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Feel free to look around our classroom. Sign in at the table to get your choice of conference times. Read your child’s note to you. Fill out the “I Remember.

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1 Feel free to look around our classroom. Sign in at the table to get your choice of conference times. Read your child’s note to you. Fill out the “I Remember When” sheet and place in your child’s desk. We will get started shortly. WELCOME TO BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT

2  I graduated from K-State in May 2011.  This is my fourth year teaching at Brookwood Elementary.  2 years in 4 th grade, 2 nd year in 5 th grade  I will graduate this May with my Master’s Degree in Education Technology, with an emphasis in Library Sciences from Pitt State. YAY!  I grew up and live in Olathe, KS.  I am extremely close to my family and friends. GET TO KNOW MISS MIHELIC

3 GOALS  The goals for my students areto:  Be capable citizens.  Have personal responsibility.  Believe in themselves and theirabilities.  Be naturally curious and seektheir own answers.  Have a love for learning andmaking discoveries.

4 IPADS  5M iPad Deployment will be September 2!  Students must have their usernames/IDs and passwords  To prepare our students for the 21 st century, the digital learning initiativeallows students to be 1:1 with iPads.  To ensure our iPads enhance our learning,students will use them responsibly,respectfully, and safely.  This is a new and exciting time for SMSDand we will be LEARNING TOGETHER all the possibilities our iPads offer!  Students will be required to charge theiriPad at home. (Try to make this part oftheir evening routine.) I’m “liking” all the ways we can use iPads!

5  TRIAD= Parents + Teacher + Student  Work together to reach the ultimate goal of the student’s success  Student Planner  Planners no longer have to be signed and soon will be on the iPad! Students should rely on planners to see what is due. A parent signature will only be required if there is a need such as homework not being completed.  Communication Folder (Silver/Blue SMSD Folder)  The folder will be sent home at the end of each week to share how the week went in terms of responsibility and behavior. Parents will sign at the end of the week and return on Monday. This a great communication tool!  Your signature will also count for their home reading. (THIS IS NEW!)  Email/Call/Write  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. PARENT/TEACHER COMMUNICATION

6  Baxter Bucks  Students earn Baxter Bucks by showing Baxter’s 3 Bes:  Be Safe  Be Respectful  Be Responsible  Students are saving up for in demand menu that they came up with.  Baxter Buck Menu Baxter Buck Menu  Shout Outs!  Students add a Shout Out! to our board when they spy a classmate doing good and going above and beyond.  At the end of the week, a Shout Out! raffle takes place where the student poses with the trophy, autographs their picture, and is added to the Wall of Fame.  Friday Fun Club  Students can earn an extra recess on Friday based on their week. Those student that receive 3 or more strikes will work in the opportunity room to get any missing work done. POSITIVELY POSITIVE

7 DEPARTMENTALIZING  SCIENCE  Mrs. Swanson  SOCIAL STUDIES  Miss Mihelic  We have common plan time and meet dailyto discuss curriculum and bring up anyconcerns we have regarding students in agiven subject area.  If you have any questions or concerns for aspecific subject, email the responsibleteacher and myself.

8  Each night homework will include:  Home Reading  30 minutes + Log  Study Spelling Words  Thursdays  Computation Side of Math Quiz  Homework may also include:  Math Assignments  Language Arts  Social Studies  Science  Students will keep track of their homework in their planner. HOMEWORK

9  Home Reading will be given out on Monday and due on Monday.  Students should read 30 minutes/day or 150 minutes/week.  Students will summarize or reflect on their daily reading.  Logs should have at least 4 of the 5 entries filled out.  Old school paper for now, eventually this will be on their iPad!  One and Done  Your one signature on your child’s communication folder will also act as your signature for their home reading log!  Home Reading Log Home Reading Log  If 100% of our class turns in completed HR on time during the first quarter they will earn a class party! HOME READING

10 GRADES  Letter grades will be given in subjectareas.  Grades will be based on the following:  A = 100%-90%  B = 89%-80%  C = 79%-70%  D= 69-60%  F= 59% and Below

11 FIELD TRIPS  Rosa Parks at the Coterie Theatre—October  Lanesfield—Spring 2015  More to come!  When parent volunteers are needed forfield trips I will send out an email and dofirst come, first serve.

12  Our web backpack gives you a sneak peek in our classroom.  Classroom Calendar/Daily Schedule  Book Orders  Websites and Resources  Login Information  General Information  Homework will not be recorded on our web backpack, but recorded in the student’s planner.  WEB BACKPACK

13 SNACKS IN THE CLASSROOM  We are a peanut/nut free school, whichmeans no peanut or nut products in theclassroom.  Students may bring a healthy snack to eatthroughout the day in our classroom.  Students may bring a treat in for the classto celebrate their birthday. We have 28kiddos in our class.  Remember to check the ingredients to ensurethat the birthday treat is peanut/nut free.  If you have a kiddo with a food allergy feelfree to send safe snacks with your childand we can build a stockpile.

14  28 Total Kids  19 Girls  9 Boys  Buddies with Miss Allinger’s Kindergarten Class 5M BREAKDOWN

15  Miss Emily Mihelic  Brookwood– 913.993.2500  Classroom– 913.993.2541   I typically check my email before/after school and during specials.  This is going to be a FANTASTIC year! THANK YOU! CONTACT ME

16 If you have an individual question or concern, please email or call me. QUESTIONS?

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