Regroup & review It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time Application Development Center (ADC) 8 Photo Credit: Steven Depolo PB&J Sandwich Dinner at Marie Cartrib’s in East Hills January 18, 2012 9 KRGvu-9fw1u7-97RSNv-4wiwLb-4wcgcQ-8j3wzU-7CbV4K-5cCGiy-4jH21K-62u87Q-6YVE6n-8j3wyh-o4DUuV- 4LgyjX-7nkKYM-aYZ1tV-bNrFQB-b15HR-gjScD6-8MBSEV-9tyVED-6N1kjD-67rP3E-am3ZRe-9QKgSV-eJnFip- eEaiRM-am6MNw-am3Z76-am6NxA-am6NrG-am6LZs-am6NKu-7dnvxw-5TLqUZ-6mSaGq-fjiPJa-7gukXG- 9Fe51y-9Fb8kP-9Fe4pG-9Fb7DV-aotU2h-5Gptkj-umZtU

10 Application Development Center (ADC) BAPDD – Columbus, OH – September 5, 2014

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