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Good morning! You’re home Enjoy our online lesson.

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1 Good morning! You’re home Enjoy our online lesson

2 No Difference a poem by Shel Silverstein from: Where the Sidewalk Ends Harper & Row 1974  Online poetry lesson  Literature - 2 poems  Theme: Differences  Literary term: Simile  Technology: online teaching, computers

3 Different!

4 Pre Reading Activity  What do you think about when you hear the word ‘different’? This means Chat!

5  What is a ”song” in Hebrew?  What is a “poem” in Hebrew? This means write a note!

6  In English, they’re different. How is a song different from a poem ?

7 Can a poem become a song? This means a poll!

8  Let’s see a clip of the poem “No Difference”  Then you’ll answer some questions.  Watch the clip  No Difference No Difference

9 After watching:  1. Did you like the poem?  2. Go to chat and explain why.

10 Let’s read the poem together “No Difference” Reading Activity

11 No Difference by Shel Silverstein Small as a peanut, Big as a giant, We're all the same size When we turn off the light. Red, black or orange, Yellow or white, We all look the same When we turn off the light. So maybe the way To make everything right Is for God to just reach out And turn off the light!

12 Translate these words: giant peanut same size turn off right reach out  נכון/מוצדק  אותו הגודל  ענק  בוטן  להושיט יד  מכבה

13 Colors  Look at the colors mentioned in the poem. These colors are used to describe people in the poem. ○ Question : What color describes you? Let’s look at the differences.

14 In a few minutes, I’m going to ask you to go to the School site and find the file for today’s task. First, we will talk about Similes.

15 In this poem, the poet uses ‘ Similes ’ Literary Term: simile

16 What is a 'simile‘?  "Small as a peanut, Big as a giant". Translate the line: _______________________________  A simile compares two things using the words “as” or “like”. =השוואה של שני דברים עם המילים "סימילי" “AS” OR “LIKE”

17 Your turn! Finish this sentence in your own way: "Small as a ………”

18  Find another simile. When you find it, send me a note.  Go ahead!  I’m waiting. Find a simile in the poem

19 Okay, now you’re ready for your task. Go to : “ המשימות שלי " 1. Open the Word Document 2. Follow the instructions. 3. I will be here until 10:15. If you need help, come onto chat and ask me.

20 1. Find an image. Search on the net! Go here: What kind of pictures do you see? Find a good picture and paste it onto your page. Give it a title.

21 2. Read the poem “Fair Dinkum”

22 Fair Dinkum – poet unknown When I was born, I was black. When I grow up, I'm black. When I'm ill, I'm black. When I go out in the sun, I'm black. When I'm cold, I'm black. When I die, I'm black. But you – When you're born, you're pink. When you grow up, you're white. When you're ill, you're green. When you go out in the sun, you go red. When you're cold, you go blue. When you die, you're purple. And you dare call me colored?

23 3. Paint the poem with colors For example: “When you're born, you're pink.”

24 4. What is 'colored'? Go to Fill in the missing words: "Colored is a term ….. in the ……. to describe …. people" Go to qwiki to listen to an explanation:

25 Add 2 images to the poem: 1) the Writer 2) the one he's speaking to These images should help someone else understand the poem. Give each image a title.

26 Go to linoit ----- and post your images.. Then, upload your work to : המשימות שלי

27 Opinion: 1. Which poem do you like better: ‘No Difference’ or “Fair Dinkum”? Why? 2. Do you think other kids should read these poems? Why?

28 Now, go to the song “Just Like You” by Keb Mo.Just Like You” Listen and fill in the missing lyrics on your workpage. Why did he call the song “ Just Like You ”? Is this song similar to the poems or different? Why?

29 Reflection: What did we learn? - New words - Differences - Similarities “ Simile” - Comparing Did you enjoy this online lesson? Could we make it better next time?

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