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Processing Projects in

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1 Processing Projects in
Central Luzon

2 High Value Crops Development Program (HVCDP)
created under RA 7900 of 1995 (An Act to promote production, processing, marketing and distribution of high value crops) priority program of the Department of Agriculture to help address food security, poverty alleviation and sustainable growth

3 Vision Mission Goal Productive farming community Empower HVC producers
Helps attained food sufficiency & economic growth Increase production, income and livelihood opportunities among small producers Access to affordable, safe & healthy food

4 Delivery of appropriate development support services
Facilitate and harmonize development interventions in the strategic production area(s)/zone(s) Objectives Proactive management actions on demand and supply situation Facilitate and promote access to local and international market

5 Strategic Production Zone
Target Service Areas Convergence Area Strategic Production Zone Farm Households

6 HVCDP Priorities Vegetables Spices Lowland Fruits Mango Rambutan
Citrus Lanzones Papaya Industrial Crops Coffee Alternative Staple Food Crops & Legumes Saba-Banana Sweet Potato

7 Small scale processing Equipment and Trainings
Value Adding Small scale processing Equipment and Trainings 7

8 Coffee Roaster 8

9 Coffee Grinder 9

10 Mango Dehydrator 10

11 Dough Dough Maker and Noodle machine Dehydrator Dough mixer
Banana chipper trainings 11

12 Banana Chipper 12

13 Okra Exporter in Tarlac
The High Value Commercial Crops Development program provided a 90Hp 4WD tractor to the group of Okra Growers for export led by Mr. Arsenio Beltran in Barangay San Manuel, Tarlac City in Now they are now reaping the benefits of the intervention gave by the program. They have lowered the cost of their land preparation and their cost of production which in return gave them better income. They can now easily plan and schedule their land preparation without depending on renting farm tractors. The association now became the service provider to its member and land preparation became fast and timely. With this, they are very thankful to the Department of Agriculture for helping them to stand on their own and make okra export sustainable. 13

14 Calamansi Juice Extractor

15 Household level processing facility
Mango growers Coffee and cacao growers Sweet tamarind growers 15

16 Cashew Peanut processing Trainings


18 Soybean processing Trainings

19 Mango Processing trainings

20 Good Manufacturing Practices

21 Agyaman ac ! Salamat po! DAKAL PUNG SALAMAT!

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